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Yes it is quite hard to finish level 2

Thank you for playing our game.I agree that the teleportation does not have guide lines on where is it going to shoot,we should fix that. 

The game is idea is quite fun and unexpected. I believe you can lower the click rate for the hand to grab the knife easier, it is a bit frustrating at first. The mechanics play nice, I like the head of the players rotating when you point the mouse to a different direction. 

 I am also working in unity and I am curious how did you make the knife paint the table in this way?

Anyway I think it is a solid game given the fact that it was created in 72 hours and it is actually fun.

Hi, I just updated the game and posted a new build of the game(Harder version) that makes sure that the boxes pile up in a way that blocks the player to throw the boxes from the right/left sides of the room.

I Updated the game jam submission(Hard Version) and Included a more "rushed" version of the game by decreasing the time limit for each level and making more boxes spawn :). I hope you will enjoy the new improvements. Let me know what you think.

The music has also changed to match the new game submission using a nice rock song.

Thank you for your feedback! The voice over is credited to Andrew, and it's quite funny to listen to. 

You are right, you can avoid the box barrier if you go very far left/right. We should make the boxes cover the entire area

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OMG I am litterly impressed. My jaw dropped when you transitioned between the planet game to game with the heart and to the dungeon. It was really unexpected!! Great job! Also You have a web build, a windows build mac and linux build which takes quite a lot of time to do. 

I tried to create w web build for my unity game but I kept experiencing errors, unfortunately. 

Do you guys have a github repo to check the code out? Anyway this game left me with a big smile on the face. Especially the music was nice.

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Hi thank you for your comment. The 3D artisits really did a good work :). As a game improvement I will try to decrease the time limit by15 seconds for each level.

 Also the timer should be on the ui all the time because the boxes sometimes restricted the timer view. 

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HeroRobb Thank you for you kind words. I agree that the boxes spawned a little too fast would it be better if we lowered the spawn interval?