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Wowwowowowowow! Just wow. So awesome! I love the creepy factor and the little details as the days went on and with the endings. It was a lot to do to get all of them tho so I ended up looking them up. That one with the "pandemic" tho confused me. And is that room near the final room of the game that says "You hear faintly hear machines" meant to be entered? Just wondering since I never did see any sign of it being opened. And is the soundtrack used on the main menu available anywhere? I loved it so much I ended up just sitting there jamming to it for a good 5 minutes maybe. 5 stars tho!

OMG IT WAS SO AWESOME! I mean, at first I was a little bored since it was just reading and choices but something told me to keep going and I don't regret it one bit. Plus the description did say it was a visual novel so after a point I just saw it as an interactive book. Mary is so fricking adorable though. I don't know how she could ever be seen as creepy or scary. But there are still some things that confuse me like, who were all those people Mary met in her dream at the lake in Twyla's bad ending??? Did Crowven kill them?? And I wanna know more about Reginald's obsession with Mary! Like, how long he's been stalking her and such. And he also seemed to know about those weird inscriptions and stuff you'd see during his route and I recall him saying something like how he didn't want Mary to have to deal with the same things he does. Ahhh so many questions about him. But I will say is route was my favorite. Both the good and bad endings for it. I'm totally gonna look into more stuff you have. 100000/10!

I do not understand why people complain about how chapter 4 took too long. As the chapters go on you can see the improvement in each of them and chapter 4 has been the longest and best one so far. It was fricking AMAZING. The only thing that sucks was that my laptop was too shitty to run the animations properly but that's on my end.  I saw quality over quantity. As someone who has an immense amount of patience, I don't care how long it takes to get the other chapters out as long as their great. Do what you need to get your life in order. You're human too.

True, but brother does work as well. Plus considering they're not that far apart in age that would throw off a lot of things about VIncent when he was a child 

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I- what-this chapter just- So sad, so terrifying, so shocking! SO much to take in. AND THERE ARE STILL TWO MORE CHAPTERS AND ROUTES! It was so strange to see Vanora become pretty much sociopathic at the end there just killing Vincent mercilessly (though he kinda deserved it at that point) and manipulating Draco so blatantly to kill him. The ending makes that sudden shift of character make more sense at least, but what the frick-

(5 stars and I'd give more if I could)

I really love it. The normal ending is so cute and sweet. I was so confused as to what kind of horror could possibly paint Rosalie (the witch) in a different light and hoping to give her the benefit of he doubt but BOY was I wrong man. Ngl, I don't completely get what's going on in the secret ending. I could piece together that she was trying to maybe create or clone someone with some unethical methods but that's about it. If anyone could explain it to me I'd appreciate it. Anyhoo, the puzzles were really fun and set at a decent difficulty level. The only one I had trouble with was the chess one but that was because I have NO idea what chess entails. Great game. 5 stars.

So cute. Nep has got to be my favorite cuz of how sad he got when the color the beach had vanished and then got all excited when he had his idea about the rainbow parfait. It was just adorable.

Pretty cute. I like the fact that all the snakes have names with an 's' in the middle and they're all spelt with three S's. It was nice to get all the endings so quickly too.

Really cute game. I love how the atmosphere and dialogue gives off the atmosphere of the classic detective puzzles games with a murder or robbery to solve. It's quick and easy too if you take to time to look at almost everything. Tho, I don't get what that frog pencil was for. Something to throw the player off? Anyways, it's pretty straightforward when played right at fun. 5 stars.  

Loved it. 5 stars. I laughed out loud more than I expected too. I quite enjoyed the cheesy and stupid puns. Especially that one at the end, despite how wrong it was XD. I kinda called him getting the estate from the start but I must know one thing: DID ARTHUR SURVIVE THE LAST TUNNEL OR NOT?!

What's that got to with what they said?

SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER AMAZING! The only other game I can think of where you mess with the files to affect what happens in the game is DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club), but even it's not really used to play the game and progress the story, other than when you delete Monika's character file. But that's it. Everything else to find some other secret content when you finish the game. I really hope you make more games like this. Breaking the 4th wall with the characters and deleting and moving the files is fun. Only I don't 100% get the story. I might just be a bit stupid tho lol

Ahhhhh so fricking cute! The music, their walking animations, and I especially love when Lilac's sprite is confused or shocked. It's adorable. I didn't know if Chime's name was pronounced as just 'Chime' or 'She-may' but I went with the second option since it was cuter lol. 10/10. Pity it was short tho. 

Ik everyone says this but it's super super cute. I loved the little comedy elements when you checked the details of the items and explore stuff around the town. A pity it wasn't longer.

Hey Dino. I know you might be busy but I just have a quick question that my friend and I have been wondering about for a little while. Is Draco short or is he bending down when we first meet him? The game is awesome btw. I can't wait for more chapters to come out. You need more recognition!