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That's a lie I don't even own the game any more.

And besides, I was busy with tasks in cafeteria.

What do you mean there's no cafeteria on this map?

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No, my problem is the client itself. The only way that currently exists to work around the problem would prevent me from uninstalling games, managing downloads, and accessing most information about the content I'm supposed to own. And even doing that, there's a high risk of a simple misclick causing a migraine which has a risk of putting me in hospital because of how severe I get them. None of which is an acceptable workaround, particularly not 18 months after Valve was first made aware of the problem. There WAS a better workaround to begin with but it was a third-party option not supported by Valve and they've since blocked access to it.

Here, have a topic on the Steam forums posted by one of their own moderators to direct the conversation (and keep it out of the front lines by putting it into the "beta" forum instead of where it actually belongs since it's the live build of the client causing issues):

It has links to a number of prior discussions about the topic, dating back to a few days after the launch of the new library. I consider it lucky that I happened to be in just the right frustrated state over the situation (not realising Steam was causing it) to go "well it's OBVIOUSLY NOT this, but can't hurt to rule it out properly" when I heard someone else suggesting Steam was causing health problems for people. And in spite of going in with the expectation of proving the claim wrong (at least in my own case), I ended up having it verified instead.

And in the more than 18 months they've known it's a problem, Valve have made only one change affecting the customers dealing with the issue, and that was to block access to the only safe workaround we had for the first few months.

Yeah. With no promise that anything will come of it (I've seen devs abandon ideas like that before because of a lack of ongoing demand after announcing they'll fix something people complained about), and no promise of a timeframe. I'd rather not see this go the same way.

If you're using the PC version, it's no longer supported and you can't use an account on this version of the game. Your options are to use the provided Steam key (it's on your "download" page) or to contacted for a refund if you can't or won't use Steam (there's a variety of reasons people are avoiding Steam in the past few years). If you're doing the latter, I'd suggest also contacting Innersloth to let them know that you want the game to be supported on here.

If you're playing the game on they are no longer supporting it. Some people can't or won't use Steam for various reasons (medical problems verified to be caused by the Steam client in my case). If you're fine with Steam though, you can get a Steam key from the "download" page on if you bought the game here. If you aren't willing or able to move to Steam, contact the devs, give them another voice telling them you want the version supported (more people telling them this means they're more likely to actually care) and contact for the refund. I got mine organised a couple of days ago and the money back today.

Migraines. Which, for reference, I've had severe enough to put me into hospital before. And have never had triggered in over 30 years of computer use, across thousands of apps and dozens of operating systems, by any other piece of software. So when I had a spike in migraine frequency because of Steam, I wouldn't have suspected it to be the problem without further prodding. I was LUCKY that I happened to trust Valve at the time enough to think it's worth commenting with feedback in their forums about the new UI which came along with the problem. A few weeks after making a post in their forums, I saw someone else mention that it's been causing migraines and triggering seizures for some people. If I hadn't gotten to a point of being ready to give up on finding out why there was such a spike in my migraines at the time, I probably still wouldn't have bothered looking into it, but I was frustrated and running out of options. My thought was "well it's probably not that but I might as well check to rule it out as a possibility" - except that when I did so, I ended up finding that the updated Steam client WAS the problem.

And since then, by spreading the word about the problem, I've found numerous others who have been similarly affected by the client, and got to be the reason many of them realised Steam has been affecting them. Because like I would have been if I hadn't happened to be in the right conversation at the right time, they never even suspected Steam until I mentioned it as a problem.

I just got my refund, but I might come back if they restore support for and provide some kind of assurance that the game will remain fully accessible on this platform.

They HAD published it here, they're still selling Steam keys here but the version is an "unsupported platform" now so it isn't really still published here.

"The only one here" and "the only one with a problem" are two VERY different things. And by "here" you only mean "active in a rarely-used comment section" anyway. There's been plenty of discussion of the issues with Steam elsewhere, and I do my best to raise awareness because the weirdness of the situation is such that many affected people aren't even suspecting the possibility of Steam being a cause for the recent increase in their symptoms.

And that's before considering the number of non-medical reasons I know of for a variety of former Steam users to begin moving their game libraries elsewhere and step away from the platform, avoiding buying games there and refusing to accept Steam keys as a replacement for a non-Steam purchase. Notably their irresponsible (arguably illegal in some countries) approach to invasive DRM, as well as some people buying Epic's "they're ripping off the devs" line.

By triggering migraines, epilepsy, vertigo and several other conditions which Valve has known it's been affecting severely in many cases since the new library update in October of 2019.

Fortunately, after bouncing between places to get to the right one, I've ended up getting my copy of the game refunded. Here's hoping the devs bring back support for this version of the game instead of trying to force users onto an objectively-worse (and continuously getting even worse) platform.

The version of Among Us is not currently supported for the use of accounts, which locks out core game content if you stick to using

Not everyone can use Steam, for a variety of reasons (including it being a literal health risk for some people, which Valve has known about and directly refused to address for over a year and a half). That said, if Steam isn't a problem for you, the download page on here has a Steam key you can use.

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Yes, funnily enough, a problem that sets off several problems for people with specific conditions which aren't present in the majority of people doesn't affect the majority of people. What a shocking revelation that is...

CD Projekt Red addressed a similar issue affecting a smaller number of users with Cyberpunk within 2 days of being made aware it was a problem, and fixed it as completely as can be done for a game of its type within ONE month. Valve have software which is easier to manage than the game in question in terms of the effects on the relevant medical conditions, and have not only failed to address the problem for more than EIGHTEEN TIMES as long as it took CDPR to completely fix their problem, but have directly made the problem WORSE instead of better.

