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Running it on GNU/Linux

A topic by sirmacik created Dec 14, 2020 Views: 202 Replies: 5
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I struggle with running your game on GNU/Linux. Do you mind sharing what stack you used for it? So far I've tried to use plain wine and DXVK. On plain wine it plays music and displays black window with high CPU usage, on DXVK it complains about missing nw.dll in the directory I run the game from. Found some nw.dll over the internetz but no luck, still won't acknowledge it. 




unsure but i'm uploading a nix build, just not compressed into a single .exe like the win10 version


alright, took me a little bit to try to find the answer, but i figured it would be easier to try a native nix build!

unfortunately, im not running a test box so i've been unable to bugtest a linux version, so just be aware

thanks for the post!

Amazing, thank you! Will report any bugs found.


appreciate it! hope everything runs smooth! if all else fails i will put up a downloadable html5 version

As a FYI for other Tuxers: you need to install libgconf2-dev as a dependency.