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fun game! felt a bit like Antichamber but in 2D and without knowing what my orientation in "real" space was haha. quite the mind bender.

fun game!


Super fun! Really enjoyed playing it.

Love the Solar Sands type music, you really nailed the Mirror's Edge 1 soundtrack vibes. The gameplay seems fun, but it's quite hard to tell what's killing you because of the resolution, so I kept dying when coming into contact with the invisble (at 64px) edge of a brown floor. Also, the immaculate surfaces are very Mirror's Edge but it would have been nice if they were a bit more scuffed, (or even tiled) because it's very hard to extract any movement information from them at the low resolution. Finally, there's a bug where the cursor is not captured unless you pause the game and hit resume.

I did beat the game, and there were definitely sections (especially swinging between the red poles at the end) that were a lot of fun and felt a lot like the Mirror's Edge "flow state" you get into when freerunning. 

Overall it definitely has its moments and lots of potential, and the sfx and music are stellar, but it's hampered by poor level readability.

The section with pipes sticking out was a lot of fun, building on that and adding way more sections where you can only grapple onto contrasting red bits and pieces of stuff that is sticking out from the plain walls would make for a very fun update. But please remove the killboxes and replace them with fall damage! They're very unreadable at the 64px resolution.

In summary: it would greatly improve the game if all the surfaces had non-uniform textures (or there were more red "grapple points" added in, it's easy to deduce movement when you have points to track) and instead of the yellowish killzones there were endless chasms fading to black that killed you with fall damage. The gameplay mechanics are a lot of fun though, and the music and sfx are awesome. Please update this game!

Love the atmosphere! The art is immaculate! Glad you used Godot 3.5, so far this is the only Godot web entry that runs properly on my Mac. Apparently it's a known issue with 4.0 . The music is also great, and the sound effects are awesome too. It's quite the experience to sprint through a one wide corridor and get cut off by a zombie and then having to outmaneuver them on the other end before you can slip past and sprint to the exit. Frantic and fun gameplay!

Nice game! I couldn't figure out how to pick anything up but even so, it was fun to play. The music was very well put together as well.

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Lots of fun! It sure would be nice to have a taser or baseball bat to deal with the headcrabs when sprinting back to base. The overall aesthetic is really on point, and the fear of getting caught at night way far away from base reminds me a lot of the experience from Don't Starve.

My only complaint is that it's a bit hard to tell what's an item and what's just map decorations, maybe having a black outline around items (a la minecraft) or some kind of animated "shimmer" effect could help with readability?

Otherwise, a very challenging but also enjoyable game!

Cool game! It would definitely help the pacing if the bullets did a bit more damage and the zombies were a bit faster. However, the 3D graphics look pretty cool and the game itself is a lot of fun!

maybe I should redesign the spaceships haha

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thanks! I'm hoping to improve the UI, what parts in particular stood out as being the hardest to work with?


Is there a GitHub repository for these assets, or would it be possible to make one? I would potentially like to re-do some of the potentially commercially-unsafe textures and replace them with more generic equivalents. If there's a github repository somewhere I think it would be much easier to have people contribute models and textures.

looks good! got it running in 3.5 but for 4.0 it would probably have to be rebuilt from scratch... runs way better on desktop than on the web build

If you're smooth brained like me, there's a button on the visa card to switch your state between passive, hold and kill and when you put it on kill then you can fight. Update: just got instantly demolished by 10 skeletons.

This is, frankly, a work of art. If you could use any help porting this to Godot 4, making textures or music or sounds, or literally anything please PM me. Can't figure out how to attack or interact with anything but it doesn't matter because I'm a hiver with a bowl cut running in circles to the constant sound of MIDI Chameleon

such a good sound

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ohhh that makes sense. you could try using a while loop that runs in Start() or OnEnable() something like (psuedocode, probably won't run)

public int snowballs=100;

void Start()


while(snowballs>0)//while loops can crash the UnityEditor if they get stuck so beware



snowballs= snowballs-1;



this should execute in only 1 frame.

otherwise you're only spawning 1 snowball per frame by doing it in the Update() loop.
Also, you could decrease the z-coordinate of each snowball by like .001 per loop, that way they won't z-fight.

