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Concept and style are great. You already acknowledged the speed issue and it can easily be tweaked after the jam. The puzzles are also very interesting and force you to think creatively.  Great job!

This is a fun and charming game! The aesthetics and character expressions are great . And you have a drum roll for the reveal. Perfect touch.  If you were to develop this further, what would you add to the game? Would you time it? Or maybe have to handle multiple recipes? 

The only tweak I would suggest is to allow the player to hang onto the measuring cup. You have to go back and forth a couple of times to grab it. I felt like I wanted to speed thing ups a little bit to see what happened next. However its a very minor detail overall.

With that said, would love to see how the story develops. You definitely gave Chip a personality. What struggles are in store for this small bake shop? Great job!

Simple game with a simple goal. I like the old retro feel of the Atari consol. Fit the jam challenge nicely. The background animation messed with my eyes a bit but I appreciate the attempt to create the effect of moving grass with limited graphics. Very tough to do. Good job!

This poor chicken! How did she end up near a conveyer belt? Fun concept!

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Really appreciate how the the egg cracks when the momentum is at the correct amount. That could not have been easy to program.  Controls are a bit too floaty but there is no health which helps quite a bit. Fun idea!

Understood! Whatever you decide, good job!

Roger that. Please tweak after the jam. that space cat has a mission to complete!

Very fun idea! It does launch you into the action very quickly. However you provided the player with an opportunity to heal before ending the game. Just needs to be tweaked a bit to account for the the rise in difficulty. Very smart to provide an arrow so you can locate Maria. Would have been much tougher. Some more enemy types and items would be good I understand that would take time to develop and implement. Would look forward to an update!

The song really made you want to keep going. Nice pick! I didn't realize that I had laser blasters tho! That really made a difference. I think there was just a little too much drag on the tuna can but the game was still really fun to play. The intro was also super cute. AND the ship shoots lazers that go "Nya". Gold.  

The essentials are here! Sorry you had limited time to work on the game during the jam but you got some good work done.  What would you work on next?

This was fun! Turned the tables on old game. I was a little confused about what buttons to hit but some quick experimentation fixed that. Really like how no tutorial was needed and the game lets you pick it up on your own. Good job!

I laughed when I heard the goats the first time. The game is simple but effective. The dodging of the reaper combined with the slowly shrinking fence make it engaging for the player. I did encounter a weird bug. If I release the goats on the far right side, they can go off screen but it does not recognize that the goats are lost. I ended up releasing both goats by mistake and the game kept going.  A small detail but still a fun time! 

I really like the look of the game. The paper style and colors make it appealing to look at. Some of the instructions pop on screen rather quickly but that can always be tweaked after the jam. 

Just out of curiosity - why does the orange make you teleport? 

Defiantly helps if you put the customers in the same order as the list.  I got mixed around easily but it was fun to play.

Oh my god, Sticks to Snakes. Epic. 

Very true about encounter building. It can be a bit tricky. Tho monsters could be organized by CR rating and then the DM rolls for the specefic level he is looking for. Probably won't be perfect depending on the party but that might be one way. 

Regardless I think you nailed the theme and a lot of the concepts. Thanks for making it!

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I like the concept! I did have a little trouble picking up / controlling the smaller cube. Do the actions have a cool down rate?

There were a few times I went "NO! GRANDMA!!". The walk animations are great too. Fun little game!

I definitely will if I have the opportunity!

The laser upgrade is great and I like how the shield forces you to stop moving. If you need to take a breath you certainty can at the cost of being an easier target.  I did feel a little constrained. I kept getting caught on a few area of the later levels. Also I didn't realize that the laser beams from some of the enemies would bounce around. It seemed like the level of difficulty cranked up very fast.  I like the  enemy type, just need some time to get used to everything. This is just stuff that needs to be tweaked tho. Good game for 3 days!

reminds me of a choose your own adventure story! Also appreciate the character sheet!

I like the concept of either using weapons or civilians to placate the monsters. The point system makes it interesting. Either get rid of the monster quicker or risk a loss of points.

