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Yeah, something I had meant to fix :/ The way I ended up playing was by placing tiles in reverse order, connecting them to the start node last.

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Very interesting concept, definitely had a lot of fun!

I feel like this would work very very well as a broswer-based multiplayer game like!

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Really loved the game. Extremely relaxing and the music really helps you get into a flow. The graphics are also consistent with each other, and the combat is solid enough for the concept. The 3 included abilities are all extremely useful, particularly the slide-dash. I think my record was only about 2,500 - but I have the reaction speed of a sloth.

I also encountered a few issues/things that might not be intended:
 - Two minotaurs can easily stun lock you in an aggressive volleyball game
 - A late jump off an edge can cause you to enter a respawn loop where you immediately fall again.
 - Sliding into a bump allows you to jump twice in the air (though, I like it)
 - Jumping after falling into a pit allows the player to overlap the bottom of the terrain
 - Occasionally ghosts spawn/respawn underground and are hidden by the ground, making them impossible to dodge.

Honestly blown away with this fantastic work. With a little more polish and depth, I could totally see myself buying a game like this. Good fun.

Very lovely game. Simple relaxing gameplay loop and very cute graphics. I also really like the idea you came up with for the theme!

Really enjoyed the game.

I remember you being slightly worried about the stock photo style clashing and it definitely doesn't, so don't worry. The art itself is very stylish and cute.

Gameplay is pretty simple but still solid, could turn it into an education game for very young children.

Got two very major and SERIOUS complaints. I can't play with the hanging ornaments directly and there's no chocolate for after dinner :(

Nice little game with good, theme-appropriate, aesthetics. Had fun playing through the levels.

Only issue I'd raise is the player's sprite/collisions, mostly due to their head. When moving sideways, the character's face tends to blend into the background, giving you the impression that there's still a pixel of room.

Yeah totally, I think this is my first lesson in scope management/project planning ahah

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Yeah, I completely ran out of time, talked a little bit about it on the game's page. AI was planned, but I ran out of time because of a RSI.

The relation to the theme was going to be that you're a security officer at a compromised facility and have been "lost" access to your account, you would've then had to hack into various systems (the submitted part of the game) in order to progress through a "real world" hub-level and to regain control of the facility.

Yeah, that's fine, I was mostly talking about the main character and their weapon. The placement of the floor tiles was very well done though.

Whilst the gameplay is a little simplistic, I still really enjoyed playing the game. In particular, the individual pieces of art were well made and the generation was particular well done - the odd shaped rooms and patches of ground instead of a random smattering of each. 

I also liked that despite the world being tile-based, you went with a nice feeling slidey movement. Normally that's a recipe for missing hallways from misalignment, but it worked well here!

Had a lot of fun with this one. The mazes are fairly large and very easy to get lost in, as per the theme, and the graphics were well made.

One thing I was a big fan of was the diameter of the light in relation to the size of the corridors, it meant that you'd have to move left and right (burning the candle down) to see all paths or barrel through and potentially miss something.

My only complaint would probably be the placement of goal, occasionally it seemed to spawn in such an obscure location that the game was fairly challenging and other times it appeared right around the corner from spawn. Not really a major problem though.

The look of the game is very clean and nice on the eyes and the moving corridors definitely throw you off the first time. Definitely enjoyed the play, and the little wave at the end!

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Great game, really enjoyed playing it. The lighting and sounds effects are especially good, really setting the atmosphere. The included trail effect really helps with navigation.

The only thing I feel like it's missing, essentials wise, are roll keys so that you can right yourself.

I really like the concept, however the perspective seems to slowly shift until it's impossible to judge where you're jumping.

I'd also recommend placing the camera slightly higher and tilt it down toward the player, so that they can get a better view of the platform space, unless that's intentional - in which case fair enough.