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I look forward to it!

I think you're underselling it by saying it's not about the story. Because while it's not at all accurate to the mythology it's drawing from, the story is fun too! Definitely the typical fighting game thing of the story just being a justification for the fights, but there's nothing wrong with that!

As someone who's done a lot of research over the years on Japanese mythology, this game's take on those stories is very... twisted. It's waaaay off-message from a lot of things in the traditional versions of the tales it's working from, so when it tells you to look up the real myths if you're curious, I can strongly recommend doing so.

I'd actually be inclined to say it's more of a diversion from tradition than God of War was with Greek mythology, and that's a pretty high bar to leap over.

Game's awesome though, and the insanity of its storytelling is part of why. It's obvious from many of the references they make that they're probably quite familiar with what they're getting "wrong" about the stories they're using as a loose inspiration for their own. And it's even more obvious that the game is about having fun - and it does that really well!

Can't find anyone else mentioning it so... I have a laptop with a 240Hz monitor and a surprising number of games actually run at that framerate on it. I won't be surprised if First Cut remains 60fps, but I'd be happy to see 120 or even higher as an option for those whose PCs can keep up.

Probably not, but it was more coherent than my opinion on the intended topic. I'm still bouncing from "that's genius" to "that's the dumbest idea I've heard" and hitting every step along the way in both directions...

I'd sign up for First Cut classes (I'll probably need them, I'm a bit rusty)!

This argument makes literally zero sense. The fact is that your claim is objectively false. I wishlisted the game on Epic because it looks interesting, then found the page when looking for more information. Arguing "but it's part of the game" doesn't negate that you're listing this as a feature, not an in-game story element. You're telling people that this is the first game with dark mode, and that isn't true. It is very definitely and without any ambiguity, a false statement you're using to market the game. And in most parts of the world, false advertising is illegal, so you should really consider stopping doing that just from the fact that you've admitted to knowing it's false, rather than waiting for the platform you're selling the game on to call you out on it.

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I was referencing "dark mode" only in the context of it being optional, not the game just being dark mode without any light mode option for contrast. When using the term more broadly than it's usually used, though, yes, Pong beat you by about 50 years. Even with games that default to a lighter look and add a dark mode option though, you weren't the first. And even going unreasonably specific to the way you've done it, the order of release of minimalist artistic games which run a white or very light background as standard, and have a dark mode option to get rid of the glare, Dots did it in 2013, and you didn't do it until 2020. The only other game I know of which did this is Fights in Tight Spaces, which didn't add dark mode until 2021. The reason I found out about Dots is because when requesting a dark mode for FiTS, several players mentioned it as an example of a game with a similar aesthetic which implemented a dark mode option.

There really aren't many games within the bounds of your specific art style which have a dark mode. But you weren't the first even when being really specific to how your game's implementation works. Unless you want to claim your Steam update was before Dots did it in 2013 and you took over 7 years to get around to mentioning it here... but we both know that's not what happened.

Credit for being one of the VERY rare games to do it, but claiming "first" is pretty big, and you've got to make sure you're RIGHT when you're doing that. In this case, you aren't. It's not even reasonable to narrow down your definition of "dark mode" far enough for you to justify calling yourself the second (and even that would require assuming there aren't more games which beat you to it that just aren't as easy to find).

Just stumbled across mention of your game with this claim as a tagline. You... may need to fact-check anything like this before you claim it next time?

That's from 7 years before you were "first" to do it. And even that's not the first game to do it, though it's the most near-identical example to your implementation that I know of. A lot of window-based games have dark modes, many of them courtesy of Windows itself having support for dark mode in several recent editions. EVE Online had custom UI colouring including several dark mode options well over a decade before you added it here. In the 1990s, Descent: Freespace was one of many space games which had custom UI colour and layout options, and that often includes an equivalent of a dark mode option. It was present in a few turn-based strategy games I played in the 90s as well.

"the current aces are still a bit cheaty with their loadout (in the player's favor)"

Difficulty mode named "DON'T CLICK THIS" which changes to "I WARNED YOU" if you click it, and sets their stats to match 1:1 with the player's mech loadout when?


Forgot to comment on this previously... am excited to see the progress on this, and looking forward to the version!

There's a place in the UK called "Bishop Auckland" but none just called "Auckland". I know because I live in Auckland and had a package shipped to Bishop Auckland in horrific mess of an attempt to deliver to me once.

Also Montreal is in Canada and France, just for another real-world example (which I don't think is reflected in the game)

First time playing, made it to island 9 so far. Great fun, well put together, ramping up the difficulty at a comfortable pace. Lots of fun figuring out the mechanics and how to best make use of them!

Crashing issue I reported previously is fixed now, so that's great! Game seems to be much more stable now!

You really, REALLY need to remember your promise to keep the version of your game up to date.

Stumbled on this today:

Steam got an update in Feb.

No such update to the version in spite of game-breaking bugs in the latest build on here.

Just played the demo tonight, VERY fun! I look forward to seeing how the game expands in the full version (

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Uploading the same update to 2 websites adds so much extra work, you're right!

...wait no actually the exact opposite of right. The amount of extra work requied in comparison with the amount of work required to actually make the content is practically zero. Even a single person buying from instead of Steam, even if they waited for a 90% discount, would earn more than it costs to have the game available on a second platform.

Maybe if we were talking about one of the console devs who have long-winded often multiple week verification processes before letting you update your game, this would be an argument.

