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Glad I read the community comments here. There's no way I am paying this much for something I can do on my own for free online when I have to pay a separate API use fee.

Why don't all of they have animations and directions?

Personally it was mostly due to the community driven approach. I really do like the resources you have and the the art style, but when trying to cobble something together, when you have ranged and varied themes it makes it hard. I really wish there was a focus on one specific theme and making sure they work well together instead of whatever the community decides. 

I am currently working on a ORPG for BYOND using the stuff I have already purchased, but there's gaps and inconsistencies that often make it difficult. Like the NPC Pack, I was really looking forward to having more choices for clothing and stuff, but it's all goofy stuff. I was hoping for more fantasy type things, like armor, helmets, stuff like that. The NPC pack ended up being utterly useless to me besides using a reference for attempting to design my own gear. Considering the overall theme of most of the packs I was surprised when we were given stuff like cowboy hats, but there wasn't actually many fantasy options considering a large majority of the packs are fantasy.

I really enjoyed the Sci-Fi pack, I thought it was well done, I even thought it could be a good resource to try to use for something like a Space Station 13 server, but there just isn't enough there. I need more space stuff to justify even attempting such a huge task. 

I am currently working on a lot of crafting aspects and decided it'd be good to also try and incorporate farming and stuff for side gigs for the players, only to discover there wasn't any animations for the actions, when compared to the crafting stuff it just doesn't work well. Like there's animations for all sorts of stuff and then then the farming is just balloons. It left me trying to decide how I wanted to go about implementing the whole thing and I decided to just cut the entire farming aspect from the game, which is disappointing because I very much have a soft spot for farming sims.

There's inconsistencies between packs that also create issues. I really enjoy your mount pack, but it isn't compatible with the NPC pack. While all the clothing options are nice, those options don't really carry over to any of the other packs. Like, why would NPCs be clothed and yet all the players are walking around naked?  The clothing options don't cover mount driven characters or even the weapon packs. So now I have to decide on if I am going to just leave players naked or make my own animations for the clothing options. Even the true heroes packs are missing most of the animations created in individual packs. It's like content is being created without any consideration to what was already created. 

I am just a hobbyist developer, I have to accept the fact that I am limited to what I can either create on my own or pay for, but there's a lot of missing spaces in between the current resources you're offering. I apologize if this comes off as overly critical, but there's just a lot of empty spaces not being filled in between packs which ultimately ends up changing how I want to do things. At the end of the day I hope you just consider what I am saying for future projects.  

It absolutely is. That's why I stopped paying for the Patreon access. 

It'd be nice if there was actual animations for them doing stuff like watering and tilling the soil instead of just a little balloon indicating, especially considering the building and crafting professions 1 & 2 all have animations for them. 

Agreed, nice art, but I'd never pay what they are asking. You can get more for less on

Enjoyed the demo, looking forward to the full game. 

I have a question on this, I'd be interested in this for overlaying purposes, does this allow people access to the direct image files?

Okay, so this is pretty embarrassing..

I cannot remember what I did. Ironically enough, I actually did a playthrough of the game for YouTube. So I decided to just re-watch that and.. I cannot believe I am saying this, I told myself in the video, "I am just doing a general play through of the game, if you want to know the actual details, go find a walkthrough."

Jesus Christ I think I just trolled myself. I need to re-play the game and do a better job. I don't know what I was thinking!

I like this game because the main character talks how I do, which makes this whole thing super relatable.

I've encountered weird shit in the past and my first response is always something like, "God dammit.."

This game has done something else for me though, it made me aware of the super cool mini series on YouTube, which I am very thankful for. 

The animals are cool, but kinda wished you did more with NPCs. Would like to see like more rpg style apparel and weapons and stuff.

That's been there since no delivery.

Woo first.

I don't normally do that, but it never happens for me. 

This is really fucking good, with enough spit and polish I think this would sell really well as a more indepth and complete game. 

Took me awhile to figure it out. You hold space and pres "o" or "p" to look at the two maps behind and head. It will show the monsters and locations of items and trap doors. 

