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Yes, it's something we'd like to patch in the future!

When no controller is plugged in, the C keyboard key is the confirmation key to progress through menus.

Sorry for the slow reply, but if you bought the Physical PC edition from Limited Run you should have received an key on April 19 which you can use to update to the latest version.
If you bought a PS4 or Switch physical edition, the game will update when we launch 1.4 on consoles (we're still working on it).

Hi, we're looking into a solution for this but it might take a little bit. Thanks for your patience!

Yeah, we're working on updating Consoles but it will be a little while still!

Haha yeah, we're working every day! To even our own surprise, games take a while to make :D

Hey, does the game create an error_log.txt file?
You could alternatively try the OpenGL version for Windows and see if that works!

I didn't realize that numbers in pico-8 were 16 bit. After about 17 minutes this will happen. I've updated the game to solve the obvious overflows that I saw!

lol i got my own handle wrong thanks

Our default Windows build doesn't have great controller detection due to using XNA.
If you use the OpenGL Windows version, it has much better controller support and should be able to detect it.

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The default Windows version doesn't have great controller support besides xbox due to the engine (XNA) we used. I would give the OpenGL version a shot, which uses FNA and SDL2 and has much better controller support. I should document this somewhere, sorry!

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It's likely crashing because it's not able to save due to file read/write permissions. Try moving the game to somewhere like Documents or Desktop, and try running from there.

Did you try the steps listed here?

If so, does the game create an error_log.txt?

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It's the first option in the options menu.

No, that looks correct. The order of the Content folder and Celeste.exe does not matter.

Thanks, I'll look into this.

Hi, if possible could you open the Celeste App in Finder, and go to Contents/MacOS and see if there is an "error_log.txt" there? If so could you post it here?

Note that due to the nature of the new content, it isn't unlocked until you complete the normal game. But yes, it is included.

Glad it worked out! I was stumped as to what it could be.

Hi Tythor, it looks like a DLL is missing. Are you able to open the Celeste app with Finder and look inside and see if "libmojoshader.dylib" is there?

Can you tell me what the size of the archive is? It sounds to me like the download didn't finish properly or something?

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If you're unable to launch Celeste on Windows, please try the following:

  1. Make sure you have XNA Redistributable 4.0 installed (you can also download it from by selecting from the list)
  2. Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.5 installed
  3. Make sure the game is being run from a location that has Read/Write File access. (ex. if you unzip it in Program Files or something, it may not be able to write save data, error logs, etc).
  4. Make sure the Folder Structure looks like this (ie. keep Celeste.exe and its Content folder together!)
  5. If it still doesn't launch, try the OpenGL Windows Version instead
  6. If neither versions of the game run, check to see if there is an "error_log.txt" in the game directory, beside Celeste.exe, and post it here.

Hi, does the game create an error_log.txt file in the same directory as the Celeste.exe? If so, can you post it?

You can also try to follow these steps:

Can you clarify? Does the game start downloading and then stop part way? This sounds like it may be related to, and not Celeste specifically.

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Does the game create an error_log.txt? (and if so, can you post it)

Could you post the contents of the error log?

Yeah the normal Windows version uses DirectX, could just be some kind of weird driver issue? Not sure. Glad the OpenGL one worked!

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To help me with future problems, can you show me how the folder structure looked when it didn't work? It should look like this (the OpenGL version will have additional DLL files but it should generally be the same):

Yeah, that all looks totally fine. Is it possible the game is being launched in a location where it doesn't have read/write access? I'm trying to think what could be happening, but without any kind of error log it's difficult to debug :/ Celeste itself is a pretty simple .NET Framework 4.5 C# application, so it should at least launch and be able to make an error log of some kind. Sorry I don't have a better solution for you!

The error logs above say that the game is unable to find Content (graphics / font files / etc). Is it possible the game is missing those, or you are running it from a location where it doesn't have read access? There's also a chance it thinks the working directory is somewhere else due to how it was launched, but that is unlikely unless you ran it through command line.

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Unfortunately I'm not sure what would be causing Windows to do that. I believe you can can run it anyway by pressing "More Info"

Hm, that's strange. Have you tried both the OpenGL and the default XNA version?

If you're unable to launch on Windows I would

  1. Make sure you have XNA Redistributable installed
  2. Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.5 installed
  3. Once those are installed, if it still doesn't launch, try the OpenGL Windows Version instead
  4. If that doesn't work, check to see if there is an "error_log.txt" in the Celeste directory, beside Celeste.exe, and post it here
  5. If there is no error log, and neither version runs, send me your PC specs I guess ... at this point I'm not sure what could be causing the problem.

Yes the Farewell DLC is included.

Hi, did the game create an "error_log.txt" in the same folder as Celeste.exe? If so, could you post that.

On Windows the game tries to save in the directory adjacent to the Celeste.exe. If it doesn't have permission to do so this could cause it to crash.

Thanks, this should be fixed now! Sorry for the crash.

Thanks, appreciate that! I'll look into fixing it the next time we update.

Glad it worked out well for you all! :) Due to our Engine (C# and XNA) it was fairly straight forward to get running as there are some really nice ports (FNA and MonoGame along with Mono for the C#).