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Please note:

-Your submission should be centered around the theme of the hunt. If hunting, or being hunted, is only tangentially related to your project, your project may be removed.
-If you're submitting a project, please make sure at least some of the assets are original.
-Though blood, gore, and adult themes are permitted, please do not submit anything needlessly cruel or overly sexual.
-The Haunted Hunting Jam team reserves the right to remove any projects that do not adhere to these guidelines.

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Feel free to make anything that has the concept of being hunted or being the hunter, while maintaining the spooks. It isn't necessary to use a forest as your setting and/or feature literal hunters. Btw you can always join the jam's discord server for further questions/discussion!
Good luck with your project!

Yep gore is permitted! The length is at your discretion though. Of course, you are free to mix styles withing the horror genre and the concept of the jam.
Good luck!

You have a really interesting project going on!
Despite borrowing mechanics from FNAF like games, you actually manage to implement these in a better way. The difficulty is just right, only requiring the player to pay attention to the environment rather than depending only on annoying audio queues. The jumpscare is creepy and not as obnoxious as in most games with the same kind of mechanics. That's something that isn't easy to pull off, but you actually managed to do it!
Story wise, it is enough to evoke curiosity. It is an early build of the game, so I get why there isn't much. Regardless, I'm curious to know what's going on with the toys and the baby etc.
The aesthetics and the art direction is top notch! Not only the setting is immersive, but the fidelity of the textures and materials is amazing. The post processing is adding even more to the scene, especially the DOF effect. On top of all of that, the game runs without any problems too!
I totally enjoyed the game! It is awesome to see that indie game devs are putting effort into their projects.
I wish you the best!!

I was excited as soon as I saw that you were working on a Nosferatu inspired game, since I'm a big fan of the movie and Nosferatu The Wrath of Malachi!
You delivered exactly what I had in mind. That is the perfect low light/foggy atmosphere, the moody music and a scary enemy design!
The sepia post-processing and the enviroments are just like the older movie. It makes you feel you're in that kind of era. The music and the sound effects work wonders, especially the ambient track. It isn't intense but it is eerie enough to keep you from thinking you're safe. The intense part begins when Nosferatu spots you and you have to run. This time the A.I. is tight and rightfully so. Nosferatu is supposed to be fast and precise as he appears to be in the movie and in the other game.
However, the statement that the crystals were easy to find are easy to find gave me a good laugh. It took me quite some time to spot them in order to kill Nosferatu. To be fair the sound effects were really helpful. You could spot the crystals with ease once you heard the sound effect.
It was worth it getting both endings though!
So yeah, I totally enjoyed the game! Can't wait to see what you'll be making in the future!

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I must admit that for a first effort, the game is absolutely awesome!
Horror games lately have been pretty tasteless and don't dare to try new things. But yours is actually different! From the aesthetic to the mechanics, the game feels and plays like a big title.
The post-processing makes the experience more immersive and definitely scarier. The presentation is straight from an 80s slasher movie and that is awesome in my book. The selection of the location where the game takes place is totally fitting too! An event/party like that in the middle of nowhere near an industrial zone is the perfect place for a plot like yours to take place.
Audio wise the game shines as well! The voice acting and the music are top notch and communicate the 80s era, especially the cinematic intro!
The pacing and the gameplay is polished and well thought. The game starts with the player feeling that something is going wrong and soon that hunch becomes reality. Then the killer appears and things go down. Having to find the required items that spawn randomly in the building is another obstacle. What isn't an obstacle though, is the A.I. The A.I. was never a factor that made the game feel frustrating. Crystal had excellent navigation and the killer was actually smart. If he spotted me he started chasing me and as soon he had lost me he started patrolling.
Also, I noticed that some meshes had a shader to emulate the PS1 texture warping and low float precision aka vertex jitter. Do you plan to make the whole game with this kind of aesthetic or it was there for experimentation's sake?
All in all, I had a lot of fun playing your game!! It's a pleasure to see indie devs make horror games that are polished and a unique experience!
Keep it up!! :D

Really great concept and approach!
I didn't expect the wacky style to work with the horror elements, but you proved me wrong! I actually loved this combination. Not only that, but the backstory is interesting too. We usually see horror games with the usual story going on, but you did something different. The whole plastic experiment went wrong is working in favour of the game. It explains the enemies and the events without having to read copious amounts of notes like in similar games. The enemies are creepy, even though harmless. The jumpscares are there, but they startled me rather than make me jump. I appreciate the subtleness of them, since they don't ruin the atmosphere.
The art style suits the game a lot! It is unique and pops out with the great use of lighting. It is a bold move to make a horror game like this, but you pulled this out successfully.
And now about my favourite part of the game, the sound design. It is so captivating. Especially the ambient track that plays in the rooms on the third floor. It is just the right kind of music a game like this should have. The sound effects are solid as well, delivering a great experience and making the place feel almost real.
So yeah, good job!! I totally enjoyed your game, even though I didn't beat it.
It has a lot of potential, so keep it up!

