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This is, frankly, a work of art. If you could use any help porting this to Godot 4, making textures or music or sounds, or literally anything please PM me. Can't figure out how to attack or interact with anything but it doesn't matter because I'm a hiver with a bowl cut running in circles to the constant sound of MIDI Chameleon

If you're smooth brained like me, there's a button on the visa card to switch your state between passive, hold and kill and when you put it on kill then you can fight. Update: just got instantly demolished by 10 skeletons.

Hi!!! Here u go

This is the stable version we used for the desktop builds. Everything should work, though the controls are pretty jank

Feel free to do whatever you want with this! if you manage to convert it to godot 4 or make a web build i would love to see it

looks good! got it running in 3.5 but for 4.0 it would probably have to be rebuilt from scratch... runs way better on desktop than on the web build