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this is the first horror game I have played in years and it scared me so badly that it will be the last

ughhhh the main story is soooo good and so short!!! it ended and I am so so so so sad because I want... more. more from these characters, ugh. it's so good!!! is there a sequel planned???

I can't get this to run, it gets stuck at the installer.

This was a trip. I liked it.


Sorry for the late reply to your late reply. I never installed Itch on my new PC. Anyway -- that's a fine offer, but I never had anything up for sale on the Itch store; maybe you're thinking of someone else?

Thanks for the offer though, I appreciate that you were willing to do that. At this point I don't really care about getting my money back, it's been a while and it's not that big of a deal.

This is absolutely a beautiful game. A little rough around the edges, but the graphics are very impressive and the gameplay essentials are covered. I'm wondering though -- why did you leave it in an unfinished free state? I reckon you could have developed this into a full-blown game and sold it for a pretty good price.

Reinstalling the game seems to have fixed it -- thank you for the help!

I am using the desktop app to run the Helium Rain launcher exe file. I closed out of my first session from the GUI -- I didn't use alt + f4 or anything -- so it's not like I closed the game while it was still saving.


I just bought the game last night. It worked fine yesterday when I ran it for the first time, but today I cannot seem to get it to work.

I have attached a picture of the error message I get.

Does anyone know a way around this?

Sorry for the late response! I'm playing on Windows :)

When I download this via the itch desktop app, some parts of the game say "Prompt() is not supported" or something along those lines. Might want to check it out.

Seeing as you've made the software free, will I get the money back? I acquired the software back when it was required to pay for the software... and though I felt it was worth the money at the time, it hardly seems fair that I had to pay for something that is now free.

I think this is a glitch but my forward move speed is really really slow... much slower than the merchant guy. I barely crawl forward.

this is really, really good. i enjoyed playing it a lot.

This is absolutely worth the money. The minute I launched the program I was glued to my PC for hours upon hours. This is an experience worth every single penny. I would have paid double if I knew what I would ultimately end up getting out of it.

This is really good. Makes me a tad reminiscent of the days when I would hike and go birdwatching.

This is really, really well done. Explores the potential of bitsy and definitely goes outside the box.

hey - i tried installing this via the itch desktop app and I got an error?

im running windows on an hdd, basic stuff, got the AMD equivalent of the 1060.

here's the error message: rar: an entry cannot be decompressed (ToxicPink_Build/WindowsNoEditor/ToxicPink/Content/Paks/ToxicPink-WindowsNoEditor.pak)

hey what's your licensing on the sound this creates?

A poem about glorious revolution over infidel capitalism
I declined their proposals.
Time is ending for the fisherman.
Tell you what,
I've spent my stint in the city.
Give it back to the miners,
friends of the glorious Russian army.
It's an awful lot.
That's all I can say.

that was mine too!! itch says i have five hours of in-game time, and of all the endings, the best one was the -you survive and have many more days at court, struggles and hardships but good times too- death-dream. and then the second best was -you remember the childhood days before you took the throne. why cant it stay like this forever- death dream.

i can't help but feel like there just has to be some combination of variables, and if i get them just right i'll encounter the happy ending.

i still havent figured out how to get something good out of the mysterious noble in the hallway.

what's the best ending you've gotten so far? i'd be curious to compare

This is a work of art. The writing is amazing. I got chills.

I can't stop playing this. I come back to it every night. Chills rush down my spine every time I reach an ending. This is more than a video game - this is a work of art. The transition animations, artwork, the way the pixels move. The story. The text. The dynamics. Art.

using the controls listed, i can't get the character to jump or climb for the life of me. I have tried on every surface in the environment that looks grapple-able and it only works like a fifteenth of the time. Really klunky.

I posted a youtube review lol 

late to the party but i played a dozen or so games in this game jam tonight and this one is my favorite of them all. a religious experience.

late to the party but this gave me big feels haha

I also get the bug too in which the characters from old saves will be transferred over into new games. Empty slots make my game crash. I get the looping sound as well.

It was working fine last night. I ran it multiple times.

Attached an image of the error message.


the linux version won't start, im running the latest version of linux mint

the linux version won't start, im running the latest version of linux mint

linux version runs an error when trying to install because it's not a .zip file - im on the itch desktop client too

I'm running Linux Mint which is based off of Debian Ubunti and I can't get the linux version OR the web version to work

i got that one too, ozmo

title reminds me of the three eyed crow from the first(?) game of thrones book lol

linux version crashes upon start

the sound effects were mad satisfying, makes it feel a lot more polished than it actually is, excellent music. actually made me emotional and that's saying something.

linux version does not work, downloaded it in linux mint from the itch desktop application if that helps