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I really like that idea, I may implement that in the near future, thanks!

This game was amazing. It really showed how fast the current virus can spread in such a short amount of time.

I like the concept. One thing that would be cool to see is pirate ships that steal cargo from the player.

This was a very fun and addicting game. I could seem myself playing this for a long time. Great work! :)

I was playing this for a few minutes and just now realized why I couldn't get to that raft lol

It was so funny how when I knew I didn't want to play anymore because I kept dying, I continued playing because I really wanted to beat the level. Pretty brilliant game! I might even buy the game sometime soon :

No worries. I'm assuming this is one of your first game jams. This is my first, so this should be just a good learning experience for the both of us ;)

Well, I'm just telling you, I was able to run and play it perfectly fine, I'm not sure what would cause the issue, unless you have an antivirus software that destroys the game on run or something.

But I was able to play your game when I downloaded. When it said that it *could* be a virus I just clicked the button that said show more details and then I clicked run.

If the game is with unity, it would be easy enough to build it through Web GL.

Hey, I just want to run this by you, and if people have future confusion on this. In the "Info" button in the main menu it will tell you everything you should need to know. Thanks for playing my game btw :)