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First Person Perspective is my favorite, as, of course, it's what we all share. Looking forward to it. I'm not an UE dev, but it's all fairly universal at a certain point. If you'd like another pair of eyes, and hands that can do anything, feel free to reach out. Good luck! 

I won't lie, I figured. That's good though, you're literally exactly where you should be then. I wasn't anywhere near here at fifteen. Design on ^_^

I was happy to let you know my thoughts. I don't believe in false encouragement, so if I ever praise anything, I truly feel it's worth praising. Hence why I wasn't exactly kind about your UI design haha. Keep learning, keep growing my man. If I managed to get where I want when you're out of high school, don't let me forget this post, send an email, and if I'm finally in the position to, I'll try to do what many devs before me in this moment did, for me to say this. Cheers. 

I opened this up without any real expectations or overall wants. I'm not sure your age or skillet level/confidence, but I see you where I was roughly six years ago, and that is meant as a massive compliment. 

The first thing, aside from the nice facet indie visuals, was the UI Design - My man - it's whack!! XD 
It feels oh so "hacky" - as in, like you ran into issue, after issue, with making it work and had to work around too many issues to complete your initial vision. - Not an insult - sign of a true dev in there -very much so. 

So, the platforming, coins, triggers, etc. It feels like a game made from a tutorial series - as in- trying to understand game design rather than be an overnight success with it - again - real devs do this - good work! My favorite part (I only played level 1 - I'm sorry, so little time right now) was the barrel. 

I don't understand why it's exploding like this, and I don't really have a need to. From a story standpoint, I have 1,000 ideas after playing your game, and if you'd like to know what they are, send me an email or something and if anything I'd like to talk to you about implementing them in the project I have up right now. 

P.S> Puzzled is the perfect name in my opinion. It's a puzzle game, that is a bit confusing to navigate, yet once you do, you end up puzzled over the puzzles themselves, yet they still work. Portal 2 could have been called "Puzzled" and it would make just as much sense. 

If you enjoyed the process from when you opened UE4 and posted the current exe, keep doing it, even as a hobby, you have a talent for it, clearly, don't get bogged down by people expecting Inside with Color because of your visuals. 

- Noah (No Audible Dialogue) 

Working! Thank you. You came through on this on a day nothing else felt like ti should go well, and I thank you from what's left of my heart in this moment that I get to play all these nostalgic games I haven't in too long. Be well, and again, thank you. 

Is this new, facebook like threads on a normal forum? I love it! 

After playing for several hours I had plenty of time for self reflection after my emulator closed. If you're like me, you'll have a sudden epiphany that the game was in Jew the whole time. 

Horrid puns aside this was very cool to see. I have been coding six years now and have no clue what goes into making Roms for legacy consoles of gaming yore. But it's the only true way to do retro throwbacks. As it literally is the same tech you played as a kid. 

The gameboy camera was my version of this at five. I would have benefited from this game as a young teen in need of a metaphor and peace like I found as a kid. Inspires me to try to make a gbc or gba from. A challenge I've avoided too long as a dev. Thanks for the game, it's a wonderful addition to the literal 10k+ freeware game collection I have. 

P.S. You speak and write Hebrew, so out of respect I need to let you know I'm pure Ashkenazi here. That pun was dumb but I didn't man it out of malice. It was for others as nobody seams to be giving your game merit. But now hopefully I hooked em with that and now there is a full paragraph telling that reader to download ;)

I'm sorry bump the thread, lefo. It's been a few months, and I reached out through email awhile back and it may have hit your spam filter, but I am still hoping for a fix on this. I understand you're busy, I know I am too, but wanted to touch base on this again as the tech is so old I'm not sure how much more time we have here honestly. 

Thank you for replying to this so quickly! I went to bed last night with a heavy heart wondering if these games truly were just gone. As far as the error I get, it's always "can't connect to Itch.Zone". Even through force download tools, a few wget commands, etc, it just doesn't load in. If it's possible to make those links downloadable to obtain the .unity3d file with or without the player installed - then that would make me and I'm sure many others quite happy! For me personally it would make the holiday season this year to know I have some of these awesome little games in my collection. Looking forward to this! 

Hello everyone! 

It appears to me Itchio has made all Unity Web Player games (Not WebGL) refuse to load in, even when using an appropriate browser to do so. At first I thought Web Player had been completely removed even past Chrome doing so years ago, but just recently connected the dots that the only games that don't load are on here. Gamejolt, blogs, Ludum Dare, etc. - all load just fine. 

It may seem silly, but I would very much like to download some of these little gems. I have been passionate about freeware gaming since 2007, and have around ten thousand freeware PC games on my backup drive today. I have been developing games myself the last five years or so and a lot of the games made by developers on here, or I discovered through here are extremely nostalgic for me and important in the way any good video game is to a gamer. 

It never fails to surprise me how many gamer's not only are unaware of how big the indie scene is, but how vast the freeware gaming scene is these days too. The massive collection of freeware games I have has been essential to starting friendships and opening up a common ground with people I otherwise wouldn't get to do. 

So, what I'm getting at is I would very much like to get a few of these games while still possible. I just found out Firefox and several other browsers are making NPAPI completely unusable like Chrome in early 2018. With tech like the web player so old as it is, there will only be so much more time left to use old builds of web browsers just to utilize even older plugins. 
I can understand if Itch is trying to completely move away from the web player format all together. At the same time I want to voice some way of obtaining the .unity3d file for offline play in the future. 

It's impossible to download the file if it isn't loaded in the plugin, so that's why this is an issue. There are dozens of silly prototypes and couch co-op games that I have fond memories of as well as talk about to my fellow devs and gamer friends almost every day. I know I'm a broken record saying I would very much like to hear how to go about this, but hopefully it is clear this is important to me, and I can imagine most people here understand why, even if it is a bit excessive! XD

 I apologize for the rant, as well as this being my first post. I have been holding off being active on any site for indie gaming as I have several things that have been in the works for years I plan on releasing in 2018 right outta nowhere like an RKO. however I'm afraid this post is actually more important to me at the moment, especially since it's time sensitive. 

Thank to anyone who even bothered to read all this, looking forward to getting to know more fellow devs and indie gamers. 

P.S. Yes, I know this issue was raised on the GitHub issue tracker. However, nobody has responded to ompuco's issue from October, so I wanted to post here as another six months and these games may be completly gone forever.