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What an awesome short experience!!
The game certainly felt like it had been worked on for more than 7 days!
The visuals are well polished with really nice looking lighting and shader work. This made the room feel spacious and not constricting.
Audio wise, the mix was great. Nothing too low and/or loud. The voice acting was a pleasant surprise considering the amount of time you had to make the game!
The gameplay style fitted the storytelling pretty well. The recreation of the scene by the player is something we've seen only in 3A titles. The ending was pretty enigmatic too! One can give different interpretation to the events that happened inside the room.
Overall, I totally enjoyed the game!
I wish you the best on your next projects!!

It shows that you put a lot of effort!! Can't wait to play your new project! Sounds like it is going to be really awesome.

I really love seeing the progress you make in each project!
I think this one has to be the most polished project of yours. The models and the textures are consistent throughout the game. The lighting is on point with your distinct art style.
The main menu music is awesome. I stayed to the menu screen for some time, just listening the theme. The sound effects and the voice acting is also neat!!
On top of these you nailed the pace of the gameplay! You start exploring in the beginning, then the game transitions into a sneaky stage where you have to avoid Karen and finally the intense chase in order to escape. Really well done.
I totally enjoyed the whole experience!!
I wish you the best for any future project! Keep it up!

I managed to get to (all ?) the secret areas and complete Albert's body!!
The belt artifact is a life saviour honestly. Also the monster with the mechanical parts is one of the creepiest enemy designs I've ever seen!! Once again Mrdrnose just nailed it!
This game is full of secrets... I won't be surprised if there is more to discover. Definitely looking forward to an update!

I always wondered how a horror themed fps version of tomb raider would be. You got really close to that!
Your game offers a short, extremely atmospheric experience. No constant jumpscares and predictable mechanics to induce fear. Instead what you did is something that makes you feel secluded and alone with the constant fear of a monster being around you.
On top of these you picked the indonesian mythology for the game's story. It's one of the least known mythologies and the Mananangaal is pretty interesting and terrifying.
Visually the game is impressive considering the time limit. Pretty consistent quality overall from the post process effects to the texture and model quality.
Audio wise the mix overall is balanced and the sound effects/music are fitting the environments. Especially the ambient track adds a lot to the dark environment of the mines.
All in all, I totally enjoyed it! It has potential to be a really awesome title, if you keep working on it. It is definitely something unique!
I wish you the best for your next projects!!
P.S I confused the characters' names. I thought I played as Vanessa instead of Lucy. xD

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Oh ok, it makes sense now! He isn't as annoying in this version, but when he sweeps you somewhere before the first notebook he gives you a really generous head start.

The door with the door key sign behind mr. Mix doesn't open when using the door keys. Is this supposed to happen?
Also Mr. Cleany starts moving before answering the first notebook. In my case he sweeped Viktor away.
Other than the above I really like the additions in this version!

Your approach to the horror genre is interesting!
You combine the old school atmosphere with techniques seen in newer games.
The scares are balanced. Some are "in your face" with loud noises and some are subtle. This variety sets a creepy and eerie atmosphere.
Visually the game is mostly ok. Simple models and lighting with adequate detailed textures. It isn't a deal breaker for me, but there is definitely room for improvement.
The music selection is great and the sound effects are well balanced too. Generally the audio part of the game is really good.
Gameplay wise, the game can be confusing at points. You don't know where to go, since the events are not that connected. It isn't anything bad, but I could see why some people would get annoyed. Also the last scene in the basement was pointless. You had to get a spade to reach the crowbar to open the locker to get the hammer to open the door. I get that you wanted to make the players think and interact with the environment, but it actually fell short.
Overall I enjoyed the game a lot! As I said above, your approach is definitely interesting. If you improve a couple of things the game will transform into one of the most unique experiences!
I wish you the best of luck with your project!

