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Not the developer, but when I last tinkered with this, around version 2, that was literally all you could do. Should still be possible.

So, is the console version still coming out?

This is one of the best-feeling games I have ever played, thanks to the great controls. Everything feels just like it should. The art and music are also really good, establishing an atmospheric mood. Good luck, would definitely buy!

Cool little game. Looking forward to the expanded version.

Any chance of a downloadable Windows version? I hate to be a pain, but I don't have a permanent internet connection or PICO-8. According to another developer, a click of a menu option is all that's needed.

Any chance of a downloadable version?

Alrighty then. What's the difference between the stable, experimental, and classic version? I'm kind of curious as to which makes for the best experience.

Huh. Seems that no engine folder existed. I redownloaded and installed, and this time an updater downloaded v1.5.3? (sorry, not sure about the last number) from GitHub, and now it seems to work just fine. It seems likely that when BitDefender Antivirus went full potato quality and deleted all the games I had right after I extracted them, it must have also deleted the engine folder right after I installed RPGPM the first time, possibly because it contained JavaScript. I switched back to Avast a few days ago and RPGPM now works just fine! Thanks for your help!

OMG, a script writing program! This would be prefect, except I'm on Windows. Are there any plans to make a Windows port?

Judging by the devlog, I'm assuming you guys will be quite opposed to this, but are you planning to release a downloadable version? I don't have an permanent internet connection, but this game looks really sweet and I just decided to ask about it.

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Um, did you really have to take the other games down, though? I know they're not really "down", but they are still great VNs that deserve some visibility. Couldn't you just update the READMEs and sites to have a notice about how the world has changed substantially in your latest game? There are lots of people (including me) who would (and do) love those games, while not being interested in this at all. Just a suggestion.

EDIT: Or maybe put some kind of splash screen that has a disclaimer, I don't know. All, I know is, I've seen people retcon certain things about their game worlds before, and they almost never just outright remove their previous games from public view.

I'm running windows 10, and after I installed the engine, when I try to open it, it just shows the "waiting" mouse cursor for a few seconds, and then nothing. It's like I didn't even try to open it. Are there any prerequisites for Qt or something? When I'm connected to the Internet it says my updater is expired, but I just installed it yesterday. Offline there's nothing. Has anyone else had this problem?

Man, this looks awesome, and people are saying such good things about it! Are there plans for a downloadable version? I don't have a constant internet connection. Good luck!

Any plans for a standalone version? This looks useful, but I don't have constant Internet access.

OGMO Editor community · Created a new topic Offline Manual?

Would it be possible to post a downloadable version of the manual every so often, or have one autogenerated and posted here? This sounds like a great tool; however, I don't have constant Internet access, and the online manual being split into parts means that I can't save the whole thing using this stupid Edge "reading list" thing. Though I guess just having a "printer friendly" version or something would also help.

So is the game complete? It would seem so from the description, but a bunch of comments below refer to a full version.

Never remembered to ask, but, is this going to be paid or free? Maybe that's a stupid question, but it might affect when I end up playing it, so I thought I'd ask.

I played this a while ago, and I love it. Most of the time I expect zombies to be used as a crutch for crappy writing and\or art design, but this is fricking beautiful. I cried, laughed, and smiled a small distance when I reached the end(s). You did  a wonderful job, and told a short, but beautiful story. More power to you!

Whoops! I feel a bit foolish as I actually found the save room in question, then forgot! Sorry about that. BTW, was there any specific tool used to create the GB-style graphics? I'm using Monochrome Spriter currently (Page), but am interested in learning about a variety of tools before I begin a project. Nice game:)

This game takes what is good about the Metroidvania genre, and compresses it into a fun, humorous sample of the genre. A small, but fun game. However, I failed quite a few times to the Boxbot while learning its attack patterns, and thus had to watch the one cutscene more than three times. A way to skip previously scene cutscenes, or maybe another checkpoint near the boss battle would be nice.

It's not often you see a NES homebrew here on Itch. And a "visual novel"/adventure combo? Yippee! I'm not sure I'll finish, but they put some solid work into it. Was a little startled by the "God damn it" (Not sure kid ecowarriors who eat Lucky Charms and live in the 80s would say that, but then, I wasn't breathing yet then, so I don't know.) Has some thought-provoking messages about environmental care, and some humorous culture references, and is worth playing for those reasons. I'm a bit curious about what software was used to assemble this. Probably NES Maker or something like that.

I tried this game a little, and it seems fun! Are there any plans to produce an offline version? From what I understand, an executable can easily be exported using PICO-8, and I would really like to play this game in more detail. Granted, there is a .p8, but there doesn't seem to be an official way to play PICO-8 cartridges offline without the development software, and none of the open-source PICO-8 emulators seem to be completed yet. Thanks for reading!

Umm, hello? One more question. I tried the software, and (apparently) it's 64-bit. Are there any plans to release a 32-bit version?

Are there any plans to post the .gb ROM file any time soon? This looks interesting; however, I prefer to use my own emulators. Neat art style, BTW!

Well! An engine that makes IF-like games that are actually choice-based! I have had an insanely hard time finding something that generates simple Pick-A-Path type gameplay, as opposed to traditional IF or RPG gamebooks. Nothing wrong with traditional IF; I dabble in that too, but for a first outing this looks to be more my style. Also, the old-school graphics make it sound even better:)

A couple of questions, though:

1. There is a .bat file in the folder. Does this mean the engine and/or games run in MS-DOS? That would be AWESOME!

2. Is it technically possible to make something with multiple endings with this? A nice bonus, but not necessary.

Thanks for the tool, and sorry about all the skipped lines that artificially lengthened this comment. Whenever I try to indent, Itch skips a line for some reason.

