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First of all, YOU SUCK (and so does this reviewer <__<) xD. Just kidding.

Cool game, I loved your pixel art, and the animation when she's stressed is so cute, really made me want to protect poor little Ida...

I think my major problem with the game was its slow pace. The main character is slow, the enemies take too long to kill, and the stress consequence slows the game even futher. I think making the enemies die in one hit would atenuate most of the pacing problem.

Congratulations on making the game tho, you put together many levels and enemies in just 48 hours, and that was pretty good overall. Hope you and Ida get lots of pancakes after this hard weekend!


First of all, congratulations on making this game. It's quite ambitious to create so many levels, enemies items, and even a boss in just 48 hs, that was really impressive!

I liked that you created a risk vs reward situation with the chests, in which you can either rush through levels, but if you do so, you don't get any upgrades. To further endorse this aspect, I would suggest you to, instead of having you having your hp reset every level, give the player more hp, but it doesn't heal every time, thus making the player having to manage more carefully its health.

My big problem with the game tho was the gimmicky way that you take a key away at random. I understand that you tried to give the player an interesting choice of pressing space to spare a key, however in most cases this decision is pointless, since if you lose a movement key you're screwed. That`s even more evident in the boss, where you take a long time to defeat, and most certainly will lose an important key even before taking half of his health.

But overall, that was pretty fun game. Cheers!

We had the concepts for the monsters, but we didn't manage to implement them in time xD.

Anw, thx for playing our game!

 We had some issues to finish the art for the enemies, and we also thought about enemies to drop heal packs... But we didn't manage to do these in time xD.

Thanks for playing our game, cheers!

I'm flattered by your commend, because I'm a big fan of Furi, and it was actually the inspiration for our game :D. 

In fact, some attacks aren't easy to predict. I've learned doing this game that tuning the dificulty of those boss battles is quite challenging.

Thank you so much for your nice comments!

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We learned in the hard way that isn't a good idea to use textures with too much detail for the floor. It's noisy, distracting and suffer from artifacts when the camera moves. Lesson learned.

About the sword swing, indeed it lacked feedback for when it's ready to attack again, and an action bar would be a simple and effective sollution for that (I love Secret of Mana btw xD).

Thank you very much for your kind feedback, we will most certainly continue to work on this game. Cheers.

If you had fun , I highly encoure you to finish it. It's an interesting idea, and a lot of effort was put in. I think it's worth to spend more time completing it :).

Having a mechanic that serves both for combat and navigation was a very clever idea, and the dialog was funny and entertaining.

The thing that bothered me the most in this game was the lack of feedback when I got hit. Adding an audio effect and some kinda of visuals when the enemy hits you  would have improved a lot the game feel.

 One minor issue was the UI for the dialog. In my monitor (1920 x 1080), the text was missaligned with the dialog box, sometimes being completelly out of it.

With that said, great job, very solid entry.

The game premise is to deliver food to the right people, however I don`t see this in the execution. The only thing I do is navigate in an infinite "maze", in which I don't deliver anything to anyone. Maybe another theme would fit better this mechanic, as it is, it looks like the theme was forced in the game to achieve the Extra Delicious challenge.

As for the main mechanic, the idea of having a separate pdf manual for finding the right door is interesting, but it gets repetitive after a while. This is aggravated by the fact that you're not rewarded after finding the correct door. 

Nonetheless, congratulations for finishing your game for the Jam. Hope you had a lot of fun doing it. Cheers.

Interesting concept, poor execution. The UI is confusing and in the way of gameplay. I didn't understood the purpose of that InputField on the top.

I didn't get it. What is the objective of the game? It looks like some robot bumper car game. May the 48 hs hindered your work, as it looks like you're not able to finish a playeble game.

Ok, first problem: don't submit your game as many separated files, put everything in one zip, pls xD.

The game isn't very interesting, nor fun. You just have to make a few jumps with that ball. And apparently the game is incomplete, as after the second speed boost, (the one which you have to jump) you can't proceed.