You need to lure the monsters in to open trap doors, either by getting them to chase you, or by positioning yourself on the current map, so when you warp to the previous or the next, the change in map causes a trap door to open up under the monster. 

Glad to hear it. 

Oates hasn't updated any of his social media in months, any one know what happened to them?

yeah, it's fine. To be honest I was really asking you to make my own life easier. 

I've been working on a BYOND project using your tile sets and part of the thing I was doing was trying to design procedurally generated clutter and terrain. 

The trees were giving me a hard time for awhile because of their size and shape, but I've actually managed to get them to work.


Thanks a lot!

Hey, fan of your sets, got them in the bundle and am planning on using them for a ORPG project I am working on. I was wondering if it would be too much to request a 8X16 sized tree besides the one you designed for this specific package? I am not a fan of the tree that came with it. 

Not fun, not entertaining, not scary.

I just use alt+enter but since it's a rpg maker game F11 might work as well.

I was really bored playing through this game, it feels like it's mostly empty hallways. Being able to solve puzzles in different ways is fine, but none of the results seemed to deviate much at all. 

I really didn't enjoy the game, all I did was get really frustrated and rage quit.

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The games map makes it look like there should be a wrong turn in the security office, all I get is shot.

I figured out the animatronic in the hall on my own, I was missing a piece and didn't even realize it. 

I got 100%, but the game's "Wrong Turns" maps implies there's another wrong turn I haven't discovered yet, even after 100%ing it and I have no idea how to access it. The game is so new there's almost no information about this. 

Ah man! I know what I'm doing tonight after work!

I have a question, I got the early access build from your patreon and I wanted to know, is this still just another demo or is it supposed to be what you consider a finished project at this point? Because I've done everthing I can and there's still like two wrong turns I haven't unlocked. 

Great to hear, I've been checking every day, several times a day since buying the demo to check for any updates on the release. I am starting to get really excited. 

A little annoyed that the game forces you to face the boss, even if you don't sleep. Considering how little time the game takes to play, you really ought to allow the players more time. Some sort of way to know what you are getting and what it is doing would be really nice too.

Anyways, near the end of the game it was lagging so bad I could barely play it. 

The ductway perspective looks really bad. Like really bad. I hope it's a place holder.

There's several in the arcade. 

Just wanted to say I discovered this game thanks to Neco on YouTube, over all it's a pretty awesome game and my biggest complaint right now is waiting for another update because I want to see more so badly. Don't take that as me pressuring you to hurry up, I just wanted you to know how much I actually enjoyed the demo.

The only other minor complaint I have so far is the enemy variation. I understand that a horror game doesn't need to have blood and guts to be scary, but if I am being honest, I was tired of seeing garbage bags and arcade cabinets by the time I got done with the demo. And honestly, I grew up in the late 80s and am a splatter/exploitation film fan, so I do hope to see some more gruesome stuff later.

I hope you do end up incorporating some simulation aspects to the game. I think it'd be pretty intresting trying to balance a roguelike while also trying to keep the store clean and keeping regular business coming in.

I hope you continue with these neat little stories as you get lost in the resturant. I had no idea completing harder versions of "dungeons" actually tied in with the story of the game until I did it myself and it was a nice surprise. I think it'd be neat if each one had more than one story, even if they are random events.

Further, it'd be cool to see some other character classes in th game, so I hope that's something you considered, like a shift manager (which is differant than a store manager) or even a porter. I worked as one for two years and it involved coming in early to clean up the store, change around signs and manage inventory for the store doing rotations of products.

Other than that, I've seen a few people complain about the difficulty of the game, but once you manage to establish a base character at the resturant, I don't feel like it's too overly difficult, I think it's just the right level of difficulty. You are doing a great job designing a roguelike while not being too unforgiving, too many developers think making a roguelike means being hard as balls and I've never found that fun.

Keep up the good work dude!

Well, you lost me, so far all I've done is fetch quests and read in game advertisements on how I need to pay a monthly paetron donation to get the rest of the content. Hard pass.