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its time to bloom // meditative gameboy game · By colorful_courier

Meditative and Meta.

A topic by NoAudibleDialogue created Jan 31, 2018 Views: 194
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After playing for several hours I had plenty of time for self reflection after my emulator closed. If you're like me, you'll have a sudden epiphany that the game was in Jew the whole time. 

Horrid puns aside this was very cool to see. I have been coding six years now and have no clue what goes into making Roms for legacy consoles of gaming yore. But it's the only true way to do retro throwbacks. As it literally is the same tech you played as a kid. 

The gameboy camera was my version of this at five. I would have benefited from this game as a young teen in need of a metaphor and peace like I found as a kid. Inspires me to try to make a gbc or gba from. A challenge I've avoided too long as a dev. Thanks for the game, it's a wonderful addition to the literal 10k+ freeware game collection I have. 

P.S. You speak and write Hebrew, so out of respect I need to let you know I'm pure Ashkenazi here. That pun was dumb but I didn't man it out of malice. It was for others as nobody seams to be giving your game merit. But now hopefully I hooked em with that and now there is a full paragraph telling that reader to download ;)