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Thanks, appreciate that! I'll look into fixing it the next time we update.

Glad it worked out well for you all! :) Due to our Engine (C# and XNA) it was fairly straight forward to get running as there are some really nice ports (FNA and MonoGame along with Mono for the C#).

Pressing the confirm button makes the respawn a little faster

Ah interesting! I'm not against that idea but it's also not a priority at the moment, but will discuss with the team. It's cool to hear you were able to get it running :)

Hmm, yeah this is definitely odd! You could give the OpenGL version a shot as it uses a different engine internally (SDL2 and FNA). I'm not sure what would be causing this with the XNA version though.

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They're custom run-length encoded bitmap data, but no sprite editor will open them by default. However, some fans have made scripts to turn them into PNG files (in the Celeste speedrunning discord under the #game_modding pinned posts).

The game locks the framerate to keep everything deterministic, so every playthrough is the same.

Thanks so much, really glad you had a good time with it :)

Hey Whelt, thanks for the report. This is definitely still wrong on Consoles (until we get the next patch out) but it should be correct on the Desktop version now!

We're looking into making an official level editor in the future, but I don't think we'll ever have official mod support. That said, I know a number of people are looking into doing game modding themselves.

The Itch version is identical to the Steam version, just minus the Steam DRM and Achievements.

An alternative thing to try is the OpenGL branch - I've heard some people just have better luck with it than the XNA one. Sorry it's been giving you troubles :(

Using the OpenGL Branch PS4 controller will work, as it uses FNA and SDL2. The default Windows one does not as it uses XNA which only likes xbox controllers :/

Appreciate the report. We're working on a fix for this and are hoping to get a patch out ASAP. Sorry for the trouble.


Hey there.

Currently there's no way to do this, but I can look into it for a future update. 


Yes, the latest version up on itch should now remove freeze-frames with the green refill gems.

The 60fps is on purpose - we lock the framerate so that the game stays deterministic for every playthrough.

Not sure about the CPU core stuff - the game doesn't really do any threading except when loading content.

Hey there,

I haven't encountered this before. What platform are you running on?


Thanks for the report. This should be fixed in the latest version up on itch. It will be coming to Consoles later.

Appreciate the report and will look into it. Sorry you lost progress over it, that's not fun.


Thanks! This will be fixed in the next Console patch :)

Thanks. Did you also encounter this on PC? It should be fixed, and the console version should be in the next update.