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I played it just now and i really like the idea and the camera setup, but didnt felt so good when the camera doesnt show the bottom area when one falls down.

I think camera setup is of multiple type.
1) Platformer touch based - as soon as it touches the platform the camera pans.
2) Usual Follow camera with softzones.

Would like some pointers on setting up camera!

Nice game, very well executed.

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You can change this in WebGL player settings.
Goto Edit -> Project Settings -> Player
A inspector window for player settings will be shown. In that select WebGL

And then check `Publishing Settings` section and uncheck Data caching.

Also here is forum thread discussing the same issue.

`[UnityCache] indexedDB database could not be opened` in console.
can you please create a new build in Unity and  turn off "data caching" in the publishing settings in WebGL's player settings.

Hi there this looks very good!
Also can you upload one with a transparent background?
Also is it free to use for commercial purpose too. If so just providing credit in readme enough?

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Hey! this looks amazing. But I am not sure which frames are  for jump.