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Thanks for playing! The number cards on the bottom left shows both your health and ammo count since they're the same thing, that's definitely made clear in the game though lmao.

Fun puzzles. Minor thing but holding down the reset level button when in the hub world will cause the offscreen reset icon to expand infinitely.

fiish 👍

Yoshi 👍

Vasectomy 👍

Hot anime men 👍

Got lost 👍

Funky man 👍

Thanks! I don't have a scanner so I just took pictures of the drawings with my phone.

Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Thank you very much!

The fact that you made a gba game is very cool. Took me a minute to figure out that I could move the camera to get past the first obstacle but I felt very smart when I did. Not sure if I finished the game because I think I defeated the weird bird but then the background changed and nothing else happened. Love the art, especially the way the big bird looks like a hole in space.

Truly immersive gameplay

Ah I forgot people had scroll wheels like that, whoops.

I think I had the most fun making the visuals for this one so that's good to hear

Thank you very much!

I'm glad you did :)

Thank you very much!

Fun fact I actually made the menu like that because I didn't want to make buttons.

Simple and fun is exactly what I was hoping to achieve so that's great to hear! Thank you for the helpful feedback.

thank you! Funnily enough I did think about adding a clock to each level so you could see how fast you completed them.

I actually only made the first level, everything after that is randomly placing cans on the screen with the total number of cans increasing each level. I would have made individual levels myself but I ran out of time (which is also why there's no restart button lol). Thank you for playing!

An absolutely charming little point and click, I love it!

This game has a really cool style and great sounds. I think having some way to regain time would make this game feel more fair as currently if you run out of time you're just sort of stuck there unable to fight back. Having to fly close to the projectiles to upgrade your ship is a fun risk/reward mechanic. Overall this game is an enjoyable experience, good work!

Thank you very much!

I really like the art in this game! I think adding some background music could be a good improvement. Overall a fun concept and solid execution, good job!

The visuals and the sound in this game are great. I think the enemy projectiles could be a little easier to spot but overall a good submission, well done!

Bullet hell billiards is a combination that works way better than I thought it would. This is my favourite game from this jam so far, excellent work!

Thank you for the feedback! Visuals are one of the areas I think I need to improve on most with my games.

thank you!

I like how fluid the controls feel, was a little difficult to avoid the projectiles while staying in the red area but overall a very cool game!

yeah I could only be bothered to make 4 levels so I made the last one real hard


Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing! On the end screen it does tell you how many correct keys you pressed (it's very easy to miss though). Giving clear feedback to the player is something I'll be sure to improve on.

Great work! I'm very impressed by the quantity and quality of the levels. Each level felt like a natural progression from the last and each of them was either teaching something new or re-inforcing somthing taught previously. The last level was my favourite as it incorporated almost all of the mechanics (minus the extra key pickups), it really felt like a final test!

This is really cool! Holding right is super stressful but worth it just to hear that sweet tune. I like that you can remember when to jump by listening to the music and watching when the word colour changes.

Hey thanks for playing! Unfortunately it's not possible to beat it.

Thank you for your interest! There are no jumpscares. :)