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Wowwowowowowow! Just wow. So awesome! I love the creepy factor and the little details as the days went on and with the endings. It was a lot to do to get all of them tho so I ended up looking them up. That one with the "pandemic" tho confused me. And is that room near the final room of the game that says "You hear faintly hear machines" meant to be entered? Just wondering since I never did see any sign of it being opened. And is the soundtrack used on the main menu available anywhere? I loved it so much I ended up just sitting there jamming to it for a good 5 minutes maybe. 5 stars tho!

Thank you! It's funny that you mention the machine room right after the pandemic ending, as there is an after scene of the ending in the extended edition of the game (The ending itself is the same, the after scene is in the bonus room) where you do get to enter this room. The ending also makes a lot more sense afterwards, I think. Of course I completely understand if 3 dollars is a steep investment for a little bit od extra content. Either way I'm glad you enjoyed the game :) The main menu soundtrack for the standard version is actually a default soundtrack from the rpgmaker. Just look up 'rpgmaker vx ace town 3 ost' and you should be able to find it. :D