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My poor mouse! Fun little concept, albeit it simple.

Know the feeling - by the end of day 1, I had a buggy mess with unsatisfying game physics. Almost gave up! Glad I rushed to finish it in the end, but it's hard to get things right in such a short time.

Good to hear, thanks! Hopefully it will become more fun with some more polish and game modes.

Thanks - it was a very rushed implementation for sure though! The code is very inefficient and a bit messy - but it is a game jam after all. Perhaps I shall polish it and release a more complete version some day.

Thanks! In most situations you can get out of avoidable deaths by jumping and reaching higher levels. This gives the player more time to react to changes. While it's possible to get quite far by staying on the base level, it's really easy to get into unavoidable death situations.

You're right though - it's too easy to get caught out right now and I hope to address this. Thanks for the feedback.

Very much inspired by Super Hexagon! You're right about jumping - this was a concern from the start. I plan to expand this to add additional "modifiers" that can occur, such as reversed gravity. Right now, it feels more rewarding/fun to jump, but most the time there's no reason to.

Interesting take on pong. Plays well and would be great fun with multiplayer.


  • Lots of extra mechanics bring an old, simple classic to life!
  • Graphics are simple but true. Keeps to the style well.
  • Quick to grasp the concepts of the game


  • Not so much tactics, felt a bit chaotic. You just buy stuff and they seem to appear at a random spot.
  • Not sure if there's an end goal?

Keyboard only controls would be great! Especially as then can have multiple players on the same keyboard.

Huge fan of simcity! This has a lot of potential if more work were put in.


  • Graphics are great. Would love to see more content in this style
  • Huge map with good performance (although struggles when fully zoomed out)
  • Very simple, but good proof of concept.


  • Can't see roads behind power plant, so can't tell if connected or not
  • Placing one road per click is tedious
  • Not much to criticise yet, but great foundation

Scroll wheel is VERY awkward with Apple Magic Mouse 2. I won't hold that against you though. A keyboard zoom or scroll sensitivity would help.

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Love it - the intro was fantastic! A great twist on classic pacman.


  • Intro graphics, dialog, zone, everything, fantastic.
  • Actual game is good take on Pacman with power ups. Big thumbs up for power-ups.
  • Graphics, sound, music all work really well
  • Controls are good


  • Camera makes it difficult to see enemies until they're upon you - and they're fast!
  • Intro sequence is buggy. I went back through a door and wandered off the map. After using a sign, my movement would continue without pressing a key
  • Powerups interface is lackluster - difficult to remember what each one did

I'd wonder if grid movement would suit pacman better - but it didn't stop me in this game.

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I played an earlier submission of this - have now replayed with the latest. Nice few extra features. This was one of my favourite retro games.


  • Great game to base off of - nice 3D take on it
  • 3D graphics and perspective work well
  • Challenging, leading to replayability. However base dies VERY quickly if one sneaks by
  • AI is better than it was previously
  • Highscores!


  • Limited colour and scenery graphics. Looks very drab unfortunately.
  • Clunky tank controls - something just didn't feel right
  • No sound

Looking forward to more content - good fondation!

Also forgot to mention: The footstep sounds are so loud!!

Summed up: A 3D first-person pacman. Looks great so far! In particular the FPS aspect is interesting, especially as the walls make it so easy to look around.


  • 3D graphics look good and still leave the world easy to navigate.
  • Cool ghost models!


  • Pacman has foot step sounds...
  • Buggy - sometimes ghosts would just push me around, rather than losing
  • Unfinished - missing pacman mechanics like power ups and bonus points

I wonder how well this would work with grid movement? Maybe not so well.

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Great little 3D game, fits theme really well. Good to see something in Godot!


  • Runs great, 3D looks good (suits the retro style).
  • Controls very well, mechanics work exactly as you expect.
  • Music suits well. Sound is good.


  • The pickups were REALLY tiny and hard to pick up. Sometimes I went too fast and flew over them.
  • A bit tedious (mostly just back and forth)

Kind of wanted to move on the Z axis at some point, but I don't think this is necessary

Despite never playing "Mother", I find this to be a nice little game. Calm and charming.


  • Nice, consistent art style. Given more time, I can see this turning into a real charming title
  • Music fits well. Calm and smooth.
  • Exploring the open world


  • Controls feel... strange. Unresponsive maybe. I wasn't sure, but it just wasn't smooth.
  • Attacks would sometimes disappear in front of me.
  • Agree that hitboxes seem wrong on world objects. I would often get stuck, or want to go behind trees.
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Really nice Castlevania game. I played an early submission of this and found it VERY difficult, but this final version plays really well and feels challenging but fun.


  • Challenging, but fun. Varied enemies.
  • Stays fairly true to castlevania
  • Music and sound are fantastic!
  • Game mechanics with health are good


  • Only one level :(
  • World graphics are very limited - a little variation in the terrain would go a long way
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About as good at this as I am at QWOP. I ended up ignoring the front limbs and using only the thighs. 50 metres before I fell over.


  • Funny music and sound choice
  • Lizard and environment looks good


  • It's a simple game, can't really criticise much. Consider extra mechanics to keep the user interested in getting further.
  • File size seems a bit large?

Pretty true to the original game - an arcadey classic. I could definitely see myself playing this a lot! I couldn't figure out what the white boxes do - I was hoping they'd unlock bigger weapons.


  • Great graphics for the planes! Big fan of the blocky-3D.
  • Difficult! Makes it a challenge and rewarding to replay
  • Controls well, and throws you right back into the action with no down time.
  • Music fits really well


  • Maybe some minor performance issues? Especially when enemies spawn (OSX Chrome)
  • Hit boxes don't seem so precise. I feel like I died a lot to stuff that didn't actually hit me.
  • Needs a lives system - it's quite punishing currently
  • The backgrounds could be more lively/interesting.

I quite enjoy this! I particularly like the style.


  • The visual and audio design support one another to create a great experience. 
  • Simple story drives the progress really well.
  • Love the main stage - the zoom out was a nice transition


  •  I do agree that not using grid movement is a bit weird.
  • Fairly simple mechanics overall, not so much replayability.


  • Nerfed final wave: enemies shouldn't spawn so frequently.
  • Fixed: Crash caused by null object.

Appreciate the feedback!

One of the biggest barriers I've found is that some mechanics are not clear. In this particular case: you can only build on tiles connected to your base. A tile is connected when a roomba has built a floor on the tile.

I've updated the game page with more useful hints - some day I may introduce a tutorial.