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It's not often you see a NES homebrew here on Itch. And a "visual novel"/adventure combo? Yippee! I'm not sure I'll finish, but they put some solid work into it. Was a little startled by the "God damn it" (Not sure kid ecowarriors who eat Lucky Charms and live in the 80s would say that, but then, I wasn't breathing yet then, so I don't know.) Has some thought-provoking messages about environmental care, and some humorous culture references, and is worth playing for those reasons. I'm a bit curious about what software was used to assemble this. Probably NES Maker or something like that.

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Thanks for the feedback :)

We developed our own custom framework for this project. The main tool is already released and the source code of the game itself will follow eventually.

If you're interested in the research context for the project, this essay could be interesting (WARNING: contains spoilers)