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you can't go on those windows because you aren't allowed to move from dark orange to yellow

cool game, attack range feels too low and the boss doesn't reset when you die but this is pretty fun

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, I set myself a limitation from the start not to include a double jump or dash since those tend to be a bit generic and I wanted to do something a little more creative... granted glides are decently common too, but they're always fun.

Yeah, I'm not sure what I was thinking making the wooden platforms the same color as the background objects... Glad you enjoyed!

Really fun game! This is the sort of thing that makes me wonder how it was made in just a month. I had a lot of fun with it up until the final boss... I just could not figure out how I was meant to approach it.

Aside from that I felt like the player was a bit too fast for the environment... it gave me a bit of a headache at some points in fact with how fast the textures were going by. The head bobbing probably didn't help with this either.

I see some other people here had trouble reading the font, but I could read it just fine and thought it fit the style really well.  Maybe it would be good to have an option to switch it out for a more standard font, make it more accessible without ditching the stylized font altogether. Overall this was an amazing entry, great work!

Pretty fun game! Could be brutal at times but not exceptionally so for a precision platformer. Unfortunately my run ended when I entered a bossfight with no means of attacking and the warp to the previous room inexplicably didn't work.

 Aside from that game breaking issue there were also a lot of minor issues with the camera. Looking up and down tended to behave inconsistently especially if I was currently moving up or down - most notably if I held the down arrow while falling in the low gravity area the camera would usually scroll all the way until the protagonist was at the top of the screen and then jitter as it tried and failed to scroll farther. One time though it stopped scrolling after it scrolled about a third of the screen height which felt much better and I feel like was probably closer to the intended behavior... I also had the camera get stuck once, though it was fixed by simply leaving and reentering the room. The camera would also sometimes lag behind the player, especially while moving upwards in the aforementioned antigrav area. And, when I tried to correct for that by manually looking up, I found that I wasn't able to move left or right while doing so, despite those inputs working just fine while looking down.

Overall I didn't get to see much of the game... What I did see was promising, especially the basic platformer mechanics, but everything surrounding those mechanics is definitely a bit rough around the edges.

That bug with the inputs not transferring bothered me so much while testing! I have no idea what causes it, based on my testing I think it's a Unity bug but I didn't have time to look into it deeper. It doesn't seem to occur in the web version which is probably why you're the first one to report it.

Enemy balance definitely needed a bit more work, lots of people have complained about that. I was going to reduce the health of those red crows but it slipped my mind before submitting... Knockback is based on the enemy's relative position to the player which is definitely not the most intuitive way of implementing it. I'll probably try to base it off the actual attack direction in the future.

I don't have any active plans for SMVM unfortunately, but I'm glad you liked whats here!

Well, it took me about thirty seconds to end up floating through space forever... not a great first impression. And when I managed to properly die after restarting the game just crashed...

As others have said the movement system is interesting but really really clunky and unfun in its current state. Both the mechanic itself and the level design need a lot of work to make the unorthodox movement feasible. The spacesuit also felt really inconsistent as to whether you would stick to walls or end up launching yourself the same way as if you weren't wearing it at all - it'd be a lot nicer to use if it consistently stuck you to walls and switching out of the spacesuit was required to launch yourself.

Ah, I see what you mean now... Yeah, the attack animation could've stood to be a bit taller.

Thank you! Yeah I'm really happy with that kick animation. The hitbox for it is indeed larger than the animation, I had hoped that would make it more forgiving so I'm surprised to hear it had a bit of the opposite effect, I'll try to tone that down a bit next time. Agreed on the knockback and health issues on the late game enemies, as everyone's been pointing out those crows could've used a lot more balancing work. There are indeed two paths to the ending area, a map screen is always good but I just didn't have time to implement one. Thanks for all the feedback!

Thanks! Yeah, a lot of people have complained about those crows, they definitely needed to be better balanced... I do like keeping it so you can avoid most enemies but the game definitely could have used some health drops and enemy gauntlets to push people to engage with the combat, I just didn't have the time to implement them... Glad you enjoyed the game overall, though!

Thank you!

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Why are there no images on the page? A simple screenshot would be better than nothing, no?

Thats about all I can say since there isn't really enough game here to critique... hope you can get something done for SMVM, if you're submitting to that.

Oh, actually, the file size was concerningly large... are there a bunch of assets you're not using yet in the files? I'd really consider putting some time into optimizing the file size more, right now its downright suspicious how large it is for such a tiny prototype

Abusing death warps is always fair play in my book! There's a couple places where I tried to encourage players to properly backtrack instead but yeah death warps are definitely intended to be possible. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Yeah I was trying to keep the color scheme limited but I should have made the wooden platforms a bit more distinct, sorry about that.

