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A topic by WaveBots created Jul 24, 2020 Views: 601 Replies: 23
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Post your questions about the WaveBots Editor here!

Just wanted to say that I love the program. That being said, it is not very beginner friendly and has an incredible amount of bugs. Just thought I would note a few down that I have come across.

Sometimes, usually when I am trying to get a song longer than 2 minutes out of it, the render just fails. No error messages, nothing. I suppose technically it succeeds, but there is no file created. 

A lot of the time when I extract a song to edit it, I have to save it, close the program, and reopen just to make changes to the song, and have to do the process again when I want to render.


Thanks for the feedback DustedAsh3!
I have encountered the first of those issues you describe. For me, the issue is that the memory runs out when using the 32 bit version with a 44.1k sampling rate or higher.

There is a log file generated that can be viewed by selecting File -> Show Log File. Usually, there is some hint to be found in that file, such as an error message or stack trace.

It would be very helpful if you could send me the content of the log file after you manage to trigger any of the bugs you encounter. It would also be great to get the template file you used (with .wbte extension) and the intermediate song/sfx format (with .wbrt extension) and what version you use (32 or 64 bit, free or full version).

Even more info can sometimes be found if you turn on all the first three options in File -> Settings -> Debug, but if the render fails like you describe, it is likely that some of that information is missing.

Now that I write this stuff down, I realize that all this could be handled with a bug report feature that I should add to the application :)

Again, thanks a lot for the feedback!


Sorry if I'm missing something in the documentation, but is there a way to write a chord as including an augmented 5th in the chord notation? 

For example, for the key of C Major, I would want to write V+ or Vaug to try to get a chord that includes G-B-D#. Thanks for your time :-)


There is an undocumented feature that can raise and lower notes in the scale.
I haven't included it yet in the documentation, so it probably has some issues ;)

For a major scale, you should be able to write "V_R1" to get an augmented dominant chord. The 'R1'-part raises the 2nd of the scale, which in this case happens to be the fifth in the chord.

You can also use 'L' in the same way to lower scale notes.


Awesome! Thank you!

Hello there, I'm absolutely loving the program. My only issue is that for some reason, all of the .mid files generated have no content in them. Exporting to any other filetype works except .mid. I haven't played around with the program settings (only done stuff like change tempo, keys, etc.) so I'm not sure what could have caused this.


It is possible to generate empty midi files by unchecking the "generate notes" midi option.

It is useful when you only want to generate the chords or voice lines.

I must've accidentally unchecked it sometime and have been generating files without notes by accident, lol.

Thank you so much for your help! This program is truly incredible and innovative.


Love it! Just wondering how to change the min length when doing batch renders. I see the settings for this but can't seem to make a difference. Most songs end up as very short. 


The length of the song is determined by the song structure and the different length and count parameters.

If you want to make the songs longer you can take a look at the song structure for the "Sentimental" song template, which uses some more parts (and also probabilities for them to exist at all within a song). Then you can also change the various "Length and Counts" to modify the number of possible phrases within each part and also the number of measures for those phrases.

I know that this is rather tedious, and I wish that there was a more intuitive option available for controlling the song length.

Hey! Thanks for the reply-- no worries. Now that I know I can design with that in mind. It's a really cool app. I have this midi chord pack, with all the phrasings labeled, I'm gonna try plugging in the chords (iv, v, etc.) from one that has 8 instead of four. Thanks! 

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I still don't understand this. How do we add new song structure?  There is nothing I  can do with a 30 second song. I need longer songs.

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Is there a way to add a new scale type? I   would  like to add Dorian mode

Wow, this is some incredible software! I was wondering if live MIDI output was on the roadmap? It'd be nice to have a faster development loop when working with external synthesizers by outputting MIDI directly to a target device (using a channel per instrument probably) instead of needing to render the midi and load it into the DAW.

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This would make a badass vst plugin for sure. Also this could probably be sold on steam.

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Can't load template files. Appears that you can save them but not load them.

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This worked for me in the latest version:

  • Right-click on the template to save it as an .wbte-file
  • Click on the yellow open-icon in the template-tab while having another template selected

Obviously there is a bug that needs to be fixed here, since you are not supposed to need to select another template first.

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Hey there, I love the app, not sure if this is the right thread but will there be a tutorial at some point for making simple songs from scratch?
The editor is pretty complicated and I've been trying to wrap my head around on how to make a song from scratch for a while.

I mainly use WaveBots for procedurally generating melodies and such and edit the midi in a program like FL Studio where I then mix and fine-tune instruments and such.
But currently, there are a lot of options and buttons and their purpose at the moment is a bit unclear to me.


Hi! Glad that you enjoy the application!
It is very complicated to create a song from scratch. It is easier to start with a generated song and then make some changes to it, like harmony, duplicate/remove phrases etc.
The current documentation is very sparse and only scratches the surface of how, for example, figuration lines or phrases work. This is something that should be improved upon for sure!

Is this still being worked on? I'm considering buying it but I'd love to know if you have anything planned for the future!


I am currently trying to figure out a good way to port the functionality to other platforms, such as the web.

Can you ad your own instruments to wavebots?


It doesn't support any VST plugins or similar but you can export to a MIDI file and render it in a DAW.