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Unir lbh gelvat ergheavat gb gur fuvcjerpx?

Abg srryvat yhpxl gb fjvz? Unir lbh sbhaq nalguvat gung zvtug znxr lbh yhpxvre vs lbh jber vg?

I have the flexibility but so far I've lacked the motivation.  😅

I added a guide to getting enough ingredients for a passing grade.

For the other items, there's a hint thread on the Intfiction forums:

Or feel free to ask for hints here or email me:

Yes, I mean in/out as aliases for intransitive enter/exit. 

I am indeed in the no inventory limit camp.

The love letter!  👏👏👏

The parser was a bit fiddly (e.g. in / out were missing), X ME didn't work and the inventory limit was annoying. But apart from those niggles I enjoyed it. I found the two dream sequences in particular to be quite well done.

Thanks for the bug report.  👍

Sorry,  I'm afraid my game wasn't designed to be played without a keyboard.  I've just pushed an update that should pop up a virtual keyboard when you touch the screen. If possible, I still recommend playing with a hardware keyboard or on a computer.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! :)

Lbh'er evtug, gur bvy abg jbexvat jvgu gur yvara vf engure pyhzfl. Gung fnvq, lbh pna qvc gur (rkgvathvfurq) gbepu va gur wne bs bvy gb erpunetr vg. V'yy unir gb svk vg va n cbfg-pbzc irefvba fb lbh pna nyfb znxr n arj gbepu jvgu gur yvara.

Lbh fubhyq nyernql or noyr gb trg gur fgnghrggr jvgu gur juvc. Pyrneyl V'z zvffvat fbzr flabalzf. :( Cyrnfr gryy zr jung ireof lbh gevrq fb V pna svk vg nsgre gur pbzc vf bire.

Zvaq pbagebyyvat gur fpnenof jvgu gur Xurcerfu jbhyq or pbby ohg vg jbhyq olcnff gur *trggvat vagb gur naark* chmmyr. Univat nygreangr fbyhgvbaf vf hfhnyyl terng ohg V guvax guvf bar jbhyq or zhpu gbb snfg va grezf bs gheaf fnirq. V unq bevtvanyyl cynaarq gb unir gur zhzzl navzngr gung fxryrgbaf jura vg jbxr hc, naq bar bs gur jnlf gb trg cnfg gur bar va gur fgnvef or gung ur jnf nsenvq bs fanxrf (yvxr gur bar ba gur Xurcerfu) ohg va gur raq V phg gung.

Hi! You game doesn't appear in the list of ECTOComp games when I'm logged in and when I click to go to the game's page it looks like it doesn't exist. I think you might not have set your game to be public. When you edit your game on the dashboard the option is at the bottom of the page, just above the save button.

It was a bit rough around the edges (V JNF NOYR GB QVT NAQ FRR GUR GHAARY ORSBER PENPXVAT GUR PBSSVA JUVPU V'Z ABG FHER JNF VAGRAQRQ), but I loved the ending!  👍

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing my game, glad you enjoyed it!

I used this to translate messages into what is supposed to be close to real ancient Egyptian. It's mostly for my own amusement though.  The game assumes the player character can't understand them, so knowing ancient Egyptian isn't key to solving any of the puzzles. There is a way to translate the inscriptions in game, but it is pretty well hidden. :)

Thanks for playing my game!

If you're interested in getting into parser games, you may want to try 77 Verbs by Mathbrush which is a nice introduction to type-in games. :)

Neat format. :) I run into a bug though:

nonesuch scene: Adaption 2

This is great!

I thought the premise is really fun and was surprised by just how replayable it turned out to be.  👍

A tad dark for my taste.

You should check the "enable scrollbars" option, otherwise the select nickname page can block progression.

I think maybe it might have been more powerful if it had ended a tad sooner, just when we realize Johan is a ghost. As it was the last part was a bit like beating a dead horse, though I suppose that would be par for the course for the protagonist. ;)

I'm having the same problem.