I have a question. This game runs in a Windows executable format. Can you tell me how you made it into an executable? I ask only because I have seen several PICO-8 carts available as .PNG files, but I have no idea how to play them offline. I consider it more convenient to play offline because I only venture out to the library once a week. For a fantasy console about sharing small games, as said on their website, they seem remarkably closed off. There is no official "player" software, which I am thinking of contacting them about soon. In the meantime, though, can you help me out? (Sorry about that long-winded complaint. Game is pretty fascinating, and demonstrates that PICO-8 can create more than endless roguelikes and Mario clones, no offense to either, 'cause they are usually okay.)

Thanks! Unfortunately, my other, newer machine is unusable right now, but I will try using compatibility modes. Thanks for the suggestions!

HEY! I asked for help on Dolphin Island 2, but no one is answering. I wasn't sure how to contact you, as no e-mail address was listed, and I  don't know what LinkedIn is, or if it is appropriate for this sort of query. Anyway, PLEASE go check out my comment and see if you can help me?!

I followed IndieOverlook's links here, and saw your notice above. My main computer at the moment is pretty old (Windows XP) and I'm not sure if it would be compatible with a new build. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the old version? My email address is Thanks for reading!

Sorry about that. I feel a bit hasty now. I run into a lot of abandoned indie games and homebrews whilst searching for obscure gems, so I guess I jumped to conclusions. Also was feeling pessimistic because of said abandoned projects. I should probably spend more time among indie games that are flourishing brightly, but very frequently, I don't like them for some reason or another. In any case, thanks for replying, and good luck to you!

One question. I downloaded a (demo? early version of full game?) of this a few days ago. I come back to check up on updates, and the downloadable is suddenly gone, and the itch page makes it sound as though none existed so far. Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but I have the former version of the page up in's Wayback Machine, and it definitely makes it sound like the game was an early version that would get better/more complete, whereas this one makes it sound like you're only in the earliest stages of development. The only indication a demo was ever released is the "Released" status under "More information".  Why would you want to pull a demo (the best sort  of advertisement, at least to people like me) that can show people where the game is and where it could go? It seems to me (based on your increased emphasis on the "Donate" buttons, and the tons of stuff available to Patrons) that you got tired of people not donating, and decided to redo the page in order to make it look like a hot upcoming game, as opposed to a game that was already in an early state, but needed more money to complete. (In certain venues I hang around, the road to prosperity is paved with the bones of partially-completed games that were genuinely good, but that no one cared about.) I just wanna let you know, there are people out there who care about good games. Don't feel too upset about those who only care about flashy new "major" indie games, but don't care about the movement's small roots. I'm afraid I can't donate, but I'm rooting for you all the way!

Please excuse me if I'm reading into this too much, or if it's none of my business. I just thought that you might need a word of encouragement, and ecided to go against my better judgement, which was to ignore. The world of games, even indies, is full of problems, and I'd rather try to help than create more by not caring like many others. Again, I apologize if I am overstepping my boundaries.


That certainly makes sense. Reminds me of certain dungeon crawling text adventures, especially with the Wrong Turn bits. The art and battles against unusual enemies remind me of Earthbound, in a way.

I don't really want to bother you, but are there plans to make a 32-bit version of this? It looks great, but unfortunately I don't use a 64-bit computer.

Wow... Okay, I'm actually a little speechless. This is GREAT! I thought this would just be some crappy FNAF fangame, but it's actually pretty good (and also original). I seriously got into this game's lore and gameplay before it ended and I remembered it's a demo. BTW, what's a CRPG? I'm sorry I can't contribute, but if I could, you can bet this is one thing I'd be donating to so I could see it completed. Keep up the great work.

A question. What's the difference between the 27 MB version and the 40 MB version? They are both marked as Windows, and the same is true for the two alpha versions of the same sizes.

Yeah, something like this is what I'm talking about. As you say, though, there would be difficulty determining which money expires when. Say I have two dollars, one I got a month ago, and one a week ago. Not so difficult, right? Now make that two sets of fifty dollars. If multiple people did this, it could be hard for a small group like Itch to handle well. So, I have an idea. How about only making the wallet available to those who make below a certain amount per certain amount of time? I'm not sure what monetary and chronological amounts would be best, though. Any suggestions? Or, maybe make it available just to people who specifically ask, like the bank deposit. This could possibly prevent overruse of the system, by limiting it to those who actually need it, as opposed to simply giving everyone the ability.

Thanks for trying to help. I realize that this feature will probably not be implemented for various reasons; It would be nice, but it might not be possible for Itch at this time. However, an official answer would be great; we would finally have the admins' perspective on the whole matter. Again, thanks for trying to help.

Thank you. You pretty much hit the nail on the head regarding my financial position.  As to Itch's hesitation, it's very understandable. I may have been a bit too pushy; it's easy to forget that Itch is small, when they host what seems like thousands of games

Thank you for providing a little info that I didn't find in my research. I had thought Gamejolt operated the same way, but that "We handle all taxes including VAT" bit on their site was a mite misleading; I clearly misunderstood it. Thank you for commenting.