Honestly I've been looking around to find a game that is about the folklore of other regions and finally I found one!
The concept of the game is really fascinating to me. Exploring the folklore of other regions is interesting, even more when it is about creepy stuff. You managed to create an atmosphere that is captivating and terrifying without using "in your face" jumpscares. The family's history, the things around white lady just made a setting that pushed you towards exploring the house. Story telling through scripted events is minimal, since the story is being told through the items, notes and the environment itself. I didn't know that each item had specific meaning, so I kinda screwed up, but I learned in the end what was the meaning behind them. This kind of gameplay mechanic is unique and actually helps you learn more about the folklore, which is a pretty nice touch. On top of all these, you added your native language as the language of the characters. This makes the game even more believable!
The environments are well presented with enough polish. The texture work is solid and the models are smooth and well made. The fog particle is well used, adding to the gloomy and dark atmosphere of the game.
Audio wise the effects were on point! From the ambient track to the intense music sequence, the audio work is solid. The mix is balanced too. Nothing is too loud or too low.
Overall it is a pretty enjoyable experience!! I can't wait to see how your project advances.
I wish you the best for your project!!

Your game has a pretty unique concept!!
The fact that you're a scientist that makes coffee using all these compounds and machines is super awesome. :P
Visually I really enjoyed the minimalistic design. Not using textures makes the purpose of the game much more apparent. You're able to spot the beakers and vials easily, without losing them in the environment. Also the lighting and shading of the game is looking pretty. Generally a totally fitting look to the game.
Gameplay wise you made a really enjoyable experience. Only a few games have used a science theme, and even fewer have used that succesfully like you! The whole shrinking concept is fascinating and the game actually makes you feel what happens to the character. Not being able to move heavy objects around and losing speed are elements that create an immersive experience. Also the idea about the made up compounds is brilliant! It gives you a feeling that you're indeed in a lab. On top of all of these you've added a lot of parameters to play around and that gives extra replay value.
Audio wise the game is on point. Not too much, just everything you need to feel the intensity of the moment.
Overall I enjoyed your game a lot! It is rare to see games using concepts like science in such a creative way!
I wish you the best for your next projects!!

Yep they are easily understood! The texture's resolution is higher, so you can read them without much effort.

(Edited 1 time)

Can the other modes except math (i.e. grammar, geometry, history, biology) be unlocked, or they are not added yet?
Btw I totally love the new menu and the music you added!

I'm glad most of your project is intact! It would be a shame to lose your source files.
Will the new alpha add content or it is going to be mostly fixes of 0.0.2 alpha?

After 5 days and hundrends of hours I managed to beat the game!
Honestly the ending was the biggest plot twist. I didn't expect that to happen...
I enjoyed every single minute playing this game!
Again congrats mrdrnose!
I can't wait to see more!

I can't get enough of this game honestly. xD
I want to say one more time that it is REALLY kind of mrdrnose putting my name on the menu. I love playing this game so much, so seeing my name made me extremely happy.
Okay about the update now. :P
Mrdrnose gave us what I exactly expected. A complete horrifying meta experience that give you more and more each time you play.
The new characters, the updated A.I., new sounds etc just add up to what it was already something great.
As I said before I personally consider this game better and more mature than Baldi's Basics. It feels like the complete package, especially with 0.0.2a update. It's big, scary, unpredictable and highly addicting.
I managed to get the 10th notebook but apparently there is an 11th so....
Once more congrats on the game and thank you for the mention, it means a lot!

Even though the last time I watched Arthur was more than a decade ago, your game pretty much made me not want to watch this cartoon for another decade.
These kind of horror twists in these classic shows were always something I was afraid when I was little.
Visually the game has a really nice art style that is really fitting. The simple textures and models give the game a feel that is close to the cartoon. Good job on making it look that close without using cell shaders or something like that.
The ambient sound track is captivating. It manages to make you feel vulnerable and hunted. On top of that the "stress" sound effect and the red lighting make things worse, to the point that I panicked and got caught by Arthur in an instant.
Gameplay wise the game seems simple. Find 10 woogles and escape. Well I thought so in the beginning, before all the characters started going after me. That was a great twist on what seemed a simple concept.
Another thing I liked were the transitions on the doors. It fits prefectly to the whole atmosphere, because simply you have the chance to face an unavoidable jumpscare.
All in all, the game offers a nice horror experience that I enjoyed a lot. Also it will probably make you look the cartoon in a different way.
Hopefully we will see more games like that in the future?
I wish you the best for your next projects!!
(P.S I appreciate the BSODA  reference xD)