I didn't expect a 5 minute game to captivate me!
The way you approached horror is interesting to say the least. The fact that the game is actually footage of events is itself scary. The events have happened and the player cannot change them. They can only experience what was recorded, thus they can see the story only from the side of the recorded footage. It's such a great foundation for a game like this!
On top of that the type of gameplay/mechanics you chose are fitting the atmosphere. The environment and the sound are there to set the mood and make the player feel vulnerable, since it's unknown what will happen next. At the same time the events are already recorded so it's even more unsettling. It's that kind of horror that is missing from games lately. You managed to do what many devs fail to do in just 5 minutes.
Visually the game is gorgeous! The post-process effect is incredibly convincing and subtle. It's there to remind you that this is a recording, while giving the game this uncanny feel. The models, textures and shaders are top notch too! Generally there is a lot of polish for such a short game.
You understand how horror works and that shows. It would be awesome if we ever saw a full game like this and I would happily buy it!
I wish you the best for you next projects!

The concept of gathering data, while the player progresses through the game is a brilliant idea!
You handled the way the events affect the final assessment really well.
Almost every interaction with objects/characters made a difference. The profiles might be limited, but they work well!
The intro was something I wasn't expecting and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I enjoy FMVs in modern games, when they are well done like yours.
Visually the game is okay with some really weird stuttering/tearing issues in the beggining area. Also there is a clipping bug, where every object dissapears and the only visible thing is the HDR image. Other than these minor issues it is great.
The audio is also well done! The cues are setting up the mood perfectly and seamlessly.
Generally, I had lots of fun playing your game!! The whole profile thing is clever and working good.
I hope we see more of this game!

That's awesome! I think the Tim Burton art style is even better for your approach! Yeah horror games lately depend only on jumpscares to scare the player. Sure, I'll keep an eye for the updates! 

I really dig the whole pier - amusement park combo you have going on! There aren't many horror games that go with that theme.
Generally, as a concept of work your game is pretty good. The visual aspect is impressive for an indie game, especially the use of atmospheric fog and skylight that resemble a lot the Silent Hill series. Same applies for the sound. It is convincing, but the creaking sound effect of the pier appears to be a notch louder than it should be. (More of an audio mixing issue, I guess.)
Regarding the gameplay aspect, it is simple yet manages to make you feel vulnerable mainly because of the fog. One of the mechanics that stands out is the use of the flashlight as a "weapon". I think it has potential to be more and as an idea it is cool.
I managed to get all 6 parts of the doll, but there wasn't anything else I could do to finish the game, which again is understood, since this build is more of concept of work rather than a full fledged demo.
The concept is cool and so is the setting. I believe if you keep adding to the game it has a lot of potential!
I wish you the best!

Again dude, good job!
This game is a worthy sequel to the original Slonderman. The one liners and the intro was funny! Slonderman is now more challenging to avoid, since he always chases you down, a mechanic that makes the game extra challenging. The fact that the fan-art is more spread out is adding to the challenge factor as well. Ohh and not to mention the ending. I'm not going to spoil it, but it really got me. xD
I definitely didn't expect it to end like that! :P
Looking forward to your next game!!

Where do I begin... Okay, first of all the game is really well done!! From the really awesome shader work and texture quality to the anticipation building and the unpredictability, the game shines. It is polished and that shows!
It follows the usual P.T. recipe, but it actually doesn't feel that close to it, especially towards the end. You pretty much did everything right. The atmosphere was eerie and had me on the edge of my seat. And ohh boy it did work. I actually fell for it in the end. I turned around and nothing happened, so I thought it the game was messing with me just to creep me out. Bam, the jumpscare got me so good that I fell of my chair dude!! Rarely a game makes me react like that!
The sound effects are awesome as well. The creaking sounds when you walk, the radio static etc. are perfect for this kind of environment. They make you feel uneasy.
The story is interesting too. I guess we will see more of the game, since the information was limited to get a general idea about the Error #54.
Overall, I totally enjoyed the game! Kudos for making such an interesting game in this amount of time. Looking forward to more updates!
Keep up the good work!!