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Lots of fun! Enjoyed the well thought out upgrade system, and the level was pretty well designed. Reminds me alot of the good parts of early iOS platformers like Doodle Jump. Took me back to 2013 lol. Nice art! Minor nitpick: I'd reduce the "gravity" somewhat but also then reduce the effectiveness of the lucky wind upgrade, because in its current state it can cancel your vertical velocity completely so you basically just restart the level in terms of your falling speed (except you're farther along of course). Otherwise, great game! Genuinely enjoyed playing it quite a bit.

Looks interesting! I couldn't get past the first level but it's a good looking game for sure. On the other hand, at least on my machine, the game seems to run fairly slow and also there's a .75 second delay between hitting space and my snowman actually performing the jump. The environment looks really cool though. Maybe the background could be 2D side-scrolling instead of 3D? Good game!

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The game is quite fun! Hopefully the loading bug gets fixed. It reminds me of what I think was the first game I ever played, which had a similar concept, except it was a flash game. Very cool memory! Interesting music too.

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Nice gameplay! I like how the artsyle is very consistent and the stealth mechanics are pretty great! My only complaint is it was hard to tell which boxes are rigidbodies and which are static. I think having a different texture (with arrows pointing in both possible movement directions?) for them would fix that. Great sound effect work also!

Also, minor nitpick, it's hard to tell when you've picked up the backpack at the beginning. Maybe just having a backpack sprite that appears on the character? (or in the corner of the screen?) would make that a bit more clear. Super optional though.

Anyways, good game! Very well put together and fun to play!

Thank you!!

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I think I'll add AI state indicators to fix that. The AI's have a whole complex FSM running under the hood but it's really hard to see what state they are in exactly (without some sort of system like MGS has). I didn't realize it would be so difficult to hoodwink them without knowing what exactly they were thinking. They have a reaction time you can take advantage of but again, it's hard to see when they are/aren't alerted by your presence

Also, the phase through ground glitch seems somewhat disturbing... that never happened in testing lol. Under what circumstances did that happen? Did you do a skill dive by accident? I tried making it clear that movement key+space = skill dive but the controller I was using i originally coded for a third person game so it's not super clear what the state of the character is. When you skill dive backwards the legs are supposed to appear briefly but that's not very clear at all lol.

yeah. I was trying to make it a stealth game but there's no real way to sneak up to the roof sniper. You kind of have to attack him at full health. Theoretically the AI's have a fixed >0.25 second reaction time so if you shoot then dive out of the way quickly they won't be able to shoot you. I should have implemented some kind of an AI state indicator like in MGS but I kind of made the whole game in two nights... Maybe that could be the next update? Thanks for the feedback!

It's just two colors! Internally, there are more colors but onscreen it should only be (dithered) black and white. If you play it on a high enough resolution screen it will probably just look like normal grayscale, but on lower resolution screens the dithering is more visible.

I have some materials I got off the Unity Asset Store, can I use them? Making materials always takes very long, and there are so many good looking generic materials already out there.

Thanks for pointing that out! Enemy ships should spawn further away now. There was also a bug where enemy ships were way too big relative to the player ship so that's been fixed too, however that makes combat much harder now... but at least you have 15 seconds of calm where you can figure out the controls now!

I made a game a while ago for a different gamejam that I think I could  use to compete in this challenge, the limitations in the Rules seem to state as long as I have usage rights we're good (I made almost all the models and sounds in the other game, part of the reason I didn't finish it).  Would I be able to re-use code as well, or would I only be able to use stuff like models and music for the new game?

An update: I rewrote the code that handles where branching hallways are spawned, which means that seed 5 and a the few other seeds that weren't working now work, and hallways will now spawn on both sides of the "main" hallway (not sure how the code I wrote earlier worked since it wasn't doing what it was supposed to be doing at all). Now I plan on adding some horizontal hallway generation code so that there's more than one path through the levels, but I'm sick of writing in TI-Basic's frankly moronic syntax so it probably won't happen for a while.

I should make a video series, thanks for the idea. I don't have time to do that now though, so for now you should just do "File>external data>pack all into .blend" and that should pack all external files into your .blend so that when you export the game they are all included. Also, if you aren't already you should use the "Game Engine Publishing" addon, it makes exporting BGE games more straightforward. A tutorial on how to set it up here:

did you pack everything into the .blend? sometimes that happens if you don't pack everything into the .blend

you can add sound to Blender Game Engine games... you can use a "sound" actuator or the aud module