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that was mine too!! itch says i have five hours of in-game time, and of all the endings, the best one was the -you survive and have many more days at court, struggles and hardships but good times too- death-dream. and then the second best was -you remember the childhood days before you took the throne. why cant it stay like this forever- death dream.

i can't help but feel like there just has to be some combination of variables, and if i get them just right i'll encounter the happy ending.

i still havent figured out how to get something good out of the mysterious noble in the hallway.


same!  i'm pretty sure there's no way to get a real conversation of of the random guy... i'm pretty sure i've tried all the options.  i think i got the dream about continuing on as queen also, but i am not even sure how i did it anymore.  it almost seems random because i tried to redo the same options and could not get it again!  i'm convinced there's no way to survive.

I'm pretty damn late, but I get the feeling as if the endings depend on how many resources you have, and which is in the most surplus. Salt will give you the "fighting" ending, I imagine that wine will give you a partying/greed ending, and I'm not sure what bread will give you (something justice-related likely).

I'm curious what would happen if you had the same number of resources for all.