One little nitpick that has nothing to do with the game itself... what's up with that cover art? You have some really good pixel art in the game itself, feels like you'd probably get a lot more eyes on your game if you used that to represent the game instead of some what looks like a random stock photo...

As for the actual game... its an ok start but it needs some work. The dodge move feels really awkward and with it halting your movement at the end it often feels like it gets you into more danger than it gets you out of. The lack of significant i frames when hit makes fighting multiple enemies at once painful, and enemy gauntlets feel really spammy even aside from this. It doesn't help that it's hard to tell when I'm even taking damage as the knockback and hurt animation only seem to occur during certain select animations - they never seem to interrupt the attack animation, most significantly.

The game also felt a little aimless, where I wasn't really sure where I should go or what sort of things I should be looking for. Admittedly I didn't play for very long so maybe this problem solves itself with time but I feel like the combination of a very open map and procgen is probably contributing to this as well - while a carefully crafted or largely linear map can very easily guide the player to interesting areas, something like this is probably going to struggle a little more. I'd suggest maybe making rooms a little smaller and making points of interest a bit more frequent, as well as including some in the tutorial so I have some idea of what to look forward to.

Ah... well that's good to hear, I'm glad I designed him the way I did then

Like others have said the controls were very slippery and the melee attack had too little range to be useful. Parrying also really needs an animation. What animations were there were amazing, as was the music, though the sound effects on the player were maybe a bit... much.

Enemies had hitboxes that didn't seem to line up with their sprites at all, which might've contributed to the melee attack feeling useless since getting in range to use it was a complete gamble. Aside from that the only issue I had that others haven't mentioned is that the load times were a bit long for how short the rooms are and the lack of any visuals for the room transition made it so the game just froze during these loads.

This could be fun with some polish but it just wasn't much fun for me in its current state.

Yeah, the fullscreen wasn't working on the web version so I ended up just disabling it... the downloadable one does have fullscreen, though. I see what you mean about the knights now, I think the bigger issue was that I didn't really make it clear that the rusty knights weren't designed to be faced head on and were meant to be snuck around... it looks like you figured that out for the tower area at least but that first fight with one was definitely rough. Maybe I should have made them immune to damage entirely?

 That one collision bug ~15 minutes in is pretty odd,  I had something like that happen once but I thought I'd fixed it. It seemed like it happened because of how fast you were falling so maybe adding a terminal velocity would help.

Pretty cool game. Perspective is neat but made it hard to tell where I was at times. The wall jump was really inconsistent (the game would usually prefer using my double jump instead) and because of this I wasn't able to finish the game since I got stuck at one of the wall jumping sections. Some platforms had hitboxes bigger than their models which also contributed to a lot of platforming jank. Aside from that my only issue is with the vulture enemy, which felt impossible to defeat due to the inability to shoot upwards or in the air and its swoop being too fast to react to.

Yeah, I kept things very short and simple since I'm still a beginner and I wanted to make sure I didn't overscope. A telegraph for the knight stopping their charge wouldve been good and I feel a little dumb now for not thinking of it... oh well. I would actually like to see your playthrough, I haven't gotten to see any playthroughs of the game yet so I think it'd be very helpful even if nothing seemed to stand out in it.

Thank you! Yeah it seems like everyone had trouble with those crows... I considered nerfing their health a bit at one point but it slipped my mind before submitting. They probably need a few more changes than just that anyway...

Sound feedback is interesting, I do like the current sound but it could probably be better... honestly I didn't do much for that particular sound it's just a muddy footstep sound that I found and thought worked well enough.

I love the concept but theres just a couple things that just made the experience a little rough. First is the menu on death - its something I'm never a fan of and especially not in a game where you die in one hit like here, as it just makes deaths slow and annoying. The other is the abundance of dead ends, which are never obvious due to the darkness effect. It lead to a lot of unfair feeling deaths where the ghosts cornered me in an area I had no way of knowing was unsafe. Atmosphere is generally great though the music feels strangely upbeat at times.

The aesthetic of this is incredible, I love the idea of a more organic interpretation of the inside of a computer instead of the usual neon sort of aesthetic that gets used. Unfortunately the game is so utterly bug ridden and nonfunctional that I just wasn't able to see much of this world. Just a few of the bugs I encountered were:

- The first time I opened the map screen the game froze there and wouldnt close the screen
- After reloading the map closed properly but I then inexplicably gained all upgrades immediately
- The first time I used the shrink ability I clipped through the ground, and was able to clip again after just a few tries
- The first time I died I respawned at a random teleporter that I hadn't been to yet
- One time I entered a teleporter and my character was invisible in the room after, forcing me to navigate by using the attack particles to see where I was

All these gamebreaking bugs make it really difficult to leave any feedback on the actual intended mechanics since I just wasn't able to actually enjoy those for any extended amount of time. However I will say that the controls need to be explicitly stated either in the description or in the game itself - saying the "interact button" or "freeze button" is meaningless and I had to figure out the controls by testing every key on my keyboard instead of actually following the tutorials.

