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Nothing definite yet, but wheels have been set in motion...

Thank for the kind words, and putting the game on AmigaLive.

I think the gift option isn't available as the game is PWYW.

I will look at the wall slide speed for the upcoming update. The update also fixes the message box cancel timing. Stay tuned!

I'm currently gauging interest in a limited run boxed edition of Rogue Declan Zero...

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Did you try pressing space? :)

Thanks for demoing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

It’s nothing against Aminet, it’s that the game is not freely distributable (which is different from free to download from here). I’d consider uploading a  demo version to Aminet but not the full game  

As for lha, the game isn’t file based so a lha version wouldn’t really be useful.

Why would I want to make getting a high score easier? :)

Adding saving of any kind would be complex, prone to problems, and complicate the WHDLoad, so I'm afraid I'll leave that out too.

Sorry, but the only place to download the game from will be this page.

Thanks for the information, and I'm happy you got it working. I suspect the key would be setting port 2 to CD32 mode.

That is the level seed.  It's really only useful if you encounter a weird or broken dungeon as I can use the seed to recreate it and see what is going on. Press F1 in game to display the seed again.

Thanks :)

2P mode isn't impossible but would be a lot of work to add. 

It should work fine on a CD32. Perhaps when the jam ends and uploads are enabled again I can make an ISO for the next release.

Did you set the ports to CD32 mode in the Game Settings menu?

Bill played an unfinished version that had a few bugs and rough edges. That particular issue with the hint clickthroughs has been fixed now  👍🏻

Hey! I'm using adapted versions of this tileset and some sprites in an upcoming Amiga dungeon shooting roguelite:

A Discord channel for the jam is in place now on the AmigaGameDev server:

2D polygon lights on an Amiga - impressive! Looks like a great concept.

Fantastic conversion and enhancement!

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I hear that fruit has never been so much fun :) Enjoy! And put your scores up at

Same! Can't wait to see all the entries.

Yes! Bitmap Soft have the Mini version and will add it to your downloads in due course. Unfortunately I don't know when that will be, it's their web store and I have no control or access to it.

This has now been added.

A download compatible with Retro Games Ltd. THEA500(tm) has now been added for all registered customers!

A download compatible with Retro Games Ltd. THEA500(tm) has now been added for all registered customers!

I've looked in to what is required - it will take some work to make a compatible download. Stay tuned.

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Thanks :) The Antstream version still gives you the high score codes, so you can record your scores outside Antstream at

The two player mode is co-op, but you can hurt the other player. There is no distinct "deathmatch" or "battle" mode, if that's what you mean.

CD32 ISO image of 1.1.0 is now available.

It should be available from the downloads section of your Bitmap Soft account when you log in. If it's not, please contact Bitmap Soft directly.

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Not right now, but one should be ready in a few days.

Turbo Tomato is compatible with any Amiga with at least 1Mb Chip RAM and Kickstart 2.04. It won’t run on a stock A500 with 512Kb Chip RAM and Kickstart 1.3, if that’s what you have. 

I seed what you did there ;) Glad you enjoyed the game as well!

Check in your Bitmap Soft website account - the downloads are available there.

Sorry, there has been a delay uploading the patch to the Bitmap Soft site. Hang in there!