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This game made me cry with how sweet~ and considerate the characters were about you and your comfort throughout the entirety of the game--Especially freakin' Kael, like OMG *Sobs to no end*--And I even tried the no sex at all ending, and that too was very sweet. Normally games that involve sex just make you feel terrible about not wanting sexual relations and leave with a bitter taste, but this game didn't do that, bro.
I feel like this game really changed my life, dramatic I know...but I'm serious.

T-This is going to be continued r-right? D= Just because the demo is gone doesn't no one is going to finish, right?

Ohhh~ Okai! I understand, sorry. x//D And that sounds fun, I'll be looking forward to that then! ='D

Uhh heyyy gais. C-Could we possibly get some sort of, extra chapter after the happy end or like...a holiday special with these wonderful characters? (Maybe when they all meet up again!) Because if not, then...I'm gonna miss Kea waaaay too much!! Dx TT ~ TT They were so awesome, admirable and adorable~<3 (Three A's.) And this story was so engaging, it really made me feel as though I was experiencing everything first hand....--wait, should I not say hand? D= Whooooops.

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Ah-! You responded so fast! Uh... (/^▽^)/ Chu welcome~ and I understand!
You focus on what you must do, school always comes first. *Nods and crosses my arms with a determined smile* (。> ω <)

...just, don't somehow forget about this gayme, plz? xD And Hehe, thanks~! ^// w //^
Also, there was nothing wrong with the art style! --like someone commented in the game, I find it's chibi-like state very cute. :3


P.S. I like how Jan is gender neutral and uh...Anon is coot, hehe. ////

o v o !! <3 I am equally excited.

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Ahhh~ This game seems so interesting~ I love the whole 'girl trapped in a boy's' body/vise versa thing, it's a very original concept and something people are hearing about more and more in real life. And this makes the game seem so alluring to me. I hope you guys are working on the finished products because I'm excited to see how this game will turn out~!! :0 Thank you guys for all your hardwork and effort!

I dance every time the summoning music plays xDDD I also like how much interaction there is in the game, and the text can be funny at times. I quite enjoyed this...but the ending was, so abrupt and...lack luster...xDD But I enjoyed teh journery friend, I'll follow you in hopes to see more interesting content from yuh.