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Thanks for playing, I'm glad you had a good time with the game!!
These two issues are a result of the 2 day limit of the jam I'm afraid. The idea was to follow the water flow in the sewers, but I can see how even that can get confusing. Same goes for the boxes, didn't have enough time to polish the mechanic.

You should be able to see the credits screen and then return to the game. This is a proof of concept version of the game, so limited functionality/goals are to be expected. There is going to be much more in the final version though!
Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked the story! Thanks for playing!

I'd love to contribute my project to this cause of upmost significance.

Awesome!! Thanks for playing!

Glad you did! Thanks for playing!

Ohh thanks for the kind words! It was more of an atmospheric vignette with an unsettling turn, so that's why there weren't any jumpscares.
Thanks for playing!

Glad you had fun! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game!

As for the lag spikes, I haven't had someone else mention that issue and didn't encounter it when testing myself. Could be that it happens with certain hardware configs. The game itself can run on anything moderately modern though. I guess it just happens sometimes, who knows. :P

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Hey! Yeah I don't do YT that much, if at all, now. I guess you folks can play the games I make instead of watching me playing other people's games haha.

Wow thanks for the kind words!!
Yeah Jon and Toni are really talented folks, that's why the soundtrack is so awesome! It's short but with only 2 days to make something I'm pretty satisfied with the length. It doesn't outstay it's welcome as well that way.
The door trigger is a known issue for some people, Sometimes it doesn't trigger when being super close to the door.
Thanks for playing!!

They lie within the game itself I'm afraid haha!
Thanks for playing!!

Sweet! Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing Iwan!!

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that a mac port won't happen.

It's a known scaling issue with Unity and some display drivers unfortunately! Glad you got it working though!

Thank you for the kind words!!
I tried to make it kinda unpredictable in a way. The nature of the story was such so it wouldn't be something expected. So I'm glad it did come across like that!
Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!
Yeah I know the issue you're talking about. A specific door needs some tweaking, so I'll probably push a fix for that!
Ohh now I can totally see the tomato convenience store from Shenmue at 3am vibe!

Yes, the demo of Killer Bees is final. The full game will come out in the future.

Glad you enjoyed it! Nope. there is only 1 ending.

Yep the game is finished!

Please note:

-Your submission should be centered around the theme of the hunt. If hunting, or being hunted, is only tangentially related to your project, your project may be removed.
-If you're submitting a project, please make sure at least some of the assets are original.
-Though blood, gore, and adult themes are permitted, please do not submit anything needlessly cruel or overly sexual.
-The Haunted Hunting Jam team reserves the right to remove any projects that do not adhere to these guidelines.

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Feel free to make anything that has the concept of being hunted or being the hunter, while maintaining the spooks. It isn't necessary to use a forest as your setting and/or feature literal hunters. Btw you can always join the jam's discord server for further questions/discussion!
Good luck with your project!

Yep gore is permitted! The length is at your discretion though. Of course, you are free to mix styles withing the horror genre and the concept of the jam.
Good luck!

The door with the door key sign behind mr. Mix doesn't open when using the door keys. Is this supposed to happen?
Also Mr. Cleany starts moving before answering the first notebook. In my case he sweeped Viktor away.
Other than the above I really like the additions in this version!

Yep they are easily understood! The texture's resolution is higher, so you can read them without much effort.

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Can the other modes except math (i.e. grammar, geometry, history, biology) be unlocked, or they are not added yet?
Btw I totally love the new menu and the music you added!

I'm glad most of your project is intact! It would be a shame to lose your source files.
Will the new alpha add content or it is going to be mostly fixes of 0.0.2 alpha?

About the crashed HDD thing, you might be able to get back your engine/content files from the exported game. I know that it is possible to do that with UE4 games, if your game is made on this engine. If i recall correctly you hav e to unpack the .pak files using the unrealpack.exe from the engine folder. It isn't guaranteed to work, but if the game runs on ue4 it is worth a try.
On another note I'm stuck on the 11th notebook. There is an ending right? xD

Oh makes it sense now!!
I totally overlooked that part of the UI, since I was panicking. xD
The Granny sound effect bug isn't something that happens all the time, but it has occured to me 2-3 times so far.
Damn, that sucks... I really hope you will be able to get back your files!!

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Quick question!
The last notebook has division in the calculations. However when I type a decimal result the game considers my answer wrong. Am I supposed to answer these wrong, or is it a bug?
Also I want to mention that it is REALLY kind of you putting my name in the menu. It means a lot, since you made a game that I truly enjoy exploring and playing.
Edit: Also there is a glitch where the loud noises of the woman with the scythe don't fade and get stuck sometimes.

No problem! ;)
As I said the game is pretty good, so keep it up!!
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :D

Your game is really promising!
The whole setting and story is captivating from the first moments. The fact that every time you go through the rooms something would change and more of what is going on is revealed is a great way to tell a story.
Enemies and jumpscares are well put too. Nothing predictable or repetitive, as seen in other games. Just the right amount to set the atmosphere of the game.
Graphics wise the game is looking pretty good, considering it is an indie production running on UE3.
What actually made me get into the game is the sound design. The selection of the music tracks is fitting. In combination with the sound effects the result is splendid. Different music tracks playing each time you go through the rooms is a nice touch too.
Puzzle wise I found the one with the mirror and the floor missing pretty clever. Rarely horror games have that clever puzzles in my opinion.
I didn't get the point of the healing items btw. Maybe I didn't reach to the point of the game where combat is introduced. Same with the usability of pressing V to narrow your fov. But again maybe I didn't understand what it was supposed to be.
Sadly I didn't find all the numbers to call for help, but I got close I think.
Nevertheless the game has a lot of potential and I wish we will see a full fledged version of the game.
Keep up the good work!!