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nice work!!


arg so i checked and it looks like the issue is rpgmaker is not respecting case, which is a problem since linux is case sensitive.

im not sure if anything would be different by running the windows version in like WINE or something, or if theres a checkbox/setting on that for working with case-insensitivity

im also hosting a html5 version on my website,, but im not sure if that wil be a good workaround

i might just have to disable linux-native builds for a little while :/ thats frustrating, im sorry

theres too many audio files [400+] to rename everything to lowercase in a timely manner, so it might take a few updates to get a linux build up again :[

thanks for letting me know, ill check into it!

so much fun! cute vibes

when you go to sleep each night, the game will ask if you'd like to save or "just sleep"

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there are now 4 video episodes you can watch in the page itself, just hit the Run MASHUP RITUAL button up top and give the page a few minutes to load the video file in your browser!

enjoy! more videos are online at

so, unfortunately, it turns out that rpgmaker itself is not technically supported for operating systems OS11 or later
we've gotten reports of crashing on newer versions, and i'm not sure what solutions to offer. sorry, be aware

hopefully the developer patches rpgmaker MV but it seems unlikely

thanks for your report, i'm looking into it-- we don't have a mac test environment, but i'm reading now that lately the rpgmv program is having issues on macos past 10? apparently the company says rpgmaker mv is not supported on operating systems newer than os 11 :|

sorry for the inconvenience

you can just download it directly and email it to them, file is small and i do not mind if you share your copy with them. enjoy!

i apologize! you were fully right, ration behavior was not normal for 2 of the jobs :[ sorry about that, i couldn't find the issue when testing!
i've added an extra job to help gather rations on the weekends <3

TYSM for the feedback, i am uploading a fix now! 
+ added a weekend soup kitchen job too <3

thanks, i will check it out

which job were you working when it happened  do you recall?

its a loop toy for playing live noise shows with, its just for having fun and being creative, it doesnt have a point other than making art

buttons manipulate each loop live in semi-random manner

what the heck?

the post previous the hyperlink on the bottom is somehow just pointing to the top link, sorry for the hassle

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you can play the html5 version online at

and the game is set up for phone touch controls a bit but i would suggest using a controller or keyboard

ah, im sorry! i made the android build a little while back when i got an ask for a unix build, but im just realizing it doesnt work out of the compiler without additional packing

( sorry, for now stick to the PC build if possible! )  thank you for your question!

thanks for the question! scavenge your closet!
you should not need to store anything, rations auto-apply to your totals
yes, don't buy rations, it's too expensive.

sorry for the long post here but i wanted to give you the infos! hopefully this isn't too much text

if you build up your scavenging skills with repeated scavenging [in the home closet/scavbox] you should have less trouble finding rations when you scavenge. if you have the UTILITY KNIFE tool (found in the closet), you can equip that and have better luck while scavenging!

the bonus from the agricen working is meant to update the amount in your home immediately,
but it's difficult to earn enough by working-- because it wears you out. it's hard work there

[ about rations/storage etc ]
rations are only able to be consumed while getting up each day, going to bed at night for a bonus snack [not required], or at will by interacting with the kitchen door. rations shown in the inventory should be there to represent the number at home, and should automatically be reflected in your ration total.*

rations are auto stored when you get them, and scavenging in the closet
and or the scavboxes are the most reliable way to find them.
the more scavenging you do the faster you'll have luck finding rations--
difficulty level impacts the amount of rations found too

hard mode is meant to feel bleak, and even normal mode is tough.
try playing easy mode if you're having trouble finding rations--
and then you'll get the hang of staying alive on normal.

[ protip ]
if you build a barricade in front of your apartment door,
you can do a SUPER SCAVENGE when the hallway is clear of threats.
the search results can be doubled with the time cost being not as much as two


* i will check to make sure the rations gain from agricen are adjusting your overall ration total, but you should not need to interact with them from inventory

as a trans girl with a skull for a face, this resonates with me


help yourself!! i would love a tiny credit somewhere, but go wild!

skullmagenta @ gmail

katelabs is basically as cool as you are

launch it and goof around

appreciate it! hope everything runs smooth! if all else fails i will put up a downloadable html5 version

alright, took me a little bit to try to find the answer, but i figured it would be easier to try a native nix build!

unfortunately, im not running a test box so i've been unable to bugtest a linux version, so just be aware

thanks for the post!

unsure but i'm uploading a nix build, just not compressed into a single .exe like the win10 version


yay rad :D

extremely good

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dang, these illustrations are KILLER. i really love the sense of space and line, how its both like definite but also sketchy and vague! so cool

like the perfect blend of implied detail. <3

great vibe! keep up the good work!

be warned, i dont think there is a character or two

hi there pardner