For your next project I would really suggest leaving much more time for testing, and making sure to test the fully built version and not just in the editor. Web versions in particular tend to be extra buggy and it's important to make extra sure they function properly.

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Decent base but there's a lot of jank here. For one thing, jumps dont reset when leaving a platform, so you can jump in midair without double jump as long as you didnt jump when you were still on the ground.  The controls are also really weird and don't feel like they were designed with a 2d game in mind - mouse to attack in a game with no aiming is particularly strange. Dodging felt pretty inconsistent which might also have to do with the controls - shift is always a bit of an awkward key to reach and press quickly.

The enemies also feel way too responsive and agile compared to the player and often felt more difficult than the bosses who had relatively more thought out attack patterns and longer telegraphs.  The shielded enemy in particular was impossible to defeat because it would turn around immediately if you ever got behind it.

The lack of a typical pause menu in a game that's fullscreen by default is also a bit of a problem, I had to use alt+f4 to quit. Aside from that, after beating the demon general the next room warp just didn't lead anywhere. It's understandable if the rest of the game is incomplete but it would be nice to have some indication of that instead of just a broken warp.

All that said I did have fun with this, and it's definitely really appealing visually. Soundtrack was good too, nice work on that.

Really fun, though I'm not really getting metroidvania vibes with only one upgrade and not much in the way of exploration.

Pretty fun little game! I liked the artstyle, I haven't seen a lot of 2.5d in this jam so that was cool to see. Platforming felt pretty nice, but the melee attack has pathetic range and felt like I would always get hit if I tried to use it. There also doesn't seem to be any upgrades? The description says the ranged attack needs to be unlocked but I had it from the start. Also, the game really needs some UI, right now there is no way to see how much health you have. I did also take a point off sensory since the art, while very cute, seems to largely be from asset packs and not made during the jam... regardless, this was fun and a pretty decent entry!

Procgen metroidvania is always a weird concept and this is no exception, though its a fairly decent execution of the idea especially for a jam game. That said there's a lot of times where I encountered unavoidable damage and the generation of the blue boost thingies felt pretty wonky. I would've liked to see some actual movement upgrades as well rather than just "you can now break a new block type", right now it doesn't actually feel all that metroidvania-y because of this. The dialogue also mentions a map at the start but as far as I can tell there's no map screen... I'd also suggest adding a dedicated room for the totem as it was really anticlimactic to find it sitting in a random hallway. Still, I had fun with this, though I only did a couple runs as there's not much incentive to do any more.

Pretty fun game, felt awfully linear for a metroidvania though - I felt less like I was exploring and more like I was following a linear path that happened to have a few upgrades along the way.

Yeah I'm not the greatest with decoration and the time limit didn't help. Color wise I'm always more of a fan of muted colors so I feel like that's more just a matter of taste... Glad you liked it though, thanks for playing!

Thank you!

That's all of them! And yeah they were supposed to look like moons. Glad you enjoyed.

Absolutely incredible game! The slow movement could be annoying at at times but it does wonders for the atmosphere and I honestly wouldn't change it by too much. What I would add is checkpoints - I quit after my first death because I was very far along the path to the final upgrade and being sent all the way back to the start was extremely demotivating. Atmosphere is definitely the game's strong suit, everything feels nice and creepy and even though the game wasn't all that difficult I still felt constantly vulnerable thanks to the slow movement. Overall, good job!

Thanks for playing! Environment probably couldve used more varied/frequent decoration but I did what I could with the time I had.  Which platforms were giving you issues? I'm guessing the one right at the start with the health upgrade on it was one because that one's very close to being reachable with no upgrades, but were there any others?

The grapple would feel a lot nicer if it only disconnected when you jumped or released the button. Having it disconnect when you reeled it in all the way in particular was annoying and meant I rarely intentionally used that mechanic, so the grapple mostly ended up feeling like a janky wall jump instead of an actual grapple.

Save points not restoring your health is weird and the one in the red pagoda is really poorly placed, having an enemy right next to it. The pits in the underground area are obnoxiously hard to get out if you fall in too early, and since the one on the right has no way to take damage I thought I was softlocked the first time I fell in it.

Still a decent game all around. The hat upgrade was really clever.

Really cool game. Agree with everyone else here that difficulty needs tweaking. I also didn't like how every enemy could shoot through walls, it meant there were a couple times where I got sniped by an enemy that was barely on screen. I really liked the artstyle though, the simplicity makes it really clean and charming.

Thank you!

Cool game but not really sure how this is meant to be a metroidvania. My biggest gripe is with how the enemies were handled as running into one didn't present any kind of meaningful challenge, it just forced me to spawn a slow moving guard and wait for it to walk all the way over to the enemy.