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Interesting game that works really well.  The sprites were nice and simple which allows for lots of things to be happening on the screen at once, not something I've seen before at such a low resolution!

Such a unique experience, I never expected to see anything like this in the jam.  The cross-stitch effect and 45 degree view angle is impressive and I loved how you incorporated the art-style into the game page as well.  For a one person job this is amazing! 

Fun little game and good for cat lovers, especially the knocking stuff off shelves mechanic.  The cat sprites and animations were good too.  I felt the game camera was a bit too close which made it difficult to see where I was going, but with some more polish and sound effects this could be a whole lot of fun!

I managed to get 3 stars... is that good?  Loved the sprites though, everything was readable even at such a low resolution. 

I liked that the monster only appears if you crush the eggs which kept it interesting when backtracking through the levels.  The NPC comments were funny too and good choice of music!

Neat little game with a cool art style.  The goal was clear once you get going and the combination of sound and visual feedback when you knife the ghosts feels great.  I liked the retro feel of this too! 

Good fun!  Takes me back to playing the hackysack minigame from California Games on the NES!  This would make a good mobile game for sure.  I also like how you incorporated the score into the background.  

Very relaxing.  I can see this becoming an addicting little game.  Loved the music!

I loved this!  The mechanics were so tight, which is impressive for a gamejam game - particularly the risk vs. reward of staying out of cover to improve accuracy and moving between cover to divert enemy aim!  

I would have liked an ammo/reload system to keep the pressure up.  But I loved how you added a combo system too which adds replayability/speedrun potential.  I wasn't able to finish it, but I'll be coming back to this one!

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I had a lot of fun with this!  Combat felt challenging but fair, reminded me of getting wrecked by 'The Pursuer' in Dark Souls 2.   A good range of enemy attacks too which kept it interesting and the animations were spot-on.

I ran into a glitch where the Black Knight was stuck in the red unblockable attack start-up pose (see below) but didn't respond to my attacks no matter how much I wailed on him.  Otherwise, a neat little game with cool parallax background scrolling too!

Hey Bad Piggy,

Thanks so much for your feedback, good sound design is so important in horror games.  I'm glad you enjoyed it and felt the tension throughout.  I'll make sure to check out your entry too!

Neat little game.  Loved the visuals and good variation of traps and monsters!

Love how simple and fun this is.  I'll be back to practice my touch typing!

It can help to keep an eye on the health and damage indicators, they dance in time with the music :)

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Thanks for the feedback farsmile90! 

I figured the message about combos at the start of the level would be enough but maybe it could have been a bit clearer :D

Good luck with the rest of the levels! 

Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!  

I decided to sacrifice a fully fleshed out tutorial to get everything done for the jam, but I appreciate the feedback. 

Hey eyeballzilla. Thank you for playing! Blood was definitely a heavy inspiration for this game! 

Sorry you ran into a bug that crashed the game, I'd be interested to hear if any error messages popped up? 

Hey Asim,

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

Hells Gates looks awesome!  I love those old-school shooters!

Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I loved your game too, it was really fun and addictive :)

Thanks LynxJSA,  I never played much of Hexen myself, but I see what you mean! :D 

"Hello I am your wife, come back when you have all the amulets".  Aah married life ey? 

Fun little game with some nice animations and lighting effects.  I agree with others though that there are too many controls to learn, but there's a lot of potential to make this into a really fun game with a lot of depth to it.  It's impressive how much you were able to include with such a short space of time - quests and a tutorial, mutiple enemies and NPCs!  Really cool!

I really liked the atmosphere of this.  The lighting effects were cool and the animations were really good, combat felt tight and responsive too.  Also nice to see another GameMaker game in the jam :D

That was cool and very spooky!  I always like seeing 3D games in such a low resolution.  Nice job!

I can relate to Fuyunko as my PC is super slow too and in need of an upgrade! 

I really enjoyed this.  A nice little story with fun characters.   You did a great job on keeping the text readable at such a low resolution and the little text animations added a lot too.  Really cool music and even cooler that you composed it all yourself. 

A strange little game!  The talking seal at the beginning saying goodbye to human man bob was really heartfelt.  Maybe they'll cross paths again one day? 

Also cool that you managed to fit a little Family Guy easter egg in there!

A neat little dungeon crawler.  I liked the variation in spells and enemy attacks.  It was very easy to get lost, I wonder if some more landmarks would make it easier to know where you've been before, but the challenge of finding your way was half the fun! 

This was good fun to play and a lot of variation to the game modes.  I kind of want to see this as a mobile game.  I can see myself getting addicted to it! 

I abosolutely loved this!  Really reminds me of Rad Racer which I used to spend hours playing on the NES. 

Controls are tight and the high speed racing feels really good.  I also loved how you can change radio stations, each of the soundtracks are superb and adds to the replay value.  I also really liked the 8-bit SFX, especially the crowd cheering sound at the start of the race.  

Really good stuff!  I will be playing this one again :) 

Thanks riks!  I'm really glad you enjoyed it 🙂

Hey masterkeef42o,

Thanks so much for giving my game a try. I really enjoyed watching your playthrough. 

It looks like you kept getting turned around in the forest, it was quite funny to watch actually! There's another area in the forest that triggers the spider needed to get the fang.

I had initially planned for a mini-map, to make navigation a bit easier but I didn't have time to get it into the game jam build. 

Thank you so much for playing though. I really appreciate it! 

Hey Yamiscott,

Oh no, that's not good.  After returning the fang, the witch should invite you to drink the potion and the end game segment should start.

Thanks for letting me know, must be a glitch I hadn't come across myself.  I'm really glad you enjoyed it though 🙂

The Witch's Brew is a short, spooky shooter written in two weeks for LowRezJam 2020. 

You awaken, confused, with no memory of the night before.  

A mysterious curse, a withered crone, and a terrible secret.

Explore three expansive locations, collecting strange ingredients to alleviate a mysterious curse. 

Use powerful weapons to defeat fearsome foes as you blast your way through the night.

The game is available to download now!  

Let me know what you think.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

You can also follow me on Twitter @NPJarcade and visit for more retro inspired games.

It looks like I'm heading that way too!

Hey FamousCoozie,

Thank you so much for the comments and I really enjoyed your playthrough. You had a really good couple of runs (also glad you got a couple of pizzas!)

Nice to see people are still enjoying the game despite the dodgy camera angles :) 

Top tip: double tap the S key to quick turn! 

Very bizarre and interesting, even better with the sound on!

Nice little game, well made!  I'd love to see more! :D

Love this! Reminds me of the original quake on PS1. Great level design too! 

Hey WallHackJack! Thanks for your comment.

I've got loads of ideas to improve this game, it's just hard finding the time to put it all together.  I'll hopefully release an update soon which fixes the glitchy collisions and camera :)

The randomly generated map and loot was the initial idea, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to get it right for the gamejam submission.  I hope you'll be keeping your eyes peeled for updates :D