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Ohh okay. Thanks for the clarification.


So I stumbled upon this Game Jam and it got me interested.

Though, if I could ask; are action-adventure games valid entries? I have plans for an rpg-like adventure game but am unsure if they are valid submissions for this game jam.

Yeahh I might've over did a tutorial out of rush lol. Thanks for playing tho! <3



Ey thanks for the feedback! Yeah all the polishing were quite rushed so the game is very very buggy. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Yeah the movement really wasn't the best. Even my sister didn't like it much lol. If I ever continue this game I might work on that a bit more.

ey thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!


Thanks for playing! I rushly added the sounds in 30 minutes before submission so that was kind of a bummer. Thanks for playing it tho!

Hmm I didn't have time to test the game for bugs after exporting it. Thanks for reporting it tho, I'll try working on that if I ever continue dev on this game.

Yeah I just woke up right now since I immediately slept last night after submitting the game, so that's probably why I don't have much ratings lol. Thanks for playing thoo <3

Yeah, there's this big bug I just found out after submitting the game where the mana doesn't subtract after summoning the clone, and that kind of ruined the game lol. Anyways thanks for playing! <3

Yeah initially I planned on adding a final level of some sort, but I really had 5 hours left to finish the game lol. I added, like, a final message to replace level 10 but I just found out that it didn't show up after level 9. Thanks for taking the time to play through it tho! <3


Thanks! I don't own a joystick so I haven't really thought of that. But I'll keep that in mind if ever continue development on this game. <3



For the death of the player, it didn't really automatically load back. I had to manually press the load back to checkpoint button. But Idk this might be intentional design hahaha!

As for the lava, I don't think I was actually attacked before falling in lava. I think it was at the part where I had to use the jetpack to get across a wall of some sort, but I ran out of jetpack fuel, so I decided to jump on lava lol.

Thank you!


That was a very very fun game! The art was neat, and as said below, everything felt so smooth! It really felt satisfying just shooting those dinosaurs, and ofc using the flamethrower. 

There were ocassional bugs, like the player not loading back to spawn after death, not dying in lava, wall jumps being stuck, etc. But they weren't really anything game-breaking. 

I wish you could expand on this because this really has potential!

It's a pretty cool shell for a game! The art is neat, and the effects were cool! UUnfortunately though, I can't seem to figure out how the controls work since the spacebar and the e button didn't really do anything. 

That was a good game! The concept is nice, and the art was decent. Though, maybe the moon's movement could've been a wee bit more slower and could use a bit of smoothing.  

Btw how did you do the explosions? They were really small details but it caught my eye because I initially wanted those types of explosions in my game lol.

Thanks!! <3

Yeah, I'll work on exporting it to mobile!

Thank youuu!! <33

It's a very casual and cute game! The art was nice, and the sound effects were okay! Though I wish the game could pause whenever I try to name a bug. Because I lose track whenever I try to name them, especially because of the mildly fast-paced nature of the game. But that's pretty much my only critique. Nice job!

That was quite an enjoyable game! The art was nice.The game was fastly paced, which really added to the fun! And the difficulty of the viruses were well-balanced, too!

But yeah, as said below, I wish there was some sort of auto collection for the anti bodies. In more frantic moments, I usually forget that you actually need to collect the anti bodies yourself, resulting to myself spending 5 seconds waiting for nothing lol! But idk that might take away from the challenge.

Ey thanks!! <3

It was an enjoyable game! The graphics were nice. I really could really only get 2 power cells before being caught by a monster hahahaha! 

The core mechanics of the game were cool, too!

Though, as said below, I really wish the camera was a wee bit zoomed in. It can be hard to see at times.

That was a nice game! 

You know how I complained about it playing itself and all on the game page? Well apparently my dumb butt did not know what idle games are until this game hahahahhahahaa! I really should read game descriptions more thoroughly.

The graphics were amazing and I liked the vibe it gave. It was pretty relaxing just watching the astronauts stream of thoughts while doing stuff. 

And the alien at the ending caught me off guard, and that cracked me off lol! 

I guess the only thing I'd point out is maybe the flow of the text could've been a wee bit slower because there were times that I couldn't keep up with the text of the notes, or maybe just add a pause feature just like what the bottom comment mentioned.

It's a nice game! I quite enjoyed it. Though I really think this could've gotten a bit more polishing. I feel like there's that missing game juice I was looking for which could've been achieved with a little more polishing. Also, the leprechaun actually jumping in sync with the player was a surprise, and it definitely made collecting the coins a lot more challenging, which I quite like! 

Thanks!! <3

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I might've underestimated how hard the distribution of the obstacles were lol! I'll keep that in mind if ever I continue working on this or something.

Thanks for the feedback!<3

It's a cute game! The graphics reminded me of the storybooks my dad would usually buy and bring us home when he gets back abroad, so that's some nastalgic points for you lol!

The story was nice, and your choice of music fits so well too! 

I got 9/10 droplets! It's a really nice and cute platformer game. It was pretty relaxing, although it would've been better if there was background music. 

I also liked your idea for the seamlesss wild card, traveling through the title screen itself. however my laptop lagged a bit when it zoomed out. Maybe you should've scaled the whole game smaller.

Other than that tho, nice game!

It's a good game, and a very solid platformer! I don't really like this type of genre, but I've got to admit, this was fun! The actions were nice and was very fun to learn!

I guess the only thing that bothered me was the background. Maybe y'all could have added some sort of parallax background? But I understand that it may be because of time.

In conclusion; nice game, good job!

The Art was really really nice! Though I might suggest to polish it a bit. For some reason the game felt a bit bland, like there's some game juice missing. But I can't point out exactly why. 

I think you're the first person to find out that you can jump on the birds hahahahaha! 

Thanks tho! <3