About the crashed HDD thing, you might be able to get back your engine/content files from the exported game. I know that it is possible to do that with UE4 games, if your game is made on this engine. If i recall correctly you hav e to unpack the .pak files using the unrealpack.exe from the engine folder. It isn't guaranteed to work, but if the game runs on ue4 it is worth a try.
On another note I'm stuck on the 11th notebook. There is an ending right? xD

Oh makes it sense now!!
I totally overlooked that part of the UI, since I was panicking. xD
The Granny sound effect bug isn't something that happens all the time, but it has occured to me 2-3 times so far.
Damn, that sucks... I really hope you will be able to get back your files!!

(Edited 1 time)

Quick question!
The last notebook has division in the calculations. However when I type a decimal result the game considers my answer wrong. Am I supposed to answer these wrong, or is it a bug?
Also I want to mention that it is REALLY kind of you putting my name in the menu. It means a lot, since you made a game that I truly enjoy exploring and playing.
Edit: Also there is a glitch where the loud noises of the woman with the scythe don't fade and get stuck sometimes.

Personaly I find your game a more complete Baldi's Basics!
The personality and the atmosphere of the game is certainly eerie and dark. You suspect that something is off, since the game is following the Baldi's Basics style. But when the girl with the headset puts you into the tomato soup pot to cook(presumably it is that, could definitely be blood :P ) you realize things are much more serious and dark than a teacher with a nasty looking axe.
Visually the game has a weird aesthetic that I really like. I find the mixed elements (sci-fi doors, house decoration, cute pictures etc) pretty interesting. They add a lot to the atmosphere.
Gameplay wise, while it is more linear than Baldi's basics, it remains challenging! This was something I wanted to see in a game like that. Good call on making it like that in my opinion.
They voices are super creepy and the starting music is majestic. Honestly I stopped and listened to it for a while. xD
I couldn't finish the game though. Some doors didn't open sometimes. Is it a bug or it is intended to be like that? Also after the 8-9th notebook things got really vague. I kinda got lost.
Overall I really enjoyed the game!! I hope we will see some updates, because this has a lot of potential!
Good luck with this and any other projects!

A totally unique concept you have going on!
I have to say that I haven't seen a game using the whole x-ray vision thing extensively. But you used it as a base mechanic to your game. I find that brilliant!
The art style of the game is adorable and reminds of animated movies. Pretty good choice judging the result and the time limitations.
Gameplay wise, it is straightforward what you have to do. Simple concept that is easy to follow. However things get complicated when a lot of people start appearing. It actually reminds me of find wally, but you have to spot certain items instead of a tall dude with a striped shirt!
The music selection is fitting the game a lot. Upbeat yet goofy :P
Also the selection of items is straight up hilarious xD
All in all I enjoyed this game more than I expected to be honest!
I hope the best for your next projects!!

A pretty funny and weird game!
I really liked the visuals of the game. Pretty basic looking, yet so fitting and crisp looking. I don't think that the game would be so funny without this artistic choice.
The music is probably me favourite part. It so funky and groovy that it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable and funny.
Gameplay wise... well you cover the crotches of old dudes in a sauna. Pretty straightforward :P
I have to say that the game can get pretty intense. It is overwhelming to see naked old men surround you at a really fast rate xD
Overall it is an awesome short experience, that I really enjoyed!
I may be kinda late, but still I hope the best for your next projects!