It is already full screen (for me at least), I think the issue, as Jacic said, is that "enable scrollbars" hasn't been checked.

Oh no, Allison Chase was a no show. :'(

I enjoyed the Inquisitor's story, I genuinely felt a bit sad about UVF PNCR.

A Nice Drive reminded my a little of the Far Side cartoons. I also liked that is was written in the past tense.

My own story I didn't really care for, but I guess I only have myself to blame.

The Banshee's Curse was cute, I wasn't expecting it to end so suddenly though.

Thanks for bringing us along, again.

Yes, I did. :)

Oh how Absalome Pilcrow has aged, it feels like mere months ago he was just a young lad.

There were a few small parser issues (quite forgivable in a 4h game): ENTER BUILDING didn't work, nor did OUT or X WALL when inside.
But those niggles aside, it was great to see more of the Panzitoum world.

I look forward to seeing more of Absalome's travels.

I really enjoyed this, it took me back to my school days (translating Latin that is, not ORVAT FRG HCBA OL TUBFGF  😅).

A few small parser issues:
* the MATCH verb could maybe also work with TO as well as WITH
* after "LOOK UP <adjective>", "MATCH IT WITH <noun>" didn't work

It felt a little odd that your character has to look up pretty much every noun, but automatically knew all the verbs.

Overall though it was quite fun and V QVQA'G FRR GUR GJVFG RAQVAT PBZVAT.

Over the next week or so, I’ll try to make time to post some of our judges’ constructive commentary on your work, so keep an eye out for that. :)

Is this still in the cards?

There's more than just apples in the orchard. :)

Sorry if my nudges are too small. There's also a walkthrough in the downloadable version.

Perhaps there's something else from the orchard she could use. :)

Also, Happy new year!

Perhaps the priestess can help you aquire a pearl.

The cebus is indeed a kind of food.

I'm assuming that also goes for any credits/about text?

Can I also exclude the help message as long as it's just "here's a list of useful verbs" and no plot exposition?

Any ingredients you added before seeing the recipe would be not at quite the right ratio. Good enough to satisfy the ghost but probably not to get compliments. :P

Thanks for playing. :)

Thanks! Measuring is rather poorly implemented (deadlines eh?), if you have seen a recipe you will automatically measure ingredients if you have measuring tools. There's a pot in the cupboard.

(1 edit)

Thanks :)

[spoiler]For a perfect score you need to have read the recipe, have the measuring spoons, use fresh pumpkin and fresh eggs (two) and bake at the correct temperatures for the correct durations.[/spoiler]

Here's a link to the walkthrough that might work:

Oho, I was outside when the mansion caught fire.

... but now I'm going to have to fiddle around to get it to happen when I'm inside to see if there's another ending I've missed.

This was really fun. And creepy. I found two endings.

After the mansion burst into flames, the game mentions agents to the southwest, but they seem to be missing when you go there.

Thanks for the bug report!

Updated the game with CRACK and BREAK for eggs. Also made ADD friendlier and fixed GO TO PANTRY which wasn't working .  Hopefully I didn't break anything.  🤞

I agree, I missed the "click here" link on my first play though. I would have missed the end if I hadn't seen Stewart's comment and went back to replay it.

That was fun!  👍

A few nits: there was a typo in the word barely when the fisherman as at the shine, a missing "You" in one of the choices at the same time. When entering text I tried the correct answer but without the article and it turned me down so I wasted a lot a of time before trying again with the "the".

That aside, it seemed pretty polished :)

Thanks for the feedback!  👍
I'll be sure to improve egg handling for the next version. Is updating the game before the judging period ends allowed though?

In the mean time, you should be able to "ADD egg TO" or "PUT eggs IN".  Also, just between us, you might be able to pull a fast one on the ghost and bake him a cake with no eggs. How culinarily refined can those undead really be? (you won't get a perfect score without eggs)