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I- what-this chapter just- So sad, so terrifying, so shocking! SO much to take in. AND THERE ARE STILL TWO MORE CHAPTERS AND ROUTES! It was so strange to see Vanora become pretty much sociopathic at the end there just killing Vincent mercilessly (though he kinda deserved it at that point) and manipulating Draco so blatantly to kill him. The ending makes that sudden shift of character make more sense at least, but what the frick-

(5 stars and I'd give more if I could)


lol i was shocked too, did she really kill him? i think that he can live because he's a cyborg and some pieces can be restored...

(btw draco would be more like his son than his brother, you know what i mean lol)


True, but brother does work as well. Plus considering they're not that far apart in age that would throw off a lot of things about VIncent when he was a child 

you're right! I'd love to see Vincent's childhood (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)