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It's not possible , you can see how the cup is filled and there's steam coming from it, that's it .

There´s no real use for it, I thought it could be cool to make it :)

The controls are displayed below the game description on this page. In the next update I´ll display them in-game to avoid this issue. 

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I like the idea of the game. At the beginning I couldn't see the caracter so I thought the game was in first person and didn't get it, maybe adding a window or starting with the player in the corridor would help.

I lost some time trying to jump to the first ramp and failing (at the left side). I would move it to the left so it is touching the wall and the player cannot get between the ramp and the wall. Took some tries to jump at the right time, but when I finally did it the "movie sequence" was nice.

This last comment is not about the game itself but the "packaging". I understand it´s a gamejam and it takes some time, but at least adding more screenshots would help the possible players get what the game is about.  If possible, making a nice looking image showing a clapperboard/camera would probably help in that aspect.

Overall a pretty good game. I played the v1.1 and now tried the v1.2.

The door opening puzzles are simple and can be done fast after getting the first one right. As I understand they're a secondary mechanic so it's fine. Maybe they could be more complicated in further levels. Take this with a pinch of salt as I don't usually play puzzle games.

The main mechanic of freezing enemies is interesting and can produce interesting levels. I like the introduction of the "freezing alien" in the part where there are two pressure pads to open a door. But I haven't been able to complete it since there's only one enemy and can't find any rocks. Perhaps having died one time has something to do with it.

The first time encountering the "freezing alien" I was a bit afraid to get close to it, maybe something can be done to make it more friendly/understand what it does other than the green color on the area. In the same level, when opening the door to acces the second "freezing alien"  I feel some  audio or visual (or both) could be used to make it clear that a door has been opened.

The graphics are clean and the voiceover helps guiding the player. At the first corridor there's some audio overlapping when interacting whith the door, I'm not sure if it happens always or it depends. As a suggestion in case you keep working on it I would advise you to add subtitles to make the game more accessible.

Glad it worked out in the end. After watching the video I've realised I should display the controls somewhere to avoid confusion.

Glad you liked it! Maybe there's updates, but right now I'm focused on making Goya's Inferno (shoot 'em up) and an unnamed turn-based strategy game.

Thanks for your comment. Just watched the video, it's nice watching someone playing a game I've made =). 

Yesterday I updated it, now the cooking time changes depending on the ingredient; also changed the order of the levels so the Purple stuff comes before the Rainbow. 

Thanks for the review, glad you liked the artwork and boombox. When changing level it should remove the current object, but it seems I forgot to do it, I'll add it in an update.  I'll look into the box dropping issue, probably adjusting the colliders solves it.

I've just updated the game, now if you press Escape there is a Cooking guide

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review. 

From the feedback I've received it's sure there's some work to do to introduce the mechanics and rules of the game to the player. I'll have to find the balance between explaining everything and giving some room to experiment; as you mentioned, explaining the rules seems reasonable. 

I've also been told about the long delays at the beginning; changing the time depending on the complexity of the item seems like a possible solution. 

The game is intended to feel like a place where you can't fail and just take your time to figure it out. Perhaps it contradicts the overall feel of the series but it's intentional.

You're right, some hints would help. After placing it on the table you can interact with the bags to fill them with blue stuff,  after that interact with the empty box to pack it. Then you can grab it and release it in the delivery spot. 

Watching the gifs will give you an idea of the flow of the game.

The Windows one

Thank you! Glad you liked it 

I would advise you to add the files directly on the download button so it's faster to play it and not get lost in the process.

About the game itself I found the play button to not be working properly, I don't know if it's loading or just broken. If it's the first one then telling the player would help. I find the attack distance to be too close, extending it a bit would feel better. Then I got hooked and the mouse didn't work so I couldn't restart the game.

Visually it's cohesive and fits the theme well, but I don't enjoy the mechanic of smashing one button repeatedly. Perhaps reducing the presses per second on the most "difficult" part would help; letting the player choose a difficulty level could be another option.

Pretty nice for a 24 hour game! I'm not sure if it isn't finished or I found a bug. After the first combat there's a dialog and then a second combat, when I beat the latter  I could move and shoot but nothing happened.

Fun game, I could see it being played by youtubers/streamers.

I like the idea but I feel it's too random, perhaps giving some info or being able to see a bit of the container would make the decisions more meaningful.  

Played 4 or 5 times, liked it overall as it can be replayed fast.  I haven't been able to finish the volcano level though, the lava balls destroy me every time =).

Thanks! the shader is not mine though, I used an asset called "Pixelation" from the Unity asset store.

I like the map-rotating mechanic. I feel the movement and fall of the player could be faster.