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I didn't know some keyboards were like that. I'll definitely look into things like that in the future to find work arounds. Thanks!

Weird. What happened when you pressed the < and , key?

This is great. I need to play this with someone soon, preferably someone who is really good at chess.

I did notice a weird glitch though? I played a quick game and rushed one of white's knights to take out the king. The white capture roll was the bigger number and got the capture, but for some reason the animation of the black king capturing the knight played. The game still ended and said white won, but for whatever reason the wrong animation played.

Not a huge issue since the game still worked (I honestly wondered if it was intentional, like playing the wrong animation at the end is part of it? But a repeat play didn't do it again), but figured I'd mention it. No idea what could have caused it though or how to duplicate it.

Fun idea. Kind of hard to play without much feedback, but that's expected with a jam game. You might want to look into "Way of the Passive Fist" which is supposed to also be a beat 'em up based around dodges and parries instead of actual attacks I think.

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The description pretty much nails what this is. It is a racing game with no acceleration. But it isn't really fun or interesting in anyway. You just have to start and stop constantly. The course doesn't really feel like it is designed around the speed. It kind of reminds me of one of the vehicles in Kirby Air Ride, where it goes very fast but turns slowly so you keep having to stop. But that had a lot of momentum to it that made the steering fun. This just feels weird. Besides that, there isn't any timer or other racers, so I don't really feel any rush to try to be quick or any sense of how well I'm doing.

And yeah, like the others said, I pretty much immediately hit a wall, got flipped on my side and was just left to fly around the world, despite trying to collide myself rightside up. I'll tell you what, it was a lot easier to control in the sky without any walls around.

I liked it. It was fun when you got to play around with momentum and a single target to gain speed. That ending bit with the shooting canons off screen at each was a little annoying though. Not too difficult, just a bit of trial and error, but it wasn't very fun in my opinion.

The polarity is fun to play around with. Takes a bit to get used to balancing it with the reflection.  A good twist on the arena shooter formula. Also I had some kind of glitch where sometimes the reflect wouldn't work even my stamina had charged back up, I think it usually happened after a polarity shift? Couldn't figure out exactly why though. Good job!

I like it, some good FPS bullet hell fun, with more focus on moving to get more ammo than to just dodge bullets. Like SyllabusGames mentioned, it is hard to pick up the ammo boxes without looking at them, but looking at the ammo boxes mean you're wasting bullets to aim at whatever you wanted to shoot. Bigger hitboxes for the ammo would helped somewhat, but I think adding a reload animation would be better. Then you have time to aim where you need to during the animation, knowing exactly how long you had before you started firing again. 

Unique idea. I like how the humans and goblins have different rules for their turns. It doesn't feel like there is much to do besides "try to rig it for the humans" or "try to rig it for the goblins". Maybe if this were a mechanic of a regular SRPG, where your goal is to get a certain team to win in each level. But then there would need to be pros and cons for each decision, as opposed to (for example) trying to get the humans to win by just doing the minimum number of goblins turn. There would have to be some benefit to giving the other side more turns, like maybe it'd make your characters stronger if they have more time between turns? Would be interested to see this idea expanded on.

A lot of fun. Unique way of doing a platformer where you can't stop running, but turning direction is important. A lot of fun unique surprises with the level design and the way the fire acts in unexpected ways. Very fun!

I'm not really seeing what this game has to do with metroidvania, but to be fair I did die like a dozen fights in and didn't feel like replaying it. Despite that, I am really enjoying it. I think you should have gone with that "shooter without being able to stop shooting" description as the main point, instead of the metroidvania first. But if I missed something because I didn't play it enough, let me know, and I'll give it another try. 

As a top down shooter where you just point to shoot, it is fun. It got tense when my health was low and those smaller enemies were shooting a lot at me. Good work.