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Absolute banger of a video game fr 

Once you gain a high number of followers your account name can appear on the trending tab. All trends also have a small chance to appear multiple times on the trending tab, not a bug don't worry :)

Should be fixed up now, there was an issue in the save script about where a variable was saved. Now it should work fine from a new save file and you can use S or 5 to open the sanity menu to hopefully stop any future players getting mixed up!

Noted for my update! I'll take a look into it, I know it works from a new game but I was having issues with it when loading up saved data.

"S" is the key for checking sanity, not 5. I can see how some confusion may come up with the small pixel font, I'll look into making it clearer in an update!

Hey! Thank you so much!

I've just released my latest game!

It's a pretty simple 8-bit social media sim with a ton of randomised text posts, upgrades, in-game achievements and even mental health mechanics!

The goal is to overtake all the other users on the site by getting the most followers, by any means necessary...

Try it out!

Might be considered for a future update, I'd probably need to completely rewrite the cutscene engine for it though, as some cutscenes trigger boss fights and change locations, and skipping them would cause those events to not occur at all with how it's set up right now. If I can think of an easy workaround I'll add it whenever I do the next update :)

Oversight on my part with the last update! Maps were programmed in but I forgot to actually connect them past the first two areas, should be fixed now in the latest download version.


5-5-3 is max player stats :)

I picked a pallet of 4 colours and then used Aseprite to draw all the visuals!

There is a save room directly opposite the boss room! They’re marked with a little save icon on the wall to show there’s one there!

Thanks for playing!