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Nice game :) maybe remove the bottom rocket (it's easy to reach) or give them different scores!

Nice little puzzle game, well done!

Really cool Survivor-Like :)
I really love the Dark-Assets.

well done :)
I like it

Hello there :)

cool little game. 

The camera feels weird if it's turning with the player view! The player movement (when sprinting) is way to fast!

keep up the good work :)

I like it :) It needs sound!

I stood on a fire and died!
would recommend!

It's a funny little game. At the beginning it's confusing - I don't know where to go, what to do... maybe the first few seconds should be a little linear to introduce/teach the player to the mechanics!

For me it's working perfect!
Running on Windows 10 / x64 / Firefox

Thank a lot for the gameplay video and the comment :)
I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Have a nice christmas!


Happy Snowman is a charming Christmas game that invites players
to explore a stunning winter landscape while gathering gifts.
The compass helps you locate all the hidden gifts.
Along the way, encounter a friendly-looking snowman,
seemingly ordinary but a little clingy!


This is a Horror Game. The game contains content that may not be suitable for children.





Hey Slithersy, thanks a lot for playing, I'm happy that you liked the game.
It's really nice how much effort you put into the feedback - huge thanks for that!

I just released a small update with a few changes and bugfixes (it's not worth replaying the game. The update is just to round it up!)

The snowman model is a free asset from the store. Credits will be added soon.

Original the snowman should teleport behind the player, I ain't managed to implement this mechanic (it was kinda buggy) I also thought about multiple snowmans - maybe next year in "Happy Snowman 2" ;)

7:57 The snowman has a radius in which he ain't move if you once looked at him.

2:36 It's a bug from the fog-system I'm using!

2:44 If a sound played, the snowman ain't make a sound for the next 10sec. and until he changed his position. Before this, it was way more annoying because he played a sound every time you looked at him.

Thanks again, for the nice comment :)

We had a really similar idea ;)

Thanks a lot for the nice comment :)

My goal was to develop a game that seems like a kid-game with it's overall style, yet with the twist of being a horror game. This creates a uniquely unsettling harmony.

I have a few planes for next year, such as experiment with multiplayer and moving bigger projects to steam.

Thanks for the comment, I'm happy that you enjoyed the game :)

Thanks a lot for playing MrChocho :)

Also thank you for the bug report, I'll take care of it.

I will release an update that further polishes the game and adds a few more things.

There are 3 secret locations to discover, but also much more beyond that ;)

Depends on how fast you find all the gifts.
I guess between 10-20 min.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
There will be more content such as Upgrades, Bosses, Events, Powerups, Enemy-Types (maybe Campaign & challenges)..
so replayability will increase^^

Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

The game also has full controller support. Mobile controls will be implemented in the future!

You are right - a screen full of health bars would look terreble and may not fit for this game.
Fading out enemies which are injured sound like a thing I could try!

Thanks a lot :)

Nice you noticed :)

I might come up with another way to display the health of enemies.


Arcade Space Survivor is a Retro Survivor-Like in space.
Destroy all enemy spaceships, collect EXP and Upgrade your ship.

(current version:

- Online Leaderboard
- 41 Upgrades
- 15 Enemy types

More features in upcoming updates!

Twitter / X


Game by: Marvin Woelke / MAWO
©NowKnown 2023


I really like the idea!
The 2D game could be a little less hard and also a map would be nice.

really cool game :)

Really awesome :)
We had a very similar idea but your game has way more gameplay. I really like the interface - I ain't managed to come up with good console elements for my submarine.

(3 edits)

You play as a submarine diving deep into a mysterious ocean.

Love the idea, has a lot of potential :)

really cool little game, I like it :)

That's a really good score^^

Falling over to the other side is actually a bug. I didn't fixed it because it always takes some time to release even small bug-fixes (open project, fixing bug,  compiling project, uploading project). Not many players will find the easter egg so  it wasn't a priority.

The sign "no ending" was also added in the new version. I though it might be fun to have this in :)

Finally someone found the easter egg, you might be the first person who discovered this. You are very ambition :)

There are no more secrets in this game!

More games will come, but it could still take some time! I'm currently just testing things/ideas also trying something different like creating music.

As a little spoiler:
There will be a christmas game. I actually designed it for christmas 2022 but didn't managed to release it in time. I will finish and release it on 1 of december.
No worries, there will also be games before that ;)

10/10 would moo again!

cool game :)

WASD as controls would be nice!

The very first room will give away an important information. But you are also right with the clock-door level!

Maybe on the second walkthrough?!

whereby I guess you already did the 'seconds' walkthrough ;)

What do you mean by "real slow"? Maybe the WebGL (Web-Version) ain't that good.

(2 edits)

My discord name is: REMOVED :)

I bought your PSX-Megapack before this item was includet. Is there any chance to get access to the stuff you add afterwards. I ain't want to rebuy the whole bundle for 3$ and I'm not interested to buy items separately.

Thanks a lot for playing <3

I can tell you, there are no real jumpscares :) The sound and music adds a lot of spookiness to the game :)

I always create the trailer after I uploaded the project.

You are allowed to make changes to the game-page, including  description, banner, screenshots, cover, overall-design and trailer! Not allowed (and I don't think it's possible either) is to update the game itself (sometimes fixing game breaking bugs is tolereted)


Yeah, it took a while to create a trailer! Actually it's not really necessary, but I enjoy creating trailers :)


That looks like a really nice game :)
The trailer is also good but could be a little shorter (faster scenes)