It is really interesting how you used the concept of evil in this game. Most games use the evil as something that the main character has to fight. However in this case the evil helps the main character's child to live, while he dies.
The story is told without much text/narration, except the newspaper in the end. You managed to tell the story mostly through the environments and that is impressive!
On top of that they way the story progressed was not linear, increasing the anticipation factor even more.
The visuals and the sound quality are solid too, especially the scene in the woods.
Overall I had fun playing your game. I hope we'll see more of it! Keep it up!

Really interesting concept and such a good execution!
I started playing the game with kinda low expectations, but when I finished the demo I was impressed. The concept of having the character to go through these ordeals is just briliant. Especially the one in the sunflower field with the spider was crazy. The scene with the kidnapper and the saw blade was amazing too. It made the pacing of the game to skyrocket.
The presentation of the game is also really good! The textures and the models are looking great. Same for the audio of the game. However the kidnapper's voice is kinda low and the subtitles stop appearing after the first scene. That make the riddle impossible to solve, unless you press R by pure luck and then the kidnapper repeats the riddle, but this time the subtitles appear.
So yeah, overall I had fun playing the game! (If you don't count the spider that made me freak out)
I hope we see more of this game, since it has a lot of potential! Keep up the good work!

I played the original version of the game several months ago and it was a really great experience. But oh boy this one is sooo much better! The progress you've made in these months is showing!
The explorable area is now bigger and everything is carefully placed. There is always a landmark to know where you're going, but not in a way to make it easy for the player. I normally don't enjoy being lost in games, but in this case it actually didn't annoy me, since I could get back on track fairly easily!
Also the random generated items are a nice touch. They make the game unpredictable and not boring after the first run.
Oh the cutscenes and the dialog pop-ups were such a nice touch! It gave the game this feel of polish that I kinda forgot that this isn't an official game.
On top of these the visuals are pleasing and totally fitting. Your low poly art style is something I totally like! Additionally the fact that you used music from the N64 game made me happy, since Classic Creep Capers is a game I like a lot.
So yeah, I definitely enjoyed the game! Looking forward to your next projects dude!

A simple concept with a really nice execution. This is what makes your game so fun to play!
The setting is as simple as a bunker and the objective is to survive until the rescue team arrives. Then I realized there is more to it. :P
Having to keep an eye on 2 power levels never felt like a chore, since these two are well balanced. It gets challenging when the generators break, but not to a level where it gets annoying and rage inducing.
Miss Eyesore is sooo creepy. The idea of her spawning in the rooms that remain dark for a while is brilliant. Not only it makes the player hesitant to go to the rooms that are on the edge of the map, it adds to the anticipation factor as well. The ability to close doors permanently to stop Miss Eyesore is welcome too. It prevents you from dying, but at the same time you lose a generator.
The audio of the game is well done too! The mix is great and the audio cues are fitting to the creepy atmosphere.
On top of that the game looks great! The textures are high res with nice pbr materials.
I totally enjoyed it! The gameplay is balanced and the scares are not predictable. And all of this is accompanied by nice graphics and audio.
I hope we see a full version of it! Keep up the good work!

I was expecting a totally goofy satirical game and oh boy I was wrong!
The whole plot is really interesting and contrasts with the visuals. Despite the toasts and the world being all stylized and not serious, the plot has actually something to say. The way you chose to deliver this is just awesome!
I mean who would expect a cell shaded game about toasts will have such an ending? I certainly didn't. :P
The gameplay is certainly simple yet fitting to the game. The maze for me took like 30 seconds, since I got really lucky. The parkour part though is another story. The character is using a capsule collider and that made the jump to the tilted platform a nightmare, since the character would slide off the edge. I think a small adjustment there can make the platformning section really pleasant.
Also the train scared me like 5 times. The directional sound and the reverb effect makes it sound like it is coming toward you.
The ending of the game got me. I didn't expect it to be that dark. Really nice twist there!
Overall I had fun playing your game!
I hope we see more of your games!

