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An FPS were you cant stop shooting until you run out of ammo.
Submitted by theshadoweffect — 13 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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I like it, some good FPS bullet hell fun, with more focus on moving to get more ammo than to just dodge bullets. Like SyllabusGames mentioned, it is hard to pick up the ammo boxes without looking at them, but looking at the ammo boxes mean you're wasting bullets to aim at whatever you wanted to shoot. Bigger hitboxes for the ammo would helped somewhat, but I think adding a reload animation would be better. Then you have time to aim where you need to during the animation, knowing exactly how long you had before you started firing again. 


Duude this game is fun, really. BUT I had to stop when I was in a level with a tower. I get sick lol, I'm sweating. It's the first time a fps do this to me, and usually I'm not that sensitive to car sickness or boat sickness (if you know what I mean). You didn't had any trouble to test your levels?

First off, I agree with Oogaphobia. Also, you can fix the self harm thing by putting the player on a collision layer that doesn't interact with the player bullets layer.

I would have made the colliders on the ammo boxes a bit bigger. I wanted to aim at the sky as I pick them up so my first few bullets don't go into the ground, but I was having to look straight at the ammo box to not miss them.

I like the bullet hell feel of the game with hundreds of projectiles flying around as the enemy closes in. The 3rd level in particular feels like an epic standoff. I did find there was something invisible about 2 sections up the tower stopping me from re-climbing to the top where all the ammo was so once I fell off it was pretty much over.

Anyway, it was a pretty interesting game, and I had fun, so thanks for making it.


I could climb up the tower when I felt, but yes there is a weird collision at some point

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Hey man this was pretty fun! The sounds overlapping makes it a little bit irritating to listen to but the game is nice and simple and I like what you did. Also i found out you can hurt yourself if you look down a shoot. Fun game!