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This took me back to the 2012 days where Slender had flooded everything :P
I actually wanted to revisit the game lately, but I kept postponing it. Well that changed when I stumbled upon your mod . Combining Baldi's Basics with Slender is such a wonderful idea, since both games are kinda the same gameplay wise. I really enjoyed the mod, even though it is actually Slender with a couple of changes.
PS. The broom as grass was a really nice touch xD

Your game seems really promising!
I can see that you're using elements from Amnesia,  (using the player have a monologue etc) and from P.T. (the fact that the rooms can change), as you said in the game description. On top of that you added your own stuff, so the game doesn't feel like a clone of the afforementioned games, so good job on that.
The puzzles were clever enough to make me think, except the last one, since I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I managed to match the paintings by accident. It would be helpful to give a more straightforward hint. Also the phone dial glitched a couple of times, when I tried to input the numbers. But after a couple of tries it worked fine.
Visually the game could be better, but since there aren't any graphics options, I can see your choice of a little lower res textures and normal maps, since the game has to run in a wide variety of systems.
All in all I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game and the addition of puzzles. It is a game that focuses on atmosphere and environment to tell the story and this is kinda rare nowadays.
I wish you the best of luck with this project and I hope we will see a full game that remains true to what you said!!

When I saw your game here I immediately thought it would be great and decided to give it a go. Guess what? It is a really awesome game.
The whole atmosphere is serene and the environments are well thought. The whole idea with the main character made out of paper is actually brilliant both concept wise and gameplay wise. While being vulnerable to almost anything, the character takes advantage of his nature and transforms into other shapes/forms to proceed through the environments.
On the technical side the game is well done! The visuals are pretty good (especially the Subsurface scattering material on the mushrooms and the emmisive one on the planet models) and they blend with the lighting of the scenes (I'm glad you used ue4, because the lighting on this engine is awesome). Generally, the materials of the props and of the environment are sharp enough for their purpose.
The mechanics of the game are well done as well. I haven't finished the game, since I want to take my time and explore, but so far everything is going smooth and that makes the game really enjoyable!
I would really like to see more of this, because it really has potential to be a succesful project!

Oh that explains the red/blue effect xD
I actually really liked the way it looked, even though I didn't realize I had left the 3D Glasses effect on in the option menu :P

I really enjoyed the whole parody around Slender, a game that is a meme nowadays. The game pretty much plays like the original game, with the twist that the pages are fan art of slonderman . The intro was hilarious, it got me really good, I didn't expect it. Graphics wise, the glitchy effect and the low draw distance works pretty good for the purpose of the game. So yeah it is a pretty good game for a laugh, good job! 

I was expecting a game like that for quite some time. The non-filtered look, the sprites and the locked Z-axis is really a throwback to the old id engine based games. Not to mention the whole edutainment thing that was popular back in the day.
I really enjoyed the horror elements and the use of the characters as a way to slow you down.I may haven't finished the game, but definitely had fun playing. Totally whacky and great concept. Good job!
P.S I appreciated the thinkpad reference! xD (These laptops were so popular in the 90s)