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OMG IT WAS SO AWESOME! I mean, at first I was a little bored since it was just reading and choices but something told me to keep going and I don't regret it one bit. Plus the description did say it was a visual novel so after a point I just saw it as an interactive book. Mary is so fricking adorable though. I don't know how she could ever be seen as creepy or scary. But there are still some things that confuse me like, who were all those people Mary met in her dream at the lake in Twyla's bad ending??? Did Crowven kill them?? And I wanna know more about Reginald's obsession with Mary! Like, how long he's been stalking her and such. And he also seemed to know about those weird inscriptions and stuff you'd see during his route and I recall him saying something like how he didn't want Mary to have to deal with the same things he does. Ahhh so many questions about him. But I will say is route was my favorite. Both the good and bad endings for it. I'm totally gonna look into more stuff you have. 100000/10!