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Our (very short) video

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So I had this idea of 'multiplayer sisyphus':

- The player makes their futile attempt at pushing a rock up a hill (hold down left mouse button)

- When they stop, they simply sit down and can write a message

- Past players are seen sat on the hill contemplating life, on waking past they hear the players message


- FMV is fun, hope I get to work with FMV assets again

- I'm not sure what I've created, is this even a game?

- It seems the further people go the more effort they put into their message.. but why! If they just left their profound insight into the human condition near the beginning then it would reach more people

Lessons learned:

- Using imagemagick to process videos/gifs into sprite sheets

- Lighting & posing assets in a 3D scene only via code is painful and time consuming

- Before next jam I should either choose a game engine, or add some helper tools to my 3D project template

Thanks tuxedoBirdee for doing the chroma key magic, thanks for hosting the jam, and thanks Dustin for the acting!


my only gripe is that right clicking the chickens on a macbook is a bit too fiddly. some alternative keys to press would help there. or maybe drag and drop is a good fit here?

I vote in favour of giving the chickens legs

мы сизифы

Oh no, I hope it was saved! It might be that you appear in a slightly different position on the next playthrough (which I will fix)

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my final days (i went into the game blind and didn't read any instructions):

after a few days climbing trees and eating what I found I realised I could walk around.

went north and came to some cars and a train wreck full of zombies, tries searching for things but I didn't have the right tools to do so

saw a pier on my map so I headed over there. couldn't get into any of the houses as I didn't have an axe so I continued on, climbing a few trees along the way

got to the pier and was met by a couple of zombies. threw all my food at one of them in sheer panic, I think it had a peanut allergy or something because it dropped dead after I threw the snickers bar

realised I had a knife and wondered why I didn't use that earlier to make a weapon or break into a house

Threw my knife at the remaining zombie. In hindsight maybe I should have tried stabbing first

was slowly eaten alive.

10/10 would die again
 - maybe on my next play through I'll understand the mechanics better and figure out how to get an axe / do crafting
 - love the card system, haven't seen that before
 - procedural generation for the map would be nice for replayability?
 - a streamlined approach to adding new cards to the game? maybe set up a discord where people could submit new cards?


So I got this idea 2 hrs before the deadline and had a go at it.. obviously it's garbage, but I'll finish it off and update after voting is complete


hey, it's made in this;




i like it :)

I like the concept..
At first I didn't pay attention to the stuff on the right and thought it was up to me to find the patterns that cause a profit.. Then I reloaded my browser and saw the one pattern I thought was good was now bad. That made me sad haha, as i'd spent time making what i thought was an efficient little pattern for it. So i made a smiley face instead.

I wonder how it would go if the good/bad patterns were fixed but unknown to us, so the aim is to create the most efficient layout? And playing with friends will still cause chaos, without the game forcing it. So knowing there's a solution to find might make it more rewarding?

nice idea, reminds me of starseed prilgrim

click the red text that's half off the bottom of the screen 👌