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Yes, I hand-made the physics with childish math, that's why it's so clumsy and really weird, but it does the job :D

"You're alone" - damn, no need to remind me that I'm lonely...

Anyways, good game! I enjoyed it!

  You have made a nice game. I want you to know my first impressions, so here they are:

-- PROS --

  • The idea was somewhat creative, to be honest;
  • The art was great for everything!
  • The sound effect for jumping was very satisfying!

-- CONS --

  • There was no menu, no pause screen, no GUI;
  • There was no indicator to show where the sword would fall from, so it would hit me middle-jump;
  • There were no sound effects for swords falling, nor for the death;


  • I suggest keeping score, or adding some achievements so the player can have goals;
  • I also suggest adding some music in the background;
  • I also think there should be a difficulty curve, where the game is easy in the beginning and gets harder over time;

Other than these, I liked the Ukraine flag! Respect to you for that!

I was unable to open and play it

Great game! But, as everything in this world, this game has it's ups and downs (pun intended).

--  PROS  --

  • The music is very satisfying, it lightens the mood and goes along with the theme / art;
  • The art is very delicious looking , it's bright and cheerful, which I personally like;
  • I liked the option to change the volume and having a menu is also a great plus.

--  CONS  --

  • The game couldn't have been restarted, not could I go back to the menu without dying;
  • The pacing was too slow and the difficulty didn't have any curve, meaning I was stuck flying slowly. This made the game somewhat boring;
  • Not really that bad, but I think animations should be added;
  • Adding some kind of achievement system, or getting points or sth like that could really spice up the gameplay.

I can see through the art and the mechanics, that you're a beginner at making games. I liked the idea, but you have a lot to learn. Like, for starters:

  • The game didn't have a restart option, if your square disappeared (which, I guess, is losing), then you were just stuck in a room;
  • The gun's are too slow, which makes the game very unbalanced;

In order to grow your programming and game design skills, you must also think like the player. Playtest your games as someone playing it for the first time. Other than this, the most obvious tip would be - watch a LOT of game development videos, like TONS OF THEM. I'm pretty sure, I'll be watching them even after 10 years.

I enjoyed the game, however, there are some major minuses:

--  CONS  --

  • The restart button doesn't work + there is no way to restart, I was forced to close the game and relaunch it every time I died;
  • The game didn't automatically reset after the player's death;
  • There is no indicator showing that the enemies got hurt, nor the player getting hurt.
  • Didn't know that you had to press ON the piranhas to kill them.

Other than these, the game was good:

--  PROS  --

  • The music was so epic, it got me all hyped up;
  • The art was satisfying, could see a lot of things you can make cool using your painting skills;
  • I liked the idea too, it showed creativity.
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  A GREAT game with a COOL mechanic. I loved it, finished it in 40 minutes.

  The only thing annoying (other than not being good enough to finish everything in one try), was that sometimes the flowers would respawn and when I picked them up, it only counted after I finished the level.

Very simple, yet very interesting gameplay. I loved it <3

Amazing art and sounds, even the voiceover gives me chills. I liked the gameplay and the idea, like hwo you interpreted the limitation.

I would like the dialogue to be skippable and I think when the art style changes between cuts (when you enter the fighting stage) is a bit odd, too different.

In conclusion - amazing game, would play again.

Thanks for leaving a comment!  I'm trying to fix the problem with the web version, but nothing seems to be working. I believe it's the game engine's problem (with exporting the game's files).

Oh wow, I have never heard of LSDJ, I just use BFXR and BOSCA CEOIL. I'll make sure to check that out.

I liked it! The music is great! I love the simple colors and art style.

I love it! The art style is astonishing, the music is great and I kind of resembled it to another music I liked to listen when I was a kid. I liked the idea that your healthbar is your actual weapon! In conclusion - would play again!

I like the music, the font and the art style. The keys for attacking/moving/jumping is a bit weird and I hardly grasped it, but in conclusion - great game!

Thanks. The thing is, I accidentally came across of this kind of art and was amazed, so I just went for it.

Thank you very much. I know about the web game problem and I'm trying to fix it, but nothing seems to work. I believe it might be the game engine's bug.

The secret is the edge detect feature. The reason is - I'm not good with colors :D

Thank you. Yes, I wish that too, but I just forgot to implement that. It's fairly easy to add that feature and I will definitely remember this for my next game jams. <3

The concept of the game is very great, I like the idea, however the movement needs reworking and adding sounds would be an amazing addition.

The attacking needs some polishing. I like the movement tho.

Good game, I like the music especially. The walking animation is too slow though :D

I just found the notebook and couldn't get far from there, I think I might have missed something.

Great job my man! Great art and great music! Although, I would like different difficulties, as I am TOO GOOD at typing.

Amazing Game! I was excited when I defeated the boss! Would be better if there were sounds + soundtrack and the shot bones need some polishing, however the gameplay and the mechanics were smooth. 

I LOVED IT! But I thought it was kinda long...

Very great idea! However, I think the start level is very hard for a new player. I also think that jumping in the void shouldn't restart the game and disable all the worlds, maybe just jump to the start position.