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Hey, Good news, we have full keyboard/mouse support.

Give it a try if you wish!

Hi SolarLune,

That is not an option, as we dont want anyone to be able to download these versions yet, we are planning to release an open beta later on, but we want this specific channel to serve as a close beta, more prone to bugs, internal use only.

Nontheless thanks for the tip!

Hi leafo,

Alright , I guess we'll have to stick to that for the time being.

Thanks for the reply!


So far I love how refinery works and I think it's a great toolset, but I can't seem to find a way to generate a key to download a specific channel in our game.

Currently the game is public and free, but we want to have a beta channel and only let our beta-testers acces to it.

I guess making another proyect with closed access would work, but I'd like to keep it all in the same project.

Is there a way to make this happen?

Thanks for your time.

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Hi Light76,

Thanks for playing and sharing your experience, I would like to ask you a couple of things if you dont mind.

Could you give us your PC specifications so we can take a closer look into it?

Also, what do you mean exactly by not quitting correctly?
The more information you can give us the easier it will be for us to find the issue and fix it.

About the sound stopping, we are aware that under certain stressful situations sounds seem to colapse. We are working on that.
When exactly did it happen to you?

We really appreciate you stopping by and giving us some feedback <3

Have a nice Day!

Deathroned community · Created a new topic Comments

Any other thing you want to talk about you can do it here.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

Deathroned community · Created a new topic Bug Report

Hello and welcome to bug paradise.

Any bug, exploit, glitch or any weird behaviour you find during your stay in our palace is welcome here.

Please be as explicit and specific as you can, and if possible, attach an image or, if you wanna be trully awesome, add a video.

We really appreciate the effort you make by helping us keep the palace clean and comfy!

Deathroned community · Created a new topic Feedback

We greatly appreciate all the feedback you guys want to send us. We promise we'll hear every bit of it and we are open to consider any sugestions you have to offer.

Please refer to the Bug Report topic for any nasty bugs you found, we wanna keep this place free of them.

Hi, thanks for playing and for the feedback, much appreciated.

Right now we only have the PS4 buttons implemented in the interface, although it works with any controller, that's why they didn't change, but we are planning on changing that later.

KB/M controlls are being redesigned and hopefully won't take us much longer to release an update alongside the previous stuff, we'll make a press release and notify you guys when this gets out :)

Again, thanks for playing, have a nice day!

Hi, right now there's no option to modify controls, we apologise.

We'll have that in mind for future builds

We Updated the build, now you can download it :)

This is the account we want to transfer the ownership to.

Merry Xmas LordofNope.

We are sorry you had to play it in low res. Right now the game auto adjustes the settings for a better performance. We'll be working on that as soon as possible.

Glad you liked Deathroned, and thank you for playing!