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yea that was another thing i have to add is the click one and then click an adjacent one to swap.
currently you have to click on one and drag it over an adjacent shape to swap.

should be a  click to drag tiles and  clear on a match.  Still early doors yet. Just trying to get basic mechanics and timings working.

Ill have a look when i get home .

Cheers for giving it a shot ;)

Nice work, well done on getting a playable game out there for LD.

quite darn tricky too ;)

oh pants, ill go and revisit that and see why thats happening.

cheers for letting me know

Nice work, like the style you went for with the lanscape, that slightly translucent look sets it off.

loving the SFX you added too.   the golden tomato eluded me tho ;)

hehe, well done.  nice and frantic :)

Well done on getting your game out there in time.

nice idea, reminds me off the old Penny Falls games i used to play in the arcades with 2p coins :)

congrats !

Jelly Jam community · Created a new topic Motivation !!!

Hi All, 

Just a quick shout out to all who are taking part, and hope you are all doing well and enjoying yourselves :)

keep going, sometimes when you feel that things are not happening just keep chipping away at small chunks at a time its easier to see progress when your outside rather than the business end of development ;)

Were all here to help each other out, dont get stuck yourself, shout out

Keep going and JellyJam onwards my fellow Rowntree Rebels !!!!  (that honestly sounded better in my head lol)

Im in, and ill be using Godot ;)  time to push myself with a good incentive 


Impressive showcase to promote how you can give your Unity games that visual edge and a nice little story too :)
Well done!

hehe, fun game and creative idea :)