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I have no idea how you managed such smooth animations for moving / leaning, but this is really inventive and I had great fun playing!

Would love to see more tracks after the game jam finishes!


Expected something spooky, got a decent puzzler instead. Enjoyed the design and tone, pretty unique for the jam!

I briefly covered it in our jam roundup:

I loved the silly physics-based stumbling into scenery, gave us a great laugh after the jam!

I briefly covered it in our jam roundup:

This is an impressive level of mechanics for the 48 hours allotted, really impressed with it!

I briefly covered it in our jam roundup:

Thanks for making me laugh during the GGJ!

I briefly covered Destructive Kitty in our jam roundup:

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This is excellent, a lovely few minutes!

Really like the frogs singing!

Briefly covered it in our GGJ roundup:

Thanks very much!

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As per title, pushing a new web build via butler gets stuck on "Loading game for the first time" on the game's page.

Deleting the whole channel and pushing up (thus recreating the channel) fresh fixes it.

`butler status` shows it as ready:

`web     | #909075 | ✓ #86978 (from #86440) |       2 | (no files)`

Am I doing something wrong in the build / push process?

Hello friends,

We're looking to create a small internal press app to consolidate our game offers from various platforms, and I'm trying to figure if Itch has an endpoint for retrieving the list of games offered in the Partners section of the site (

The endpoints available on the server-side docs don't seem to offer a "get games I own", so wondering if there are Partner-specific API docs?