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I posted a youtube review lol 

late to the party but i played a dozen or so games in this game jam tonight and this one is my favorite of them all. a religious experience.

late to the party but this gave me big feels haha

I also get the bug too in which the characters from old saves will be transferred over into new games. Empty slots make my game crash. I get the looping sound as well.

It was working fine last night. I ran it multiple times.

Attached an image of the error message.


the linux version won't start, im running the latest version of linux mint

linux version runs an error when trying to install because it's not a .zip file - im on the itch desktop client too

I'm running Linux Mint which is based off of Debian Ubunti and I can't get the linux version OR the web version to work

i got that one too, ozmo

title reminds me of the three eyed crow from the first(?) game of thrones book lol

linux version crashes upon start

the sound effects were mad satisfying, makes it feel a lot more polished than it actually is, excellent music. actually made me emotional and that's saying something.

linux version does not work, downloaded it in linux mint from the itch desktop application if that helps

it's very rewarding to read others' messages but it kind of pisses me off a little bit that there are no messages after like the first four screens. i spent probably an hour waiting for the end assuming that there'd be a higher concentration of messages there and it was just a grave. the messages are the point of the game no?

i cant even read these comments because they're spinning but honestly this is the best page i have ever come avross in my entire godforsaken existence on this overcrowded orb

Errors while downloading.

While I attempt to download this through the desktop client, I recieve the following message:

"While searching for a download: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined"

I've attempted to download this from both Linux and Windows.

I just love a good ol'  story that ends in kissing a spider woman. 10/10. (though I would have liked the option to go back ONE SCREEN and see what the other ending was. Also, perhaps adding in the custom name more than just the one page? Making it more of the story? And perhaps give extra optional dialogue features for a wee bit more lore)