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I liked the 'nuke' shot that the original tank game has never had~

Well done!

Not much like Gameboy feeling,

but this traditional shooting game is totally amazing at most parts of the game.

It's little bit complicate when first how to control crystal ball.

But once get used to it, it's really fun to make it through!

Feeling like playing gameboy in 21st century!

What a amazing technology to control such a game like this!

The only cons of this game is there's no BGM at all..

Except that, it's well made wario-like platformer. I love it!

Visual is really FANTASTIC.

Also the mechanic of the game is really well polished

This game really makes me MAAAAD! Such a Great gameplay, graphics, sounds are awesome!

It's a really cool concept that makes players to focus on the texts...

I think if there're some options to make a decision would make this game more like a game!

It would be great if there're some particles when running and jumping.

I really enjoyed the 2D race game feelings!

Nice little cute horror game!

It's really amazing how the developer tweaked the whole game experience feeling like early 90's.

Controls, graphics and sounds are totally well combined and polished to accomplish the concept.

I love it!

Nice sounds, I felt some the creepy mood in the dungeon.

Also the 'find and out' goal is simple but fun and challenging.

Too many meaningless rooms are cons of this game.

Music is great, controls of this game is very challenging.

Random generation of tracks are pretty fine idea,

but I don't feel the difficulty setting works and very hard to run smoothly..

More polishing would make it better!

Simple and very well polished!

I really enjoyed the shoot and jump on the arrow mechanism!