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Game has crash 3 times since the last update. Every time I've played in 1.0.5 the game dies on killing the first sector boss 

  • Illusion faces now appear less frequently in the shop for all classes except the Illusionist.

I LIKE THIS CHANGE! Wasn't a big deal but they did feel like they were showing up a bit more than I'd like. Keep up the great work!

It's been a long time now but they did when I tried it there... good to know!

Mobile versions have ad spam built into the game as a way to monetise the players. Windows doesn't because that's not as easily accepted by most people who game on PC.

For the same reason there are pop-up ads in the game on all devices except PC. It's how they make their money on eachc platform. Would be interesting if there was an ad-spam PC version though... Not sure how many people would use it given the low price of the game.

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Are you playing on or using a Steam key obtained from here? Because the latter isn't where the problem lies. The version doesn't have access to accounts, which are required for free chat to be an option. Some people don't have access to Steam (for many reasons, some better than others, in my case, because Valve turned their game launcher into a literal health hazard 2 and a half years ago). If you buy a game on for the version and the version of the game doesn't work, the version should be removed and players who are considering puchasing it should be made more obviously aware that the version doesn't work.

EDIT: Unless they changed how it works without mentioning they did so in patch notes, which at this stage wouldn't surprise me. They promised to fix this problem with the version previously, then never added it to their roadmap in spite of promises and people refunding the game over its absence, and it hasn't been mentioned in patch notes that I've seen (because I've been keeping an eye out for that even though I have the game on EGS now anyway).

At this stage, it's getting to the point where it's time to report the game as not meeting what's promised on the store page, which I'd argue makes it a violation of terms of use. The version is literally not a properly-functional version of the game. It's a social game without access to chat, which is a core mechanic necessary for the "social" part of its genre definition.

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Congrats on Stteam launch, and I look forward to playing the latest build!

EDIT: Overall, I like the updated graphics, but the border around the currently-selected level isn't as obvious as I'd like it to be. Making the level's image change when selected would probably look cleaner. Also the bard is super fun to play! Haven't tried the illusionist yet though!

Yeah, at the moment the enemies look to have much more to their idle animations than the player character does. Not sure if you're using the same animation or not but if so, the angle on the player model might just be obscuring the movement

I figured it might be something like that. Thanks for the prompt reply and update!

It's already a lot of fun, so I look forward to seeing where you take it! And thanks for explaining the bugs, much appreciated!

A few comments from me:

1. Awesome!

2. Mission 2 ending has a weird glitch. I get the cool sequence where the turrets are all firing at me and there's the cool slow-mo sequence but after it, I die even though I cleared all the turrets, and the level resets without letting me continue to the exit... except if I go to mission select I can start mission 3 so I apparently completed mission 2 by dying?

3. After the climb up the tower of beam turrets near the start of mission 3, sometimes the platform you land on isn't wide enough, and dodging will make you step off the side and fall off the map... Hitting a checkpoint after doing so causes parts of the map not to load in properly, which makes it look even crazier than it already does.

4. Have I mentioned "awesome" yet? Because AWESOME!

Just bumping this to mention that at this point, YES, you DO need Steam to play an even remotely up-to-date version after launch. There's a pre-1.0 build on here, and a broken version that can't be played, while Steam's version of the game is 2 updates ahead of the version that doesn't even work here. Not having a positive experience with this any more.

I think it's worth pointing out that the 1.0.1 build hasn't been updated yet. I'm pretty sure "next week" was meant to be less than 2 months later.

And Steam is still 2 updates ahead of the version even if you count the broken 1.0.1 build that's currently available here..

Seems kind of silly to have multiple keys mapped to "dodge" and literally no "attack" button on the keyboard? Also the idea's cool but currently everything feels a bit too stiff and disjointed. Fun game so far, but control remapping seems like a good idea to consider adding in future, as well as an idle animation instead of standing perfectly still between animations.

Great fun. Not a fan of the control layout though, could do with the ability to remap the buttons?

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Valve has known for 2 and a half years that the Steam client began causing harm to users with several medical conditions after an update. They refused to roll back the update, have blocked safe workarounds for affected users, and support has told some customers asking for help with the problem to hurt themselves. Also since the issue began, but separately, they've committed multiple violations of privacy laws in several European countries and NZ and Aus (I know they've been reported to relevant authorities for it in at least 3 countries).

I'd strongly recommend buying here and getting a Steam key rather than buying direct from Valve and giving them any money for it.

EDIT: In case you need a source, here's a discussion of the problem that dates back to late November 2019, first reports were a few days after the update, which was the end of Oct.

Thanks for the explanation, I look forward to having the new build!

Had the same issue, and in normal mode as well. Reverting to 0.9.3a fixes it, but there's 1.0.3 on Steam (and 1.0.1 is apparently so bad they don't even bother to list patch notes for it)

Thanks! That's awesome to hear. I've seen some devs going both ways, supporting itch as well, or moving to Steam exclusively, so I feel it's important to make sure before I commit to something that might end up being functionally taken from me when it moves instead of spreading.

I'm still hoping that when the Steam version happens, the version will be maintained as well. Valve has known since 2019 that an update to their launcher app is creating serious risk of harm for users with several medical conditions. They've not only refused to fix the problem, but have taken steps that make the problem worse by removing access to safe workarounds. Over the past 2 years, I've also seen them, in connection with this issue, violate privacy laws for users in at least 5 different countries, encourage at least 1 user to harm themselves in response to a request for help, and violate consumer protection laws in at least 3 countries, among other abusive behaviours. There's almost zero chance of me ever buying anything on Steam in future, even if they fix it today. Steam Deck is worth less to me than a paperweight, because I can get one of those without funding the single most abusive company in the gaming industry (and I say this knowing that Activision, EA and Ubisoft exist).

