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The very first room will give away an important information. But you are also right with the clock-door level!

Maybe on the second walkthrough?!

whereby I guess you already did the 'seconds' walkthrough ;)

What do you mean by "real slow"? Maybe the WebGL (Web-Version) ain't that good.

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My discord name is: REMOVED :)

I bought your PSX-Megapack before this item was includet. Is there any chance to get access to the stuff you add afterwards. I ain't want to rebuy the whole bundle for 3$ and I'm not interested to buy items separately.

Thanks a lot for playing <3

I can tell you, there are no real jumpscares :) The sound and music adds a lot of spookiness to the game :)

I always create the trailer after I uploaded the project.

You are allowed to make changes to the game-page, including  description, banner, screenshots, cover, overall-design and trailer! Not allowed (and I don't think it's possible either) is to update the game itself (sometimes fixing game breaking bugs is tolereted)


Yeah, it took a while to create a trailer! Actually it's not really necessary, but I enjoy creating trailers :)


That looks like a really nice game :)
The trailer is also good but could be a little shorter (faster scenes)

I really like to create game trailers, so I did one for my submission.
If you have a game trailer you would like to share, just post it as a comment!

Link to submission page
Link to game page

VHS: Replay - Trailer

Thanks for the comment and feedback :)

Run function is a good idea. I will add this when the voting finished.

Happy that you had fun :) Music/Sounds adds a lot to a game and is one of my favorite parts :)

Thanks a lot for playing :)

I like the part where you get stuck in the door xD

Thanks a lot for playing :)
You are actually my first playtester and discovered a few bugs - thanks :)

I'm done... good night!

Breaking the 4th Wall

The Jam is not in the featured jam list and I can't even find it, when I search for it!

Anyone know, why the jam is so much under the radar currently?
The previous jams had way more people joined:

2021.2 Brackeys Game Jam: ~10700 joined
2022.1 Brackeys Game Jam: ~10400 joined
2022.2 Brackeys Game Jam:   6103 joined
2023.1 Brackeys Game Jam: 1556 joined (08.02.2023)

Breaking the 4th wall

I'm a huge fan of this theme!

cool game :)

awesome pixel art like always :)
Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot for the comment :)
I may improve the game and release a mobile version!

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Score: 43901
Time: 541,2299 (~9min)
Deep: 5431,779
Pickups: 215

Beat my Highscore ;)


I had in mind to develop another game similar to this one  but ain't feel ready for this project yet :)

Thanks for playing and thank you for the lovely comment :)
Non-Surreal Game
is still my favorite project. Feel free to check out my other games but I suspect that those won't live up to your expectations!
I let you know if I create a new game like this :)

"The exit is open now".
There is one litteral exit  in the game ;)
You will find it, if you start it again!

Yes it's supposed to do that!

First of all, thanks for playing and spending the effort to get this far in the game.

It's a poorly designed choose to let the game crash. But in mind that not many players gonna reach this (easter egg) ending, it was acceptable for me.

The yellow-ish room was a little reference to The Backroom ;)

Have you notice the text in this room?

I can recommend to play Non-Surreal Game.
It's my favorite game and  I will maybe create a kind of sequel...

Thanks a lot for featuring my game :)

I will now be more active on Twitter again. So no more late reply^^ There is also a new game in developing currently.

More infos soon!

The sequel (which is currently not in the works) will include more.

It's not meant to be a game with complex puzzles. The focus is on the experience. I wanted to create unexpected moments which confuse and mislead the player.

Thanks a lot for the comment and feedback. A "sequel" to this game could have more complex and confusing scenes!^^

A little late but thanks a lot for the comment :)

I'm a huge fan of the "don't look at" or "always look at" mechanic in horror games (such as Slenderman or the weeping angels from Doctor Who)

Time will tell ;)

First of all, thanks a lot for the comment. It made me really happy to see that you enjoyed the game :)

I'm a huge fan of psychological thrill including trippy, weird, odd, surreal and abstract stuff. Also fascinated by such things like liminal space complex easter eggs. Those things will always find a way in my games (if it fits)

The person (Brackeys) behind the door was just a little easter egg. He is the origin host of the jam.

Speaking of this. The game was created in one week for a game jam. It was always in my mind to keep developing the project. However, I would do a completely new but similar game. I have a lot of ideas and write them down, but no motivation to start currently.

As soon as I can show something, you will hear about it :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

It was a lot of fun designing all of these mechanics. I will also mess around with the mind of the players in future projects^^

I really like these modelsI can imagine using these in a game at some point!
Keep it up! :)

As always really nice low poly models :)

The bug should now be fixed! Changelog 1.3.1

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I just released a little hotfix for the game: Changelog 1.3.1

The bug should be fixed now. It's somehow weird to make even small changes after a half year. This bug in particular showed me that many things could have been better designed. Everything is a learning process :)

Thank you very much for the bug report. Other players have also reported the bug. Actually I wanted to leave the game as it is, but probably I will release a little hotfix just for this bug.