The visuals are not good either, as they are basically only one spheres and cubes.

The best thing about this game is the music. Amazing job by your band.

This game falls into the many "one bullet" like games in this jam, and it didn't stand out very much. I felt it lacked some juiceness and variety. Despite of it's simplicity, it's very well made. I liked the music a lot.

I didn't got what you have to do in this game. It appears to be incomplete, as doesn't matter which path I take, it only leads me to empty rooms.

Oh boy, there are so many things wrong with this game. Starting by it's core concept: "A collectothon with only one collectable". This is almost the same as trying to do a roguelike without randomness, or a platformer without platforms... A collectothon with only one collectable just isn't a collectothon, makes no sense.

As a platformer, the controls are not good. The player doesn't jump high enough, and the camera makes you dizzy. I tried a lot, but I wasn't even able to get past the first platform. It was very frustrating, as after getting to the second platform, one mistake lead you to the bottom of the level. 

Falling from the level doesn't kill you, but rather put you into an infinite fall.

Regardless, good job finishing the jam. Hope you had a lot of fun doing your game. Cheers.

Interesting idea. I loved the hand draw aethetics and the little animtaions you've added. I just thing the game lacked some juiceness, but there's so much you can do on 48 hs. Great job, nevertheless.

It's a very pretty game, with interesting aesthetics. I like the change of instruments depending on which character you choose. 

The game itself isn't very funny tho, mostly because of the slow animations.  A fighting  game requires fast and responsive commands. A great reference for this kind of game is Punch Out! Great job nonetheless. Cheers.

Well, that was pretty bad.  However, don't let the criticism put you down. As your first game, you've done a good job. I hope you've learned a lot from this jam and come prepared for the next one. Cheers.

That was some "Getting over it!" level of frustration xD. .

While killing the zombies with the chainsaw was pretty satisfying, the overall combat was quite repetitive. There wasn't a good visual feedback for when the enemies attack you, or UI to display your health.

I was aware of the ability to carry the radio, and be able to bring light with me, however I wasn't compelled to do so, since apparently I was able to finish the game just fine only with the chainsaw.

The visuals were pretty good, I enjoyed the aesthetics and the audio. 

The overall design wasn't very innovative, and you didn't used the theme of the jam in a very creative or meaningful way.

Yep, the Windows version works fine. I'm using Firefox.

Gorgeous aesthetic and awesome music. I like you went with the Metroid Prime like gameplay, however I didn't find it fitting super well with the "Only One" theme.

Unfortunately an error stopped me from playing your game. After the start screen, a popup says: "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

RuntimeError: index out of bounds."

It`s a pretty interesting little metroidvania. You`ve managed to create an interesting level design with only one upgrade. However, some of it feels more like a challenging platformer than a metroidvania, with tricky jumps and cheap deaths. Also, the move while grapped on the ceiling is broken (you can grapple move in the air xD).

Very original and well executed idea. I`ve got some Papers Please vibes there, where you turn a mundane activity into an interesting game. The controls are a little clunky at first, but once you get used to them, it becomes really fun.

I usually hate when games make me unable to see anything, making me rely on memory or try and error to find the path. Your idea is interesting, but unfortunately I didn`t find the game a lot of fun to play.

Very clever puzzle game. My only complain is the camera. The way that it follows the player instantly isn't very pleasant to watch.

Also, a minor change that I suggest is to leave the title of the level somewhere, as it contains useful information to solve the puzzles, specially if someone gets stuck in a particular level.

First of all, thanks for your critique. I think my major mistake in this jam was trying to implement too many systems. I will try to focus more on the next one.

So, "mahou" was a poor choice made by me to refer to the game's currency. With "mahou" you're able to level up your character (equivalent to souls in Dark Souls games), thus increasing status such as HP, number of available spheres, etc. The idea of connecting spheres was made to make the turn-based combat more interesting, requiring some level of skill and a little bit of luck from the player to succeed.