At this stage in the situation, I consider Google Play to be a more viable PC gaming storefront than Steam, because workarounds that make it usable on PC aren't being actively and deliberately blocked by the platform the way workarounds that make the Steam client actually safe to use have been by Valve.

Friendly reminder for the devs:

Steam keys don't help paying customers who bought on because we can't use Steam and don't want the game on a platform which is a literal health hazard and has been known to be so for 18 months now.

And Secret Neighbour is just Werewolf or Saboteur adapted to a digital format. The idea was originally a tabletop experience.

It's been triggering migraines, epilepsy, vertigo and other conditions with Valve knowing it's doing so at least for those first 2 problems for over 18 months and refusing to address it. So... yes, it is.

Here, have a source where one of the Steam moderators is acknowledging the problem because of how widespread the complaints about it were getting.

If you don't use Steam (some people literally can't - it's been a known health hazard for over 18 months), get a refund. They've functionally taken the game you bought away from you aren are trying to give you a version you don't have access to in its place.

If you're ok with using Steam, you can use Steam. Alternatively, you can play without an account and accept the (excessive) limitations that comes with.

I think, more accurately, the deceit IS the gameplay. The rest of the game is just a platform on which it rests.

The version of Among Us isn't being supported. If you bought the game here, you have a Steam key on the download page. If you're not ok with using Steam (some can't, some won't, for various reasons), contact for a refund (the devs aren't the seller, so even though it's their decision that's invalidating your purchase, it's the store that's responsible for handling a refund).

If you want to reach out to the devs as well, more people doing so might help push them to actually support the version of the game many of us paid for.

The mobile version won't open on PC unless you run it through a mobile emulator. Bluestacks is a popular one for android emulation, I don't use them but it's an option if that's what you're after.

Worth noting the paid version on for PC is unsupported, and you can get the game elsewhere in a properly-working version. Still costs money, but comes without some ad spam you get on mobile, and also with a few extra cosmetics which you'd have to pay for in the mobile version.

Just to clarify, that's PC version downloaded from - mobile version accounts are working (after some initial issues in some cases).

They've directly stated that the version of the game is not supported and they have no plans to change that. It'll still get updates but they won't give access to the account system. They haven't promised that will never change, but there's no reason to expect it either.

I've spoken to Innersloth support and been directed to support to get my game refunded because I functionally don't have the full game any more.

Mobile has in-game advertising, PC version doesn't, and PC version comes with some cosmetics already unlocked which you'd have to buy in the mobile version.

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The devs have confirmed they aren't supporting full functionality in the version of the game - and refuse to even confirm if, let alone when, that might change. If you aren't avoiding Steam (growing numbers of people are, thanks to it being turned into a health hazard for some people 18 months ago with Valve only making it worse instead of better in that time), you can redeem the Steam key that's provided on the download page here. But beyond that, push for a refund and repurchase on Epic. It's not a GOOD game store, but literally anything is better than Steam at this point.

Happy cheeseday i hope it goes grate

If you bought this version, you already have a Steam key, like Peristol said.

For some of us, though, that's not a valid solution, because Steam isn't a valid option for gaming.

No, it's specifically since the client came out of beta, which happened at the end of October of 2019. Look at the dates, the first topic was November 2019, and the more recent one specifically notes that it's for the new library, NOT for the beta branch of it. Any posts in what SHOULD be the appropriate space have been deleted or merged with the ones in the beta forums though, because like Valve themselves, Steam's moderators are going out of their way to avoid conversations on the topic.

There's 2 sources for you.

You can't create an account on the version.

And an update because I got a reply. Staff confirmed that the version of the game isn't being properly supported and doesn't provide full functionality to paying customers. "Yeah we know the game still works properly elsewhere but screw this version of it in particular... oh by the way we're still selling the game on the platform we're not supporting any more" isn't really what I'd call a good look right now.

Support has about a 10 day backlog on their emails.

Official documentation makes no mention of the error message returned by the version of the game.

Some players have been spreading a claim that this error has been responded to on the official Discord. The information suggests that Innersloth is deliberately not providing proper support for the version of their game going forward.

My only (so far) email response from support has not clarified if this is the case, and I am waiting for another reply, hoping it doesn't take a long to continue the conversation as it did to start it.

I have a solid internet connection, but my PC isn't exactly high-spec any more (it's pretty solid for a nearly 4 year old laptop though).

The version is still labelled as "unsupported". Until that's fixed, the new update isn't fixed, and I don't have the full game I paid for.

not to mention this version is unsupported and you end up having to play on Steam to have the full game anyway. With Steam being one of the places you can get it cheaper, and not being a valid option for many people who chose to come to to avoid that abusive mess of a platform.

It's literally denied me access to core content in the game. So yes.

Grey blurry background.

StudioPix logo.

Empty loading bar.

5 minutes later, no progress made on loading anything.

You might want to look into that. Maybe provide a downloadable option as well as the browser-based version?

This is because Innersloth have decided not to actually support the platform we bought the game on. This time tomorrow will be a week since I contacted them the second time about the problem and I haven't heard back yet.

If Steam is an option for you (it isn't for everyone), you can claim a Steam key from the game's download page and use that version of the game instead. Obviously not a solution for people who specifically bought on because Steam isn't an option, but it might help some people.

If you don't already have a Steam account, it's free. But comes with the caveat that since 18 months ago, the Steam client has been a health risk for people with migraines, epilepsy, vertigo and a few other conditions, with Valve refusing to address the problem except by blocking access to the older (and safe) versions which were still usable for a while if you disabled auto-updates.

If you don't have any of those problems, once you have a Steam account and the client installed, you can use the "games" menu and there's an "activate a product" button which lets you enter the key.

Otherwise, get in touch with support and get a refund, then buy the game on Epic or something instead.