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Hello! First of all, thanks so much for playing. 
Are you playing on Mac or PC? I'll take a look.

Heyo! I'm sorry for the very late reply - did you download the latest version, or did you have an earlier build? 

Thank you so much for playing!! Yes, that's right. :)

Thank you for the kind comment! Episode 2 is in progress and will be released sometime in 2019. Hopefully sooner rather than later. :) Thank you for playing!

Thank you very much for playing! \o/

Thank you so much for playing & for your thoughts!! I'm really relieved to hear that the characters felt distinct. :) Really appreciate it, thank you again!

Whoo, thanks! I'm basically fulfilling my ever-present desire to make a Harvest Moon-like game with this. :) 

2018.02.18 Update

I managed to get a lot more done than expected! 

  • The table now has a sprite (but it's blocked by the pop-up in this screenshot, hah). 
  • Planting system works: plants grow and can be harvested as intended. 
  • Planned out some dialogue and have a vague idea of how I want to go about it but the game is totally playable without it, so that's my "stretch goal" of sorts. 
  • Bed is now interactable.
  • There's an actual window now! The sky behind it scrolls slowly. Will add these for each weather type.
  • The UI actually has some design now?! Woah!
  • Began the slow integration of Unity's EventSystem for full keyboard compatibility instead of this nonsense keyboard+mouse combo.

Coming up next...

  • Lots of bug fixing all around. The received-item menu has stopped appearing for some reason, for one.
  • Continue integration of EventSystem for totally-keyboard-based UI navigation!
  • Fixing the probabilities of items on the Window.
  • Those lose/win conditions... soon.
  • Pre-game "intro" screen.
  • More furniture / room art.

All the same, thank you for playing! :)

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2018.02.17 Update

Time.. the passing of time... it's too quick to keep up with. I continue to be swamped with work (this is good, actually, but inconvenient for jamming). HOWEVER, I did manage to get some stuff done:

  • All items and foods have a sprite now.
  • All inventory views (shelf & fridge) have their views hooked up & displaying their contents correctly.
  • You can eat, use, and discard objects!
  • Crafting system mostly in, but needs testing.
  • Some general quality-of-life refactoring for the UI system.

Rapunzel Progress 2

I'd like to expand on the gameplay more -- especially now that there's a system in place to handle most of what I want to do -- but need to get some other major things done before I do that. Namely:

  • Getting more art in, so you're not just looking at semi-transparent rectangles.
  • Making sure the planting system actually works like I want it to (still haven't had a chance to do this).
  • Planning dialogue.
  • Actually putting in the dialogue system.
  • Adding win/lose conditions and a restart button.
  • Making the bed interactable, so sleeping is no longer linked to a debug key.

There's also a very long list of UX improvements I'd like to make around selection & input but frankly all of those can come later because they're not actively interfering with the gameplay. Phew.

Next installment will definitely have music + audio. Thank you for playing! :D

2018.02.08 Update

It's been a struggle to make time for this game the past week, but I think things are settling down and I'll be able to do more over the weekend. Tonight I got the rest of the planting system in, but I'll need to testing around it tomorrow to make sure there aren't any big holes. Next up:

  • Getting the two inventory views hooked up and displaying items.
  • Finally getting all the item sprites drawn and hooked up!

With those two things, I'll finally be able to play through the main game loop (and maybe get it into some friends' hands for testing), and start thinking about how I want to handle the (limited amounts of) dialogue and overall progression.

Thank you for playing! :)

Heyo! \o Joined this jam on a whim at the end of the GGJ weekend, when I was seized by sudden inspiration. 

I'm working on a game set in Rapunzel's tower, where you play as Rapunzel and try to survive long enough to escape, while also growing your hair long enough to make that escape possible. Sometimes useful things land on your windowsill, but mostly you'll have to become self-sufficient by growing a little garden. Your only connection to the outside world is through the birds that visit.

So far:

  • You can move around the room (though it's rather shoddy)
  • The windowsill produces random events/items according to the weather
  • Basic inventory system exists on backend, but with no UI
  • All starter items/food exist but with no art :'D
  • Beginnings of the planting system

It's lovely to be here with you all! :)