Thanks for posting! Keep em coming when you find them!

it defiantly seems like it is one of those things that can only be tried out with testing.  Be curious to see how it goes! Could also have two different rulesets. I think your game is structured in a way that it could support both. 

I really like the islander theme and the trade off of gaining more actions vs using up resources. Also appreciate the pixel art! Would you consider making a version where the resources on each island is randomized? Or do you think that would make things too unbalanced? 

I definitely want to keep working on it. I didn't get a chance to really dig into the themes as much as I would have liked. Really wanted to make sure I had the majority of the mechanics established. If you test it out, please let me know what you think. Id appreciate any feedback!

I really want to try this with a group of friends. It looks like a ton of fun and it looks like something that can be learned fairly easily at the table. Plus you don't see a lot of verbal interaction in this way. Usually I think of something like "Apples to Apples" or "Superfight". I think this is a nice addition! Well done!

Thanks for adding Frivolimous and Othernaut! I'll  be sure to check out those games!

Thanks for linking to my game. How dumb of me not to include my own in the post lol

This looks like a fun game! I didn't get a chance to play it but I read through the rule book. Its a simple idea with mechanics that have enough complexity to keep the player juggling between tasks and adjusting to new complications. I also appreciate the slightly joking writing style and the fact that the player has to communicate with animal noises if they get polymorphed. I can see some folks having a laugh around the table. Nice Job! 

Also just realized my grammar has not fully recovered from the gam jam. The title for this thread should be "Any other submissions for tabletop/board games"? 
I swear if autocorrect is messing me up again...

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Hey Jabberwockist! That sounds pretty cool. I'll take a look at your game a bit later today!  I The board games that I have come across so far are the following:

Little & Big by Othernaut

Beware, there be Traps here! by ProfPille

Little Warrior by dawnkightx

If anyone comes across board games please post! Would love to see them!

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Hi All! 

Just wondering if anyone else worked on a tabletop game? I already read a few on here and they were pretty interesting! Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to filter the games for PDF or board game submissions, so I figured I would make a post. Curious to see what everyone else worked on and how they applied the theme!

Your welcome! I hear you about that crunch. I think I submitted my game with about 3 minutes to spare. I was sweating bullets. Looking forward to your update!

Really enjoyed this one. I was particularly happy with how the game taught you how to play. Introducing small elements of the puzzles at the time and building the player up. Great way to introduce the game mechanics. The story and theme really complimented each other very well. Great little message at the end as well! 

Well done!

This is a solid game. Its fun, keeps you on your toes, give you options for customizing your robot, and switches it up with different enemy types. The healing mechanic is also a quick little mini game that made me feel like robot that was repairing itself. Very enjoyable. 

There were a few things that could be tweaked. The sound of your rapid fire is a little low. At first I thought there was no sound at all. Occasionally enemies will spawn  in front of doorways and you will injured right away. I was also unsure how much health I would get back after healing. It seemed like I could never get back to full. 

Overall, these are details that just need more time to ironed out. The core stuff is solid. Well done!

First off - great sound. Combined with a limited light and the fact your can't run made me VERY nervous.  It was great. I verbally shouted when the darn monster crept up out of the dark and yelled about sweets in my ear. Short but it does the job!

Plans for the future? Any other mechanics you want to include?

Totally understood.  Those deadlines are murder! I didn't fully finish my game and will have to go through an update at some point. The fact that you planned it out and had time to test the game was a wise move.  Thanks again for posting!

This was an interesting read! I like how playing cards and dice were used to form the  primary mechanics. You will have to balance out your options and go with the randomness of the dice. Also cool to see the main character is the healer instead of the warrior.  A nice spin on the adventure story.  I also enjoy how monsters roll different amounts of dice depending on the situation. 

Have you considered adding in a leveling up system for the Little Warrior and the healer? Maybe a set of extra abilities they get for defeating major bosses or completing milestone events? That way each player can customize their healer.  It will also provide an incentive to play again and try different styles of play.

Also just a quick question - does DMG stand for something specific? I believe you defined it as the number of six sided dice you get to roll. Higher DMG = higher potential to hit. Is that right? I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and every time I see DMG I read it as "Dungeon Master Guide". What does DMG stand for in your game?

Thanks for making your game!