Getting the 24 eggs was a pain, but is was worth it!
I wasn't impressed by the first chapter, but the new one made me chance my mind! It is really nice to see indie games get better while adding new content. The concept of the game is unique and creepy at times. As for the visuals and the art style, I loved it. It feels like an official game, even though the controls were a bit clunky (no problems on Chapter 2 though). The sound effects and the references are a nice touch undoubtedly. Gameplay wise, the game is challenging, but relies a lot on the luck factor. I like the randomness on the last levels, because they make the game unpredictable, but I feel there is room for some tweaks on the otherwise good mechanics. The cutscenes are awesome as well! I totally liked the way you implemented them!
I had fun playing the game. Honestly I was surprised that the latest update made me change my mind.
Keep up the good work!!

I didn't expect the game to be as good as it proved to be!
I normally don't play this kind of games, but I gave it a go mainly because of the nice art style you had going on. Well then I got to like the story, the choices and the endings. Even if I didn't understand much, the way you presented the characters is the reason I kept trying different choices to get different outcomes. I would really like to see a longer version of the game.
So yeah,  I really enjoyed it! Thank you for making the game!

The bad ending and the secret were worth the 1.5 hours that it took me to find them. Without any of your hints I wouldn't know they even existed. :P
I really liked the info behind the project! It is cool to know what were the concepts you considered before the final one.
(Btw Barney's model is terrifying.)

For a 10 week school project your game is well done!
I really liked the fact that you didn't go for blatant jumpscares and tried to create a captivating atmosphere. Exploring the house and finding more of these drawings increased the anticipation. The sound cue is just perfect for the setting too!
The doll placement is clever as well. Placing them near doors or in the middle of the room is the right place to give the player a good scare.
So yeah, I enjoyed it a lot! Keep up the good work!

Yeah I'm from EU, so your theory might be true. However on my laptop both versions ran without the movement glitch. Probably what happened is that it changed language on the keyboard settings and then Unreal Engine didn't recognize the input key. Hopefully that helps!

Once again amazing job!
As I said before every new game feels more polished than then previous. In this one the environment was sooo unsettling. The lighting setup, the music, the sound effects and the choice of putting the player on a wheelchair make for a really creepy atmosphere. The difficulty also makes it even creepier, since once you're caught, you have to start all over again. The hard mode isn't too difficult (pretty much the same difficulty as your previous games). It takes time to get used to the wheelchair though. It took me 1.5 hours to beat it and for the first hour I was getting used to the wheelchair movement. I really liked that you actually made the wheelchair movement like that, it adds to the atmosphere.
I can't wait to play your next game!
P.S. The 64bit version has broken controls. Pressing W makes the wheelchair spin. The 32bit version works flawlessly though.

No problem! It was my pleasure!
Yeah, some scenes looked like they were off-centered. The FPS section was fine though! I played the game on PC. I used the ultra details preset and 2560x1440 resolution. Hopefully that helps!

I had a lot of fun with your game! The jumpscares made me jump a lot in the beginning, but they got repetitive after a while. I understand that it is a beta version not a finished game, so it isn't a deal breaker for me. The level design and the limited amount of keys make you think what door to unlock, in order to get all the pictures. That's something I liked. I guess there will be an enemy in the game, so the guns in the weapon room will come in handy? But yeah, as a concept of work it is really enjoyable. Hopefully we will see more of it! Good luck!

The art style and the whole aesthetic of your game is amazing!!
From the FPS part to the side scroller part it was really pleasing visually.
It is really interesting the way you combined these two different styles seamlessly to tell a story like that. Speaking about the story, I loved it. It is peculiar and unique. I wish there was a way to get the other dialogue options unlocked, when talking to the officer.
All in all I totally enjoyed it! It is a such a unique game with lots of potential. I hope to see more of it. Regardless, I wish you the best!!


What a nice short experience!
I actually expected the game to be much less than it actually is. The oddities where really interesting. I hope the project is still active, because I'm really curious about the spider like things.
The audio mix wasn't that bad! There weren't any really loud sounds.
Overall I really enjoyed it! As I said before I hope the projects keeps being worked on, since it has potential!

I started playing the game not taking it seriously, making jokes etc. It started going creepier, but I thought it was just to add to the atmosphere. Then the dark stuff hit me out of nowhere. The whole game is a really accurate representation of someone's thoughts, when overthinking. I certainly didn't expect this to end at this dark note.

It was such a unique experience and I totally enjoyed it!!

