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Fantastic conversion and enhancement!

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I hear that fruit has never been so much fun :) Enjoy! And put your scores up at

Same! Can't wait to see all the entries.

Yes! Bitmap Soft have the Mini version and will add it to your downloads in due course. Unfortunately I don't know when that will be, it's their web store and I have no control or access to it.

This has now been added.

A download compatible with Retro Games Ltd. THEA500(tm) has now been added for all registered customers!

A download compatible with Retro Games Ltd. THEA500(tm) has now been added for all registered customers!

I've looked in to what is required - it will take some work to make a compatible download. Stay tuned.

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Thanks :) The Antstream version still gives you the high score codes, so you can record your scores outside Antstream at

The two player mode is co-op, but you can hurt the other player. There is no distinct "deathmatch" or "battle" mode, if that's what you mean.

CD32 ISO image of 1.1.0 is now available.

It should be available from the downloads section of your Bitmap Soft account when you log in. If it's not, please contact Bitmap Soft directly.

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Not right now, but one should be ready in a few days.

Turbo Tomato is compatible with any Amiga with at least 1Mb Chip RAM and Kickstart 2.04. It won’t run on a stock A500 with 512Kb Chip RAM and Kickstart 1.3, if that’s what you have. 

I seed what you did there ;) Glad you enjoyed the game as well!

Check in your Bitmap Soft website account - the downloads are available there.

Sorry, there has been a delay uploading the patch to the Bitmap Soft site. Hang in there!

AmigaBill played Dodgy Rocks on his amazing Twitch stream recently. Check out this clip!

Vintage is the New Old: Dodgy Rocks – An Amiga game that shows that simplicity and fun can make a good game!

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AMIGA Alive included Dodgy Rocks in a round up of new Amiga games. I think they liked it!

Pixel Vixen posted a video covering some brand new "Arcade Pefect" games for the Amiga ... which included DODGY ROCKS 😲

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Unfortunately, that would require distributing parts of AmigaOS so it's not possible.

Thanks :) Thanks for posting a video too!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for making the video :)

Cam you download version 1.2.1 and try it again? Something went wrong with assembling the previous Windows release and the executable was actually corrupt! Apologies for the inconvenience.

You're welcome - tell your friends :)

Looking in to it. Thanks for the report!

Which platform are you on?


Gronchy Elf is determined to stop Santa getting to his sleigh and delivering the presents to the good boys and girls. Dodge the snowballs and other projectiles he sends your way for as long as possible and help save Christmas!

Santa Rocks. Well, he does, doesn't he?

Merry Christmas!

A downloadable, pay what you want game for Windows, Mac and Linux:

Santa Rocks is a Christmassy Dodgy Rocks (paid, also available for iOS and Android)