From all your games this one made me feel scared the most!
That is because I don't like huge plush bears and dark supermarkets. :P
I have to say that the music you used is on point. Each track is full of suspense and the "idle" one is totally fitting to the ambience of the environments. It's pretty impressive that you achieved that in a limited amount of time.
As for the A.I, I found it pretty okay, even though you say you didn't have enough time. It certainly didn't feel rushed and the navigation of the enemies felt pretty smooth.
Visually your low poly art style fits with everything else. Unreal engine 4 has a great lighting system and you're making good use of it in order to make the game even creepier. That proves that a game doesn't have to have a realistic art direction to be captivating and scary.
Also, I appreciate the IT reference! Pennywise made me jump xD
All in all I really enjoyed the game, it is pretty evident that you enjoy making these.
I wish you the best with your future projects!!

I managed to get all the endings in version 1.3.2!
I have to say that Baldi is indeed faster than in version 1.3.1, especially when giving the wrong answers to the problems. I could make him lose me a lot easier in v1.3.1. The extra speed adds to the challenge, which is a welcome thing in my opinion. xD
Thankfully the mouse problems are completely gone.
Also what is with the random set of eyes that appear after baldi getting you and the game closes? Can it be consindered as a third ending?

(Edited 1 time)

No problem! As I said before your game is great, so it was my pleasure experiencing it.
Sure, I'll follow you on twitter!
Have a nice day you too!!

Your project has a lot of potential!!
The paper cutout/comic art style is so pretty and well implemented. The fact that you managed to blend the it with the realistic lighting of Unreal engine 4 is impressive. The result is unique and pleasing to the eyes. Not many games lately have such a unique art style. So kudos for that!
Audio wise the game is pretty good. The simple ambience and the motorcycle sounds make the scenes more believable, while the background music makes the game atmospheric, when it needs to be. The overall audio mix is balanced, so every sound is easily audible and not covered by others.
Gameplay wise you surprised me. I expected something closer to a visual novel, but you actually put parts where we can control the player. I feel this aproach can provide a lot in a bigger more complete project. Not to mention that it can enhance the storytelling.
Talking of storytelling, the plot of the game is interesting. It has a nice flow and a really not expected ending in my opinion. This demo is short, as it is more of a concept of work, but it is really well-made and it shows.
Hopefully we will see a full game with the same principles as this demo.
I wish you the best of luck!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :D
No problem! It is nice seeing developers making solid projects like yours.
I think I found it here on the horror section of the website.

No problem!! Good luck with your project!

I found your project really interesting to say the least!
First of all the use of the dynamic lighting and fog effect/particles is setting an intense, mysterious atmosphere. Good job in utilizing the lighting system of Unity engine.
The characters being sprites is definitely a pretty nice and unique touch. While reminding old school games, the sprites actually serve a good purpose of making the ghost figures more believable and eerie, not to mention they were probably faster to make. Messing with transparency and transculency using shaders with 3d models can be really challenging to get a good looking result, especially with deferred rendering.
The music and sound quality is pretty good as well. The fact that the audio is well balanced makes the game enjoyable, since you can hear everything clearly.
However the most impressive thing audio wise is the voice acting. The voices were clear and the acting was spot on, not cheesy or over the top. It is impressive that you pulled this that accurately.
All in all it is a pretty enjoyable experience, even though somewhat short.
I wish you the best and hopefully we will see a finished game in the future!!

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Combining these two different genres in the way you did is definitely interesting!
Trying to manage everything to survive is already hard. Then the bills dude starts knocking on the door and you are filled with panic, especially if you ordered more pizza than you should.
The mechanics are really solid (I didn't find any glitch or bug) and so is the gameplay.
I loved the art style of the game. The stylized look you went for is so good looking and definitely fools you. I wouldn't expect the horror element judging from the way the game looks only.
Same goes for the difficulty. The game is hard, but not annoying. The difficulty actually adds up to the whole mindset of "Will I make it another day?".
Also the fact that the game runs so smoothly on a browser is pretty awesome!
I really enjoyed your game and I have to say that it is impressive that you developed it in 72 hours.
Keep up the good work!!

