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Awesome game! The art style is incredible and very polished, reminds me of the classic Mega Man games on the NES. The music choice fits very well too.  

Fun little game! I really liked the art style and the combat system!

Nice little game, good that you included a tutorial too! 

This was quite fun once I got used to the controls, this is how I'd imagine it feels to control a real life spaceship. The retro warp sound was cool too!

Very fast paced, easy to play, difficult to master! I loved how it keeps you on your toes though, and those chiptunes are fantastic. Great use of the colour palette as well. Amazing!

Wow, absolutely loved this game. A very simple concept that works really well, and from checking your twitter feed during production I had no idea this game had such an awesome soundtrack. I love how everything plays in sync with the music. Very cool, my favourite game of the jam so far! 

Really nice concept!I liked the turn based combat and you can tell you you've worked really hard on it! My guys went down like sacks of potatoes but I still got the importance of strategizing and planning every move carefully.  I'd like to see where this is going :)

Perfect in every way! I love the concept and the relaxing music that kicks in when you're underwater. You've got my vote :)

Gotta love Tomb Raider! This reminds me of the GB color version. Good job!

Great simple sidescroller and I agree with the other comments the music is awesome!

Really loved the art style for this and the simple gameplay, would be great to be able to play against AI with increasing difficulties.


Hi all, just wanted to say a huge thank you for playing my entry for GBJAM 5.

Just to let you know, the game has been updated to make things a little easier as I understand a lot of people were finding this really hard!

Let me know your highscores!


Great game! I found it really hard but managed to beat it eventually. The tutorial is evil, but I like it.

Nice character artwork and animation!

Great concept using the bow as a weapon and as a climbing device. I really like the character art as well with his little cape.

Loved it, just needs more levels! Also the sound and music is awesome.

This is fun! I like the fake 3D effect when you go over a jump. Could you add some sort of screen adjustment so you can always see where you're going?

Great concept, I can imagine this gets pretty manic as it gets harder. Keep working on it, my game glitched and would only show the customers for a split second each.

I really enjoyed this game, reminds me of Slender. Interesting to see a 3D game using only 4 colours! Although unfortunately I couldn't finish it because I got glitched in the laptop screen where you need to enter the password.

I have a few features in mind that I probably won't have time to implement before the submission deadline, so are we allowed to make changes to our games after we have submitted them?

Also, will we be voting on each other's games once the jam ends?

Question about scanlines/filters -

Can we use a use say a 50% transparency for a screen overlay effect? Or do filters need to remain under the 4 colour palette restriction too?