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that fat cat in a suit

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i'll happily wait for the actualizations and the updates. take your time, rest and  remember that we'll always support you and be patient. i understand it's hard and the last thing i want is for you to be consumed by this. i love the games and the universe, so i'll be satisfied as long as i can play the current installments haha. 

thanks for your effort!!! 

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(this a little too long lol)

Sooo i just finished the game (i got the real ending thanks to the notes i took of suspects and facts!!! i'm kind of a detective haha), and i was fascinated! there are several things i liked: 

-the visuals. they're stunning and beautiful, the watercolor aesthetic and the era in which it's made is elegant and magical, simply wonderful. the artist is very talented and their style of drawing is to my liking, so i hope alexis keep doing their projects in this way because it gives distinction from other videogames

-the music, especially the piano songs and the slower ones are my favorites. i could listen to the soundtrack all day long, they give the scenes more feeling and interest, a very good work

-the universe! i'm quite interested in the fact that ships or shipping business are important, plus the imps and other non-human creatures like the "Fae", as well as some magic that hovers in the air, and the fact that alchemist teachers exist is pretty interesting. i want to know more about this world (;

-the characters. i absolutely love, love, love Harold and Faraday! they complement each other very well and i'd like to hug them because it's obvious they've been through a lot of bad things )): from there, my favorite characters are DeLus, Goose, Vance, Maggie  (she ISN'T cringey) and Harold himself.

(oh and i love Lupine's ears, they're so cute ;w;) 

i could say many more things but in short, i DEMAND more visual novels of this universe and its characters!!! i got quite attached haha. anyway, thank you very much for this game and i'll definitely vote 5 stars. good luck in anything you do! 

??? taylor es no binarie, en inglés es they/them porque NO hay otra forma de decirlo, en español decimos elle, para que no sea en plural. ¿qué tontería es esa de querer opciones para sus PRONOMBRES? dino hizo a su personaje así y ya. si tanto te incomoda la traducción juégalo en inglés ._. y si tanto te incomoda la inclusión vete de aquí smh 

the first game of dino that i ever played.truly amazing, scary and a little bit funny! you'll love the characters (taylor and albert are really interesting) and the aesthetic. the session is amazing and has the unsettling feeling that something is wrong. i love it!  

you're right! I'd love to see Vincent's childhood (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

lol i was shocked too, did she really kill him? i think that he can live because he's a cyborg and some pieces can be restored...

(btw draco would be more like his son than his brother, you know what i mean lol)

i love the story, the visuals, the music and the characters. also the fact that there is tension, mysteries to solve and some quick puzzles makes it interesting. you must play it!!! do it for vanora and vincent (my favorites, lol)! you won't regret it ;) 

i adore this game!!