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Hello, everybody!

Our game Zurry The Ritual Bat just received a major update.

  • Two new levels to play.
  • A classic ring challenge to beat in every level.
  • Polishing and improvements accross all supported platforms (browser, PC, Android).

Here's the update trailer and a link to the game :)

I apologize. Just fixed :)

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Zurry The Ritual Bat has just been released in early access! Featuring three different locations and six stages, this game is a flying collect-a-thon. Challenge yourself with the built-in timer and see how fast you can beat each level!

The game will be frequently updated and receive expansions, so all the feedback and support we can get in this early stage of the development is well appreciated. Also, the game is on a launch sale ;)

What do you think would be a good price right now? What would you want in the game for it to be worthy 3 bucks?

Thank you so much! We really appreciate your feedback and we'll do all we can to make Florifer way better than it is now <3

Hey, thank you so much for playing the demo and showcasing it on your channel!

Very promising demo and game. Keep it up :)
- Targiom

No problem, it was a pleasure to answer you.
Actually, you are pretty close to where you should go from there. If I remember correctly, P. just told you to reach the kitchens, which are on the east of the 2F - View On The Garden. Check on the east of that room and you may find something ;)

Hello, LunaBunPlays. Thank you for playing :)

The demo is only the very first part of the game. I do not want to throw inaccurate percentages, but I would say the demo is about 10% of the complete game. Of course, I play it differently from you, since I always know what to do and where to go, so take it with a grain of salt.
Also, if you are not sure because of the price, follow the game page and wait for a sale: Psycologico was highly discounted during April, so it may happen again in the near future ;)


Oh, I see. That seems to be an old message. The game is actually finished, despite what P. is saying there, and you do not have to go for that door.


Thank you for downloading the game. Glad you like it.
The game is complete, actually. Can you tell me where are you in the story?

I will examine all the stuff.

(There will be better, about those easter eggs, in the final game ;) )

Ahahah, I was waiting for this answer!

My job. Thank you for all the feedback ;)

P.S.: if you find yourself starting a new game, be sure to experiment with the name you choose to register with. Th "Sir" is not required, first and last name will be enough, if you know what I mean.

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Okay, I know what happened with all the bed and menu stuff. In the update I am uploading right now, it has not been fixed, but it will be in the next one.

I chose RPG Maker because of some other comforts, not last the fact that, at the time, it was the engine I knew better. If I had to start the project right now, I would choose Unity 2D instantly. I terribly miss a navmesh agent on those staff members :'D
Anyway, I will try to make the AI as smarter as I can.

EDIT: actually, the bed bug has been fixed in the upcoming version! 

I will try to answer in order to the points of your last post:

- The number input used in the piano puzzle is directly handled by the engine so, at the moment, it allows you to put numbers up to 9.
- Yeah, that damn sprite always pops up at the worst time :D, though it should be adjustable.
- That is a known bug which I am trying to solve from a while.
- This is bizarre. When you got caught you were also trasnfered to your room, right? After that you could move, interact etcetera but not open the menu?

About the staff members banging at the door: it would be very cool, but I would need a few time to figure it out on a programming layer. I will keep it in mind ;)

About the first puzzle: you are not dumb! The subject of the puzzle itself is very specific and requires a perceptual shift which means forgetting all you know about that particular game mechanic.


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Hello, werck.
First of all, thank you for your rich and precious feedback.

I am working on a new version of Psycologico right now and:

- The Room 2 bug has been solved.
- The "caught on different floors" has been treated.
- The inversion of the order of the notes in the notebook has been implemented and yeah, it works better!

About the smartphone numer dial: this phase is required only when you digit a number for the first time. If that number is correct (if it exists in the game), it will be saved in the rubric, from which you will be able to easily recall it skipping the dial phase.

About the AI: the engine has several limitations influencing the possibilities of the staff members. An example: you probably found one of the members stuck in front of a table, looking at you but unable to simply move around the table to reach you. I am studyng a solution, because this behaviour makes the AI look a lot dumber than it could feel.

About the first puzzle: that is the biggest trial of the entire design. From the closed alpha prototypes to these first public versions, I literally threw in lots of suggestions and details, but it is not enough yet. May I ask how much time did it take to you to figure it out and if there was something which made you say "Ha-ha!"?

Best wishes,

Targiom Aiogi