No problem! ;)
As I said the game is pretty good, so keep it up!!
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :D

Your game is really promising!
The whole setting and story is captivating from the first moments. The fact that every time you go through the rooms something would change and more of what is going on is revealed is a great way to tell a story.
Enemies and jumpscares are well put too. Nothing predictable or repetitive, as seen in other games. Just the right amount to set the atmosphere of the game.
Graphics wise the game is looking pretty good, considering it is an indie production running on UE3.
What actually made me get into the game is the sound design. The selection of the music tracks is fitting. In combination with the sound effects the result is splendid. Different music tracks playing each time you go through the rooms is a nice touch too.
Puzzle wise I found the one with the mirror and the floor missing pretty clever. Rarely horror games have that clever puzzles in my opinion.
I didn't get the point of the healing items btw. Maybe I didn't reach to the point of the game where combat is introduced. Same with the usability of pressing V to narrow your fov. But again maybe I didn't understand what it was supposed to be.
Sadly I didn't find all the numbers to call for help, but I got close I think.
Nevertheless the game has a lot of potential and I wish we will see a full fledged version of the game.
Keep up the good work!!

This took me back to the 2012 days where Slender had flooded everything :P
I actually wanted to revisit the game lately, but I kept postponing it. Well that changed when I stumbled upon your mod . Combining Baldi's Basics with Slender is such a wonderful idea, since both games are kinda the same gameplay wise. I really enjoyed the mod, even though it is actually Slender with a couple of changes.
PS. The broom as grass was a really nice touch xD

Your game seems really promising!
I can see that you're using elements from Amnesia,  (using the player have a monologue etc) and from P.T. (the fact that the rooms can change), as you said in the game description. On top of that you added your own stuff, so the game doesn't feel like a clone of the afforementioned games, so good job on that.
The puzzles were clever enough to make me think, except the last one, since I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I managed to match the paintings by accident. It would be helpful to give a more straightforward hint. Also the phone dial glitched a couple of times, when I tried to input the numbers. But after a couple of tries it worked fine.
Visually the game could be better, but since there aren't any graphics options, I can see your choice of a little lower res textures and normal maps, since the game has to run in a wide variety of systems.
All in all I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game and the addition of puzzles. It is a game that focuses on atmosphere and environment to tell the story and this is kinda rare nowadays.
I wish you the best of luck with this project and I hope we will see a full game that remains true to what you said!!

When I saw your game here I immediately thought it would be great and decided to give it a go. Guess what? It is a really awesome game.
The whole atmosphere is serene and the environments are well thought. The whole idea with the main character made out of paper is actually brilliant both concept wise and gameplay wise. While being vulnerable to almost anything, the character takes advantage of his nature and transforms into other shapes/forms to proceed through the environments.
On the technical side the game is well done! The visuals are pretty good (especially the Subsurface scattering material on the mushrooms and the emmisive one on the planet models) and they blend with the lighting of the scenes (I'm glad you used ue4, because the lighting on this engine is awesome). Generally, the materials of the props and of the environment are sharp enough for their purpose.
The mechanics of the game are well done as well. I haven't finished the game, since I want to take my time and explore, but so far everything is going smooth and that makes the game really enjoyable!
I would really like to see more of this, because it really has potential to be a succesful project!

Oh that explains the red/blue effect xD
I actually really liked the way it looked, even though I didn't realize I had left the 3D Glasses effect on in the option menu :P

I really enjoyed the whole parody around Slender, a game that is a meme nowadays. The game pretty much plays like the original game, with the twist that the pages are fan art of slonderman . The intro was hilarious, it got me really good, I didn't expect it. Graphics wise, the glitchy effect and the low draw distance works pretty good for the purpose of the game. So yeah it is a pretty good game for a laugh, good job! 

I was expecting a game like that for quite some time. The non-filtered look, the sprites and the locked Z-axis is really a throwback to the old id engine based games. Not to mention the whole edutainment thing that was popular back in the day.
I really enjoyed the horror elements and the use of the characters as a way to slow you down.I may haven't finished the game, but definitely had fun playing. Totally whacky and great concept. Good job!
P.S I appreciated the thinkpad reference! xD (These laptops were so popular in the 90s)