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This is a game jam version of the game. You can play or download up-to-date version HERE.

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The Jam ended and I can upload new versions now. Howewer I want to leave this page as it is as some sort of history and won't update the game here. Instead I'll soon create a new page where I will post updates and demo versions. I'll post the link here.

Interesting and fun puzzle design. Very nice.

A bit hard but very simple in its mechanics game! Really fun to play, also nice music. Good job!

Glad you liked my interpretation and execution of the theme! The pause thing is really turned out to be kinda strange and in post-jams polishing I already implemented automatic pause/unpause and I definitely will add some sort of tutorial. Of course I can't upload updates untill the jam is over.

Thank you for the suggestion and for your kind words! I will rebalance the early game a little bit in post-jam versions.

Thanks for the feedback, nice to see that you had fun :)
I am alraedy implemented auto-pause and some other features in my post-jam version of the game, but of course I can't upload it untill the jam is over.

Thank you for the feedback and I glad you liked my game! I'll definitely improve UI readability.

Really cool concept, clever puzzle design. Clean and simple controls, good art and sounds. Really good game, well done!

Really fun gameplay and mechanics. Graphics is nice to look at. Great game!

Nice game, I liked the art and music. Characters have different abilities which is cool. Well done! Sometimes the gun is aiming at the opposite direction but it's somehow got fixed by itself I didn't notice that.

Thank you! Great suggestion actually, and yes I will polish it :)

Sad you didn't like it, but thanks for the feedback anyway

Thanks for the feedback, I glad you enjoyed the game!

I love your definition "rage game" lol. But seriously it's a good game, nice work!

This is great. Very nice idea and pretty fun game. Don't know what else to say... Some music and sound effects would definitely benefit to the mood of the game tho

Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely look at the difficulty problems in post-jam polishing

Thank you very much! Tier 3 is the final tier, there is not so much late game content right now. And about the "cheese"... to be honest I didn't think that this is pretty easy to pull off, but I see some people doing it just fine, maybe I just not very good at my own game lol

Fun concept, really liked it. Levels seems hard to me but it is not a bad thing. Also nice music. Good job!

Cool idea, a bit chaotic but really cool! Controls are a little bit unrelayable when you are trying to attach new part, sometimes it's pretty hard to do. But it is not a big problem, I liked it anyway. Very good!

Very fun game, I like the idea. Pretty satisfying to chain trolleys together, exits are seem too narrow sometimes but it's fine. Unusual to hear a voice in a Jam game, this was nice.

Nice game and idea. I like what you did with art and music although you said you used pre-existing ones. And what a lovely story. Really good game.

Thank you for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed it

Good idea, the game itself is pretty short but it's fine. I like the art style, it looks good. I wasn't quite sure what's going on in the beginning but then I realized what the enemy health bar is just not working correct, not a big deal honestly. Overall the game is good. Well done!

Nice idea and good realization, I like it. Also liked the music, good job.

Pretty fun game and I like the concept. A little bit easy for me (I beat it on the first try) and wish there were some sounds to feel the game better. But it's a fairly nice game, good job!

WOW this is so nice! Such an interesting and lovely idea. I like the minimalistic style (I played in browser and there was just black background and I like it better tbh than the one I saw in the playthrough), music is nice and relaxing. I kinda suck at english so I had to watch at a playthrough sometimes but it's me problem. Excellent game! I felt really good while playing it.

Wow very cool idea and clean execution! The art is great, music is great, really enjoyed the puzzles. Good job! Excellent game

Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate this! The game definitely lacks a tutorial right now, I added a few tips but I it's nearly not enouth as I see by the replies. I will continue development and gonna release it some day. Thanks for the feedback. And of course I'll try your game too ;)

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Thanks for reply, the game really lacks a tutorial right now so it's fair to say that it is very hard for a new player. Glad you liked the art tho!

Thanks for the feedback, I glad you liked the game! There is no much late game content or win conditions tight now but I'll add them later and balance existing buildings and upgrades better.

Thank you, I glad you liked it! There is no win condition yet. To be honest in my playtests I never managed to create stable economy and I thought every your action will throw you out of balance and demand to do something about it but it's fine I guess

Really good puzzle concept. Pretty interesting to play, nice art style, music a bit loud but it's okay. Good game, really liked it, I wish where were more levels but for the jam it's understandable.

Thank you for your feedback. Indeed tutorial would be helpful

Simple idea and fun puzzle experience. Art is nice to look at and music is catchy, very good. Wish there were more levels to play:)

The art is good, the music is good, everything is good about this game. Interesting idea and great realization. Cool puzzle game, although sometimes feels like levels are a little bit too easy but it's great overall experience.

Wow, thank you for your feedback and a kind words! I am fully agree with you on the turn based thing, the game is like this because it was somewhat different idea in the beginning and later it became more strategic game than just fly from point to point kind of concept. And I'll definitely think about connections to already visited places.

I will continue development and take what you said into consideration, thank you again <3

Fun and difficult game, really good concept and realization. Physics looks good and pretty intuitive.

A simple fun game, control is very smooth and feels good. Pixel art is nice to look at. Good job!

I would suggest that maybe it'll be even more interesting with few other poweraps besides the medkit.