Nope, it's the client itself, and for many affected users, wasn't a problem until the update which caused the issue, and has been an issue ever since in spite of multiple users reporting various demonstrable issues causing it and several problems which don't match up with obvious causes but can be and have been medically verified to be linked to the update to Steam.

And seizures are a common symptom of epilepsy, but not the only one, with flashing lights being only one of several potential photosensitive triggers, there are plenty of people who are fine to play this and other games but not able to safely use Steam.

And just because you know someone whose migraines don't put them in hospital, doesn't mean that's consistently the case for everyone who experiences them. You should do some research before trying to pretend to know the science behind this. I'm not a hypochondriac, I've worked in medicine before, and I know what doctors have confirmed about my situation.

There were several "slow" turns by the game's normal standards in that match, but those were like a minute or so at most. This one turn taking that long was crazy. It got there in the end though...

Never mind, it just took over 15 minutes for the AI to decide on a course of action...

I appear to have found a problem... this game is stuck on the AI's turn, icon spinning but unable to resolve. I think it's because there's no way it can create an opening it can use to place its piece. Not sure though.

This is definitely a game with more depth than it looks like it has on first glance. Lots of really interesting inteconnected mechanics. I'm still not 100% clear on how some elements work, but it's a lot of fun and there's a lot of chaos to be created along the way. The satellite/lightning tower things are by far my favourite, but as much as I don't know exactly what they are, it feels like other weapons have their strengths too. If I have any criticism, it's the lack of clarity. A "manual" option in the menu which explains some of the mechanics in a bit more detail would be appreciated!

Only until it's available for purchase on a legit storefront, obviously :)

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The answer from the dev is that "so far" Steam is the only platform the game is planned for release on, and as a solo dev it's understandable that expanding beyond that is potentially difficult and/or time consuming... but it's still something I'll be hoping for!

At the time I wrote that, The only thing it would be accurate to say I was on is a sofa. Right now, depending how you mean the question, a lot of caffeine and some painkillers, or the same sofa as the previous answer.

I just want to be able to buy and play a cool space game. When the only place it's available is a platform which has been confirmed to be triggering seiizures for some users and migraines for others as well as affecting several less severe conditions, and the company responsible for it has refused to fix the known issues for over 3 years, it's worth asking for the devs to release their game elsewhere in addition to the existing option. If I were to buy Cosmoteer on Steam, and attempt to install it, I'd be more likely to end up in hospital before I managed to click the "install" button, and that's not an appropriate level of abuse to give anyone money for, no matter how good the game is.

That doesn't negate the option of being available here TOO.

And I'm (still) hoping you provide a way to play the updated game without locking it behind a platform that's been a known health hazard for 3 years... As long as it's only on Steam, I've got no reasonable way to buy it.

2 months since I last pointed out a bug I first mentioned 3 months ago.

Still game-breaking. Still not fixed.

Chalking this up as another abandoned early access title which deserved better. I'm disappointed, Massive Galaxy, but I'm going to hope you pull a NMS on us and come back in a way that brings the game back to life and then some. I know life can be rough sometimes, and it's horrible, but I hope whatever chaotic road you're walking leads you back here someday.

Just to confirm... this is still happening...

Game has crash 3 times since the last update. Every time I've played in 1.0.5 the game dies on killing the first sector boss 

  • Illusion faces now appear less frequently in the shop for all classes except the Illusionist.

I LIKE THIS CHANGE! Wasn't a big deal but they did feel like they were showing up a bit more than I'd like. Keep up the great work!

It's been a long time now but they did when I tried it there... good to know!

Mobile versions have ad spam built into the game as a way to monetise the players. Windows doesn't because that's not as easily accepted by most people who game on PC.

For the same reason there are pop-up ads in the game on all devices except PC. It's how they make their money on eachc platform. Would be interesting if there was an ad-spam PC version though... Not sure how many people would use it given the low price of the game.

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Are you playing on or using a Steam key obtained from here? Because the latter isn't where the problem lies. The version doesn't have access to accounts, which are required for free chat to be an option. Some people don't have access to Steam (for many reasons, some better than others, in my case, because Valve turned their game launcher into a literal health hazard 2 and a half years ago). If you buy a game on for the version and the version of the game doesn't work, the version should be removed and players who are considering puchasing it should be made more obviously aware that the version doesn't work.

EDIT: Unless they changed how it works without mentioning they did so in patch notes, which at this stage wouldn't surprise me. They promised to fix this problem with the version previously, then never added it to their roadmap in spite of promises and people refunding the game over its absence, and it hasn't been mentioned in patch notes that I've seen (because I've been keeping an eye out for that even though I have the game on EGS now anyway).

At this stage, it's getting to the point where it's time to report the game as not meeting what's promised on the store page, which I'd argue makes it a violation of terms of use. The version is literally not a properly-functional version of the game. It's a social game without access to chat, which is a core mechanic necessary for the "social" part of its genre definition.

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Congrats on Stteam launch, and I look forward to playing the latest build!

EDIT: Overall, I like the updated graphics, but the border around the currently-selected level isn't as obvious as I'd like it to be. Making the level's image change when selected would probably look cleaner. Also the bard is super fun to play! Haven't tried the illusionist yet though!

Yeah, at the moment the enemies look to have much more to their idle animations than the player character does. Not sure if you're using the same animation or not but if so, the angle on the player model might just be obscuring the movement