Please don't abandon a good platform to lock your product behind the only one so bad it's literally a health hazard?


In 0.10.4 build today:

Found a shop with repairs as an option while low on hull strength with an Aylon Cruiser. Had 20HP, selected the "repair 10 hull" option, and went to 25. Selected "repair 10" again, and went to 30. Those numbers don't quite seem to add up correctly.

That doesn't make the "not revolutionary" comment any less accurate.

Looking forward to seeing more of the premium version of the game!

If you bought the game on there's a "download" button at the top of the page when you're signed into your account. You should be able to download it from there, or get a Steam key for it from the same place.

Of course, if you can't use Steam (there's a few reasons including medical risks in the past 2 years), or have good reason not to (which there's been even more reasons for over an even longer time), then the version technically works, but doesn't provide full functionality. The devs stopped supporting it quite a while ago, and in spite of promises to the contrary, have done nothing to fix it since.

You can't use an account with the version, and that locks you out of free chat, personalised name changes, and many other basic elements of the game. If you want those features on PC, you either need to use Steam or refund your purchase and buy the game on Epic instead.

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The version of the game isn't supported. You can use the download page to get a Steam key, if Steam is an acceptable alternative for you. If not, you can refund the game and play the free mobile version, or repurchase on Epic. not that Epic is any good, but at this stage, even that's better than Steam for some people.

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Refund and buy the game on Epic instead, or play the mobile version for free. The version of the game doesn't have proper support and the devs aren't taking it down in spite of not being a competent version of the game. They said they were going to look into fixing it but have published a roadmap since that statement with no mention of the problem being any kind of consideration any more, and no solution has been provided since.

I'm inclined to say "stabbity death" not because it's a good idea but because I say that too often in swordfigthing (both irl and in games).

If I look at "more info" it says the last update was "6 days ago"

If I look at when the downloadable files were last updated, it says "Nov 02, 2020" which is just over a year ago.

Best guess I can come up with is that the more info update was an update to the game page, not to the game itself. But you have me very curious now that you've pointed me in the direction you'd been looking!

The most recent update was a year and 4 days ago, not 4 days ago.

So... I had a problem with an AI. I fixed it, but now... I still have the same problem with the AI.

-Set AI to approach "closest" enemy base which is being approached by an enemy.
-Enemy AI has one of their bots start moving toward the base nearest to my units while another unit is capturing.
-This prompts any units not already close enough to attack to retreat toward the base behind them instead of attacking the one the enemy is trying to capture at.

-Change AI to approach "closest to resource" enemy base with otherwise same properties.

-In spite of the AI change, the units display the same behaviour.
-The enemy base closest to a resource is NOT the base being targeted for the move action.

I ended up having to use alternative conditions (unrelated to bases) to get the AI to behave as intended.

it's because of at least half a dozen different problems,  all of which showed up in the "new library" update in 2019, and most of which are long-standing known problems for numerous medical conditions which everyone (except apparently some idiot at Valve) knows better than to include in a game launcher app.

-Sword cleaning animation after the duel would be so cool too

One thing I really like is that when you attack after winning and don't hit the opponent's body, the blood from your sword gets thrown off the blade. It really reinforces the "would be cool to be able to do that then sheathe the blade" idea!

1. Make sure controller is plugged in before starting game.

2. Press controller buttons on the opening screen.

The one time I tried it, plugging my controller in after the game opened (but before doing anything) it didn't work. I've seen the same from a lot of games in the past so I usually make sure to plug the controller in before starting a game up anyway.

This could be explained away by saying the game is set somewhere from the 10th to the 13th century. The earlier stages predate the invention of the katana and even through the late 13th century, the tachi was more common. That's important because those were usually worn up the other way.

Also that video is amazing, great work!

That's great news and good luck!

The "platform unsupported" message is because the version of the game doesn't have proper support. The devs have said, without promising a timeframe, that they'll be working on this, but then released a roadmap with no mention of it and it's been more than 3 months without any further word.

You should, on the download page for the game, have a Steam key. Obviously there's good reasons for some of us to avoid Steam (like the fact that it's been known to be causing harm to customers since 2019) but if you can use that, it's an option. Otherwise get a refund and repurchase the game through Epic.

On you can use the launcher to auto-update, or you can manually re-download the game when an update goes live. Installing to the same location will give a prompt, and if you just hit "yes to all" to overwrite the existing files, you'll get the new version of the game without much trouble. But the launcher is easier.

The version is an "unsupported platform" and you can't create or use an account here. That locks out a lot of game content (including the ability to use a name of your own choice, and free chat) so functionally you only get the Steam version.

Thanks to Valve turning the Steam client into a health hazard almost 2 years ago (and blocking access to any safe workarounds since), I was forced to refund the game on because I don't have the full game here. I was able to get the game on Epic (as bad as they are, still better than Valve at this point) so I can still play.

I'm just upvoting these comments because I want to see this game get more attention. Also please, if the game does get funded and released "properly" DON'T go exclusively with Steam. It's been a literal health hazard for many users since 2019, and in spite of knowing the problem for that long, Valve has not merely refused to fix it, but blocked the use of the only safe workaround some people had.

I'm more likely to support Epic exclusivity than a game released only on Steam at this stage, and I'm not alone in doing so. Make sure the game remains available - as the final product - on here, or release on GOG or the Microsoft store as well. Steam is the biggest gaming platform, but they're making some MASSIVE mistakes recently and pushing consumers elsewhere.