You managed to create a game with a eerie atmosphere!
The whole derelict apartment building scene with the twist of the building actually being "alive" make an unsettling setting.
On top of that, I was surprised to see this good visuals for an indie game! All the props had crisp textures with nicely done lighting!
The inspiration from the silent hill games is apparent, but not a deal breaker for me. I actually found it interesting.
The gameplay wasn't like the silent hill games though. Having to look around for the amulet with the timer a couple of times is an interesting touch. Things changed each time, until the amulet was acquired.
I really enjoyed the whole package! I hope you continue developing the game.
I wish you the best with your projects!!

The atmosphere and the aesthetic of the game is superb!!
Honestly I could play a full game with this kind of story and art direction.
The stylized models, the gloomy environments and the animated sequences make this game really pleasing to play. Not to mention that this way you achieve to tell a story in a creative way.
If I could provide any feedback that would be just keep working on the project. You have something that can be a really awesome game!
I wish you the best!!

What an awesome short experience!!
The game certainly felt like it had been worked on for more than 7 days!
The visuals are well polished with really nice looking lighting and shader work. This made the room feel spacious and not constricting.
Audio wise, the mix was great. Nothing too low and/or loud. The voice acting was a pleasant surprise considering the amount of time you had to make the game!
The gameplay style fitted the storytelling pretty well. The recreation of the scene by the player is something we've seen only in 3A titles. The ending was pretty enigmatic too! One can give different interpretation to the events that happened inside the room.
Overall, I totally enjoyed the game!
I wish you the best on your next projects!!

It shows that you put a lot of effort!! Can't wait to play your new project! Sounds like it is going to be really awesome.

I really love seeing the progress you make in each project!
I think this one has to be the most polished project of yours. The models and the textures are consistent throughout the game. The lighting is on point with your distinct art style.
The main menu music is awesome. I stayed to the menu screen for some time, just listening the theme. The sound effects and the voice acting is also neat!!
On top of these you nailed the pace of the gameplay! You start exploring in the beginning, then the game transitions into a sneaky stage where you have to avoid Karen and finally the intense chase in order to escape. Really well done.
I totally enjoyed the whole experience!!
I wish you the best for any future project! Keep it up!

I managed to get to (all ?) the secret areas and complete Albert's body!!
The belt artifact is a life saviour honestly. Also the monster with the mechanical parts is one of the creepiest enemy designs I've ever seen!! Once again Mrdrnose just nailed it!
This game is full of secrets... I won't be surprised if there is more to discover. Definitely looking forward to an update!

I always wondered how a horror themed fps version of tomb raider would be. You got really close to that!
Your game offers a short, extremely atmospheric experience. No constant jumpscares and predictable mechanics to induce fear. Instead what you did is something that makes you feel secluded and alone with the constant fear of a monster being around you.
On top of these you picked the indonesian mythology for the game's story. It's one of the least known mythologies and the Mananangaal is pretty interesting and terrifying.
Visually the game is impressive considering the time limit. Pretty consistent quality overall from the post process effects to the texture and model quality.
Audio wise the mix overall is balanced and the sound effects/music are fitting the environments. Especially the ambient track adds a lot to the dark environment of the mines.
All in all, I totally enjoyed it! It has potential to be a really awesome title, if you keep working on it. It is definitely something unique!
I wish you the best for your next projects!!
P.S I confused the characters' names. I thought I played as Vanessa instead of Lucy. xD

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Oh ok, it makes sense now! He isn't as annoying in this version, but when he sweeps you somewhere before the first notebook he gives you a really generous head start.

The door with the door key sign behind mr. Mix doesn't open when using the door keys. Is this supposed to happen?
Also Mr. Cleany starts moving before answering the first notebook. In my case he sweeped Viktor away.
Other than the above I really like the additions in this version!

Your approach to the horror genre is interesting!
You combine the old school atmosphere with techniques seen in newer games.
The scares are balanced. Some are "in your face" with loud noises and some are subtle. This variety sets a creepy and eerie atmosphere.
Visually the game is mostly ok. Simple models and lighting with adequate detailed textures. It isn't a deal breaker for me, but there is definitely room for improvement.
The music selection is great and the sound effects are well balanced too. Generally the audio part of the game is really good.
Gameplay wise, the game can be confusing at points. You don't know where to go, since the events are not that connected. It isn't anything bad, but I could see why some people would get annoyed. Also the last scene in the basement was pointless. You had to get a spade to reach the crowbar to open the locker to get the hammer to open the door. I get that you wanted to make the players think and interact with the environment, but it actually fell short.
Overall I enjoyed the game a lot! As I said above, your approach is definitely interesting. If you improve a couple of things the game will transform into one of the most unique experiences!
I wish you the best of luck with your project!