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This game takes what is good about the Metroidvania genre, and compresses it into a fun, humorous sample of the genre. A small, but fun game. However, I failed quite a few times to the Boxbot while learning its attack patterns, and thus had to watch the one cutscene more than three times. A way to skip previously scene cutscenes, or maybe another checkpoint near the boss battle would be nice.


There is a save room directly opposite the boss room! They’re marked with a little save icon on the wall to show there’s one there!


Whoops! I feel a bit foolish as I actually found the save room in question, then forgot! Sorry about that. BTW, was there any specific tool used to create the GB-style graphics? I'm using Monochrome Spriter currently (Page), but am interested in learning about a variety of tools before I begin a project. Nice game:)

I picked a pallet of 4 colours and then used Aseprite to draw all the visuals!