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It looks like I'm heading that way too!

Hey FamousCoozie,

Thank you so much for the comments and I really enjoyed your playthrough. You had a really good couple of runs (also glad you got a couple of pizzas!)

Nice to see people are still enjoying the game despite the dodgy camera angles :) 

Top tip: double tap the S key to quick turn! 

Very bizarre and interesting, even better with the sound on!

Nice little game, well made!  I'd love to see more! :D

Love this! Reminds me of the original quake on PS1. Great level design too! 

Hey WallHackJack! Thanks for your comment.

I've got loads of ideas to improve this game, it's just hard finding the time to put it all together.  I'll hopefully release an update soon which fixes the glitchy collisions and camera :)

The randomly generated map and loot was the initial idea, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to get it right for the gamejam submission.  I hope you'll be keeping your eyes peeled for updates :D

Hey, I'm really glad you like the low-res 3D pixel effect :D

No shaders used, but all of the models are 3D and I'm  just forcing the game to display at a 64x64 resolution, which gives a very pixelated look. You can see the difference below when compared with a 640x640 resolution.

Hope this makes some sense.

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Love this, a fantastic summary of your game and of the jam as a whole!

I'm excited to see where RELOAD (Quickly, now) will go.  And if it does end up on mobile, I'll be the first to download and share with friends!

P.S. Thank you so much for your mini review of Don't Let Them In :D

Hey MindUnkown,

Great video man, I really appreciate it! 

That lucky shot at 3:20! :D

Hey PaladinSan,

Thank you, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :)

DLTI was made using GameMaker Studio 1.4 using the very basic 3D functionality it provides, coded entirely in GML (GameMaker Language).

Keep it here for some game updates coming soon!

Hey StepVibes, 

Thank you for the video review! I really enjoyed your playthrough and I'm glad you liked the game.  You've provided a lot of useful feedback I'll definitely be taking for a future update.  The glitchy camera is almost fixed now, so that'll be the first thing I'll be updating soon!

I'll probably add mouse controls too, and perhaps some tweaks to the movement system as it is a bit clunky and slow. 

Many thanks again for your video, it's really great to see you guys playing the game!

Nice to see something a bit different on here, amazing that you incorporated different languages too!

Those are some fast snails!  

Fun little two player game. I really liked the bouncy text effects!

Hey!  Thanks for the feedback.  

Monster sounds were dropped at the last minute because I didn't feel they worked well and I didn't have time to adjust before the end of the jam.  Definitely something I'll redo for a future update though!

Very tough but addictive, level design was really well thought out! Overall a great game! 

P.S. I hate level 25!

Simple and fun little survival game! The music fits quite nicely too.

Really great use of the low resolution. No need for long explanations or a tutorial, you figure the game out as you play and that's very cool! One of my favourite games so far :)

Funny, challenging little game. I especially liked the sound effects!

Thanks leafo! There were a lot of great games this year, I'm still working my way through all the entries! 

It had a great soundtrack too! :D

Don't Let Them In is a small 3D survival horror game made for #LOWREZJAM 2017.  The challenge was to create a game within the limits of a 64x64 resolution.

You can download it for free here

There may be more features to come soon!  But let me know what you think in the comments section.  I'd love to hear your feedback! 

For more games, pixel art, low res and cool 3D stuff, follow me on twitter @NPJarcade

The Battletoads / Double Dragon games were my favourite on the NES!

Your level design is pretty cool, I like the transitions between stages and the subway level was particularly well made.

Great sound design and lighting! Controls are very smooth too!

This is a perfect little dungeon crawler that really suits the 64x64 window. I'm a huge fan of your tiny sprites too! Great job!

Some nice sound design, real spooky!

Perfect little game, I love that you squash three tiny games into an even smaller resolution.  The street fighter game was particularly funny!

Nice little game, I especially liked the minimalist pixel art graphics giving each character a unique look. The addition of local co-op is great too!

Great fun! Nice sound effects too!

Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

I just rated your game, really cool concept! So many great games in this jam!

That was really fun after I figured out what I was doing! I like the methodical gameplay and the way you can mess up by accidentally making blocks bigger.  The difficulty curve is perfect, I was mashing my keyboard like crazy towards the end! With some graphical improvements and sound effects this could be a very addictive game :)

Amazing! I remember checking out your random gun builder at the beginning of the jam, I had no idea you'd turn that into this! Love the concept and the audio was top-notch. There's a real panic added when you're frantically trying to load the gun.  

And I agree with Endless Frontier, this would make an addictive mobile game! 

Wow! You've really mastered the sound design. I love the eerie atmosphere. Also the leaderboard system is a nice feature :)

Loved the simple gameplay, it feels great to dash into other planes and the impacts are forceful with some nice explosions. Occasionally the game will get stuck in a loop of explosions though... not sure if that's a bug or a feature?! But great job anyway!

This is awesomely weird! Loved the animations!

Nice! Love the visuals and the effects, very hard to control at first but fun once you get going.

Neat little game, I like the minimalistic monster design!

I've always loved the 3D low resolution art style, I think you've pulled it off really well. Also your devlog is really detailed, great to see how it all came together.

Great work on the music and sound effects!

Nice idea! With some crazy music and visuals of the grumpy customers eating their burnt eggs, this game could be hilarious :)