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the idea is fine but it would be better that instead of a timer the game is in turns and the opponent does more than just leave their cards on the table ... if you develop it better you could make an excellent card game per turn

Wooh is very funny excelent

the truth is very entertaining enjoy playing a simple idea but very well implemented I congratulate you

Thank you very much the truth was quite hard to meet the daily goals to have something presentable but it was a great experience

Thanks  if the idea was to get lost and be baffled to make the maze something rejugable mysterious and dangerous lol if then I encourage you to take it further and make more levels and history as the map markers and other mechanics will be on my list of pending

hehe I wanted but I am not very skilled in unity and for some reason I did not render the shaders and textures well although the dark was the excuse to use the lol campfires

hehehehe burn men the house hahaha what kind of porcupine is this great job

I don't understand much about gambling but it looks pretty good for a mobile application

I love the music and sensation of this game excelent!!

I don't understand the game very much so that I collect the materials and because I die it catches my attention but I don't get it

It is very cool and music although I bug it when I dump inside the track lol

It is very entertaining I liked the music although my memory is quite bad and I did not pass the first level lol

Its cool men but is more easy 

you should put some stronger enemies and evaluate the collider of the bullets and the towers so that they are not loose there

I did not understand much the idea or the purpose of the game I imagine that it is to make the map correctly but surely putting a little more markers or something would improve the experience

It's very cool this game 

I would only recommend a little less speed in the movement of the camera to have a little more control of the character

Its cool men geat

The music is great!

Is cool men congratulations


thanks lol well the idea is to get lost in the maze but I imagine that putting a marker on the map would have been a bit more pleasant for the player

good jejeje

the idea is cool jejeje 

Good job 

It's interesting when you put on sound effects and fix some bugs, a fun game will be left. Congratulations

Congratulation your idea is very good 

a fairly solid programming ... ready to serve at the table hehehe

The idea is good only recoment 

Let the shoot be with the space bar

I did not understand much the dynamics of the game but congratulations

although the levels that I played do not have to do with the thematic of the jam ... they were really 2Mb well spent because it is very funny maybe I would tell you to check the difficulty curve to hook a bit since the level 3 could no longer happen....

I did not understand the point of the game very well and it cost me a bit of controls but I think that a little more work could give results

very funny and a very creative idea hehehe congratulations ....

I really liked this idea, I would only tell you that when you reach the final card the game restarts

it's a simple idea well executed 

Although it has nothing to do with the subject of jam hehehe, I would only tell you that at the beginning you make less frames and more lens fall and as you get along it has become more difficult for the one who plays it to get hooked nice work

This game is very addictive although it has nothing to do with the theme of jam but I could play it for hours nice work !!!

it's a very good game excellent idea

I can't